10 Best Posts on TheGloss Last Week

photo: Patricia Schlein/WENN.com

Here are ten of our favorite posts from last week on our chic sister site, TheGloss. Click and enjoy.

1. The “Philosophy” of Overspending on Beauty Products

2. 11 Supremely Awesome Things for Under $10

3. If You Want to Boycott Arizona, You Need to Boycott Dial, Coldstone Creamery, and U-Haul

4. Derek Warburton on Growing Up Homeless – And Working With Bottomless Closet Now

5. Do You Want to Date Hot Men Reading Books?

6. Beauty Treatments of the Damned: The Derma Roller

7. Why I (Really, Seriously, Truly) Hate Carrie Bradshaw

8. Is This Hamburger Dress Hilarious or Horrible?

9. Catholics Divorcing So Fast They Decided to Throw a Fair

10. Eau Is Me: My Favorite Scents for 2010

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