Why Did You Smear Beetles on Your Lips?

Blisstree borrowed this shocking post from our sister site, TheGloss.com; it was written by Jennifer Wright, Deputy Editor of TheGloss.

We learned something new today! About something creepy and bottom-feeding that was not Terry Richardson. Because today, we learned that the carmine/cochineal ingredient (it’s a red dye) found in many lip glosses is just crushed up beetle shells. Somehow, I feel like if reading The Jungle didn’t stop me from eating hot dogs, then this probably isn’t going to stop me from buying lip glosses that use carmine dye. But, if you’re someone who actually acts on information like this, then here are some Carmine-free lipsticks:

Uruku lip pigment by Aveda

Lipstick by Real Purity

Lipstick, by Hemp Organics

Josie Maran Lipstick (Flirtatious)

Photo: Thinkstock/Creatas Images

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    • Hannah B.

      This has long annoyed me because there are cosmetic companies out there claiming to be natural or vegan, who use carmine in their cosmetics! I don’t know of any vegans who would want to be licking beetles all day long. Similarly, carmine is still used in many foods as a coloring agent, and I refuse to buy them. One of the chief offenders is Yoplait, who uses it in their strawberry yogurt, among other things. Most companies that make yogurt now use real fruit or beet juice for red coloring. There’s no reason why they can’t use one of those so their products can be truly vegetarian or vegan. The thought of having bugs in my yogurt makes me even sicker than the thought of it in my lip gloss.