10 Best of TheGloss Last Week: Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara, and Ian McKellen

Sofia Vergara of ABC's "Modern Family"

Our 10 favorite posts of last week from TheGloss, our sister site (including last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, you slacker!)

1. 10 Mother’s Day Presents for Under $10 (or Keep Them for Yourself)

2. Poll: How Long Should You Wait Before Dating Again?

3. How to Acknowledge Mother’s Day When Your Mother Isn’t Alive

4. Your Mom’s an eBabe: Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mother

5. Adorable Newborn Panda Excellent at Being Adorable

6. Video: Ian McKellen Would Really Like You to Be Nice to Old People

7. After 35: The Abyss?

8. The Ladies In Your Box: Gloria on “Modern Family”

9. Food Is Fashionable: Party Dress Cake

10. 5 Things I Hated In the “Vogue” Sarah Jessica Parker Cover Story

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