Spotlight GPS Pet Locator Now an iPhone App

Do you have a dog that likes to hop a fence, or a cat who manages to sneak out the door when you open it for just a second? Positioning Animals Worldwide (PAW) have partnered with the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery on their product, the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator and now have an iPhone app available for download, free!

The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator, which is, as it says, a GPS system you use for your pets, is a great way to have complete access to your pet’s location and protection right at your hands. You can do everything from tracking location to customizing safe areas, all on your iPhone!

To download the app and for more information and screen shots,, simply head to the iTunes store.

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    • jaco

      did somebody use this app yet? how does work?

    • Garmin76

      this software is good, if have any marine map we can use this as boat GPS

    • Lucky animal

      I’m like is Dog GPS safe my life dog.