Caffeine Addiction: Kick the Coffee Habit

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You need to give up coffee. Whether it’s because of the numbers creeping up on the scale because of all those Frappuccinos, your wallet getting thinner thanks to Starbucks, or your new teeth-whitening regimen – you. must. stop. This is going to be really hard. And no one understands! But before you barricade yourself in your bedroom and start blasting Harry Nilsson, there is hope.

Le Whif Coffee is a small inhaler that yields an espresso shot worth of caffeine in every dose – each puff even smells like coffee. There are eight doses in every inhaler, and they retail for about $7.20 for a pack of three. That’s 24 caffeine fixes for about the price of two grande mochas. And as an added eco-friendly bonus, the inhaler’s tube is biodegradable.

Getting your Le Whif Coffee fix during the morning board meeting may turn a few heads, but it could be an effective way to curb your habit. Find it at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC, Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe in Cambridge, or online here. And if anyone looks at you funny for puffing away, just glare at them, and take another hit. When you get into a public scuffle, you’re going to need all the caffeine you can get.

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    • swag

      This article is both air-headed and asinine.

    • marinsalem

      Ok, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of–but then again I thought the same thing about nicotine gum.

    • Allicia

      Uhm, I’ve been addicted to caffeine since I was a teenager. I have tried to give up coffee, several times. But each attempt only makes me physically sick. In my experience, caffeine addiction is worse than nicotine addiction. The withdrawals are far more severe. Mocha Whiffer…humph!

    • Carlos de la Parra

      This idea that everyone should kick the coffee habit,is a bit debatable.Just a few years ago,National GEOGRAPHIC was singing out all the great benefits of cofee,from which I can personally vouch,as a cofee drinker that has consumed his daily 3 to 4 cups throughout the past 50 years,and to this day I have never visited a doctor,and hope to never need to see one.

      • a

        it sounds like they’re saying “for those of you who need to quit coffee for any of these reasons,” rather than, “everyone must quit coffee.”

        furthermore, while there are definitely benefits from coffee, there are also a lot of proven problems with it. 3-4 cups a day for 50 years is definitely excessive; that amount of caffeine, not to mention the high amount of acids, do the body more harm than is made up for by the “good.”

        and if you have NEVER visited a doctor, ever, then you actually have no idea whether or not you “need” to see one.

    • Myles Redbeard

      Uh…is this article just an advertisement for Le whif????

    • Lisa Trent

      Here’s a good article about coffee and weight loss.