How to Raise Cool Kids

We all want our kids to be smart, well-mannered, and respectful. However, they want to be cool. And you can help – here are some easy ways to raise cool kids.

Buy them stylish clothes.
Stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Buy your kids the most popular brand name clothing in the coolest styles whenever possible. Money should be no object.

Get them an iPhone.
Though most schools have rules against calling/texting during school hours, you should buy your young child an iPhone to flash around on the playground and on weekends.



Sign them up for sports.
Get your kids into sports at a young age. Sports will keep them healthy, active, and popular.

Attend every party possible.
Don’t turn down any invitations for birthday parties or sleepovers. This will ensure your child stays social and in-the-know.

All kidding aside, if you teach your kids the importance of honesty, respect, humor, kindness, and individuality, they’ll grow up to be very well-rounded. Foster their self esteem, involve them in extra curricular activities, and show them lots of unconditional love. Then they’ll be cool where it counts.

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    • Kira Natu

      Let me summarize this article: To make your child cool, spoil them.