Vegan Food: Does Swallowing Semen Count?

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As far as you’re concerned, you’re a proud, strong, ethical vegan. You eat seitan while your friends gorge on steak, drink Silk soy milk while they order milkshakes, and look bitchin’ in your faux-leather boots. But are you vegan in the bedroom? We’re not talking about animal heads mounted on the wall (and we assume your whips are synthetic). We’re talking about something a little more intimate. And a little stickier: Semen.

So, can vegans swallow? Semen is an animal product, because men are animals (get it? men are animals!), and, as we know, being vegan strictly prohibits consuming or using anything that is an animal product. Plus, what if your partner isn’t a vegan? If you are what you eat, would you indirectly be consuming meat or dairy? The Times UK also points out that semen contains sperm, which are alive. So, not only are you consuming something that came from a living thing, but you’re also technically consuming an actual living thing – a lot of them, in fact.

The Times UK did some research and called the Vegan Society to get their verdict. Their response was, “We work to promote lifestyles based on the non-consumption of animal products, and don’t really deal with the consumption of human animal products.” In a Livejournal thread discussing this very issue, vegans argue that it’s okay because the act is consensual – the man gives his sperm willingly (that’s an understatement), while animal products are taken by force.

What do you think? Should vegans be their own judges of whether or not they swallow semen?

(Apologies – your boss may have spotted the word “semen” on your computer screen several times. If he gives you a weird look in the elevator, that’s probably why.)

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    • Ashley

      It’s almost ridiculous to ask this. It’s obviously irrelevant to being “vegan.” Veganism is against cruelty to animals and environmental destruction. Giving a blowjob isn’t exactly exploiting anyone (except maybe the giver, if coerced).

      As a vegan, I’d say that yes, it is vegan to swallow.
      While it is technically an “animal product,” it’s nothing worse than the slip-up at the omni-restaurant by the waiter that throws sour cream onto something and then scoops it off and hopes that you don’t notice.

    • Flyboy

      I think this is halarious… my girlfriend is a vegan and i made this point to make fun of her. So i went online to see what other people say because i was pretty sure i wasnt the first person to me wierd enough to think of it. We both think that it is vegan because it is consentual for me to give the seman, but i still bust her chops and call her a cheating vegan. its more non vegitatian the vegan. the animal (haha me) isnt harmed, but the livivng sperm all die. but i just realized i have no idea why im leaving such a in depth answer, who care. do what you want and if you dont feel like its vegan to swallow dont. Its your call and you only have to answer to yourself at the end of the day.

    • Sarah Dara

      I agree with, Ashley. Besides, Vegans tastes better anyway. :)

    • Blitzkrieg

      Swallowing sperm is not vegan. Additionally, the points made in this article suggest that the justification for allowing vegans to swallow and said it’s vegan: 1. It’s human-animal product so it’s different and 2. It was consensual,

      those EXACT same two reasons could be used to argue why we should allow consensual cannibalism. A vegan who’s going around swallowing sperm and trying to justify it is using faulty logic to support their sexual practices which contradict their beliefs. If you want to be a vegan, don’t suck.

    • Adam

      While i would never ask a woman to go down on me there is nother better(for me) than the stimulation when she swallows, as opposed to running for the hill’s all like ewww. I’ve been thinking if i should just persue vegan woman but i asked myself is seman vegan. And so I arrived here to find the answer. One could say there are millions of living things in the jizz but they are going to die regardless if you throw it away so if it’s sexy and doesn’t harm anybody then i say there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s healthy for all partys involved as long as its consentual and the woman gets her satisfaction. If you want to get super tecnical that seman needs to be given it’s chance at life then all vegan families would look like the Duggars. We all know the world can’t support that.

    • Shannon

      “Hey Baby, go right on ahead and swallow that”
      “Sure, but then I have to eat the rest of you afterwards”….LMAO!

    • The HOLY one.

      i’m from Russia times are hard…am i aloud to drink my wife’s breast milk?

    • Foley

      Sperm isn’t an animal, its a microbial life form. If swallowing semen is considered non vegan then we might as well stop eating everything. All plants have microbial life living on them and inside them so everything we eat is in fact living and alive. All plant matter is living flesh, it’s alive and thriving even for several weeks after picked. The only thing that kills this life is cooking the food. Plants all have microbial life forms living in abundance but consing them does not make us any less of a vegan nor does it make any of us a carnivor.

    • Jeremy

      Say for instance a vegan goes to a placenta party–you know, those strange happenings where a mother offers her afterbirth to eat because of the nutritional qualities? In this situation the mother is entirely consenting the use of her flesh to be eaten. So, should a vegan eat the provided placenta that’s willingly consented to eat by the mother? Or for that matter breast milk? What about sperm? What I garner from the comments below suggests there are two types of vegans (heck, probably thousands–but here are the two major differences), the kind that chooses to be vegan over self-deemed ethical politics (whether or not the person or animal is willing to give up a part of it to be consumed or used) or the standard rule of not eating or using animal or animal byproduct whatsoever (nothing–no human sperm, placenta, or breast milk). As audacious a topic this is, people should have a right to know the differences of vegan preferences. Is stepping away from the kitchen and entering the bedroom crossing a line? Maybe? But then if no one asks will the sincerely curious minds ever get an answer or will they forever be forced in an ashamed ignorance?

    • nishan

      of course it is ok for a vegan to eat semen. It is a good source of protein. why put it to waste?
      Respect to all the ethical vegans.

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    • WhoEver

      I’m vegan and this is STUPID.

      • Sperman

        So you swallow?

      • Anon

        I totally second that opinion

    • dirt dustin

      Ahhhh but vegans don’t eat honey, as animal product…nothing but their life drive no torture….so the question isn’t silly

      • me

        some vegans do eat honey

      • plant strong


        if they are vegan then they would not eat honey, it is an animal by-product

      • Kouros

        You are either trolling or being ignorant. You eat meat because you want to. Not because it’s natural. Put a child in a room with a rabbit and an apple. What do you think the child will eat, and what do you think the child will play with? That’s natural.

        If it’s natural, I want to see you wrestle a deer down, kill it with your “fangs” and “claws”, eat it raw and be happy about it. Or would you rather climb a tree to pick fruit? Or gather berries and nuts? The choice is pretty simple.

        People eat meat because it’s tasty, available, easy and tradition. Not because it’s the “natural thing” to do.

      • Carlos Yanez

        Put a puppy a wolf puppy with a rabbit, will the puppy eat the rabbit? Same example when you ask if a child will kill a rabbit

      • Michael Kring

        Humans eat meat because they were displaced form their natural diet… maybe was it the glacial era? Anyway… not all humans are equal… some have a more vegetarian instinct than others.

      • shanesosweet

        Put a child in a room with an apple or a hamburger witch would he choose then this isnt the begining of time we have adapted to our customs we have made it easier to consume meat if you just happened to be a cave person human nature would take over you would consumemeat every chance you get so thats no excuse u live in privileged time’s where u have the choice to consume what u desire

      • Tony

        Put a tiger in a room with an apple and a baby. What do you think the tiger will eat ? Tiger’s eat meat because they want to. Ooh yeah and because it’s natural.

      • Kouros

        Sorry, it was meant to TopOfTheFoodChain. x)

      • Mac

        I’m guessing you have no knowledge of biology at all…

      • Vegandragon

        Actually bees are mistreated in many ways, from burning the hives of sick bees to the destruction of a Queen to forcefully re-instate a new one. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the question is silly, as I’m sure there are many people who don’t know much about veganism who are curious. Personally I love giving blowjobs, and I swallow, if a man feels mistreated in any way when I do that, surely I’ll stop and ease his suffering. :P (But until then, you know.)

      • TopOfTheFoodChain

        And what does your wife think of your activities? Meat eats meat. It has always been and will always will be natural. I eat the things that eat the things that vegans eat.

    • Anonymous Hippopotamus

      To me, the only thing non-vegan about it would be if your partner was not vegan. However, there is no animal exploitation involved in the case of consensual human sex, so technically it would be considered ok… it just goes back to whether or not the individual would take my first statement into account.

      • Michael Kring

        Each Spermatozoid is in fact an (human) animal Soul ready to take birth as an human being.

    • RectalDischarge

      If the semen is voluntary (and usually, happily) “given”, which it pretty much is 99.99% of the time… I see no problem with vegan ladies swallowing.

    • ZaXtOr

      I nearly choke on my twizzler licorice when I saw that.
      Well is my fault, I was eating some.

      Probably spermatozoids is made from flesh, meat etc just like all creatures.. LOL.

      Maybe it could make you a “proxy meat eater”.

      yes is an animal and human (every creatures) product.

    • RandomGirl

      Humans are animals so sperm is an animal product, therefore not vegan.
      And if the whole “consensual” issue applies, why is milk bad? (Quote from a dairy farmer: “…if a milking animal is not milked for an extended period of time (more than 1 or 2 days for a cow giving a normal volume of milk – dairy cows are typically milked two or three times per day), they are likely to become ill and may develop mastitis”)
      Of course there are deeper, more complex issues involved, but in my opinion the big picture is that sperm swallowing isn’t vegan friendly. (Again, this is just my opinion.)

    • Pussy magnet

      Like vegan chicks have boyfriends!

    • Pipioto

      The last “the man gives his sperm willingly” part now forces me to try to picture what would be needed to define a “willing” cow, that is giving away her milk….Maybe she is supposed to spray it in our faces or attack us with milk while we sleep, else she is not willing to give it. Gotta love vegans’ bull*hit:D

      • Michael Kring

        The man may give his sperm willingly… but are the spermatozoids giving their live willingly? What they want is to enter a ovum!

    • Greek God Apollos Farts

      If vegans swallow then they should be able to drink milk and eat eggs.Even if they did spit they would still get some sperm in their system .So vegan should not spit or swallow they should not even give blow jobs because if they do swallow or spit they are consuming something that comes from a walking breathing being .

    • random_person

      I would love to see a statistics on how many vegans/non-vegans swallow/not-swallow. I would expect to see more swallowing percentage in vegan group. People need protein -> sperm is rich in protein -> people tend to like the food which contains vitamins/nutrients their organism is missing -> vegans lack protein in their food -> vegans like to swallow.

    • pissed

      Fuck this, I thought I came up with a good joke about why I’d never date a vegan. I now regret googling do vegans swallow. Ruined my day.