What Would You Do?

Imagine your apartment being on fire, now you have people stuck inside and a baby. Exactly what would you do if you could no longer go forward to get out? One teen is getting a lot of coverage due to her bravery and quick thinking.
IMG: Sxc.hu
A Bronx teen managed to get her 7-month-old baby cousin out the apartment window and threw the bars on the window in the hopes that help would get to her before the flames did. Now this is definitely a risky move when you are four floors above.

Some have claimed she did the wrong thing while others are stating she is a hero. Truth is none of us should say anything, not unless we have been in the same situation. This young girl (18) did what she thought would save her baby cousin, the air was thick with smoke and she didn’t want her to die. In the process of getting this little baby out the window and hold onto the tiny tot she was cutting up her own arm as it was being cut by glass, but she never gave up.

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