• Tue, May 11 2010

The McDonalds Secret Menu: Even More of What You Don’t Need to Eat

NPR is investigating the “secret McDonalds menu,” which basically consist of concoctions mixed and matched from McDonalds’ original menu that can be ordered even though they’re not formally available. One of the NPR reporters successfully ordered something he called The Redacted, which basically consists of a chicken sandwich sandwiched between the patties of a double cheeseburger.  We’re pretty sure the calorie count on that one would easily hit four figures–and your monthly limit of saturated fat. We’d applaud the creativity involved if it entailed reducing elements of the McDonalds menu into reasonable portions and better ingredients, but where’s the fun in that? (Bonus reading: predictably outraged NPR commenters.)

When the KFC Double Down Is a Healthy Alternative [NPR]

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