Snowday 4, going on 5, going on insane

Snowmageddon. Snowpocalypse. Snowverkill. Snohlordpleasemakeitstop.

It’s not even the kind of snow that’s fun to play in. It’s freezing cold and dry and whipping into your eyeballs at thirty miles an hour. If we bake one more loaf of bread, make one more batch of cookies, play one more board game, or do another Godzilla through the Lego structures, I’m going to start gnawing on my own leg, convinced I’ve been chained here and must escape at all costs.

And I only have one kid. And all his friends are snowed in, so we can’t have anyone over and they could entertain each other.

It’s so hard to make sure your kids have a balanced fun time during snow days. Sure, it’s fun, but how many video games have you let them play? How much TV? How many movies?  I’m torn between treating it like a total vacation and maintaining a schedule so he’s not nuts by the time he goes back to school.  We’re doing arts and crafts. We’re building forts. We’re exploding things in the kitchen for fun (no eggs in the microwave, though).  And every evening I get an email saying that school is closed tomorrow.

How many of you are snowed in? What are you doing to keep yourselves from going insane?

OOOOOOOOH. We haven’t made sno-cones yet.  Are we allowed to eat the snow, or are we all terrified of acid rain and such? I’d hate to be the only mom who doesn’t know the snow is radioactive or something.

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