You Know You’re Unwell If… You’re Kamilla Wladyka

Model Kamilla Wladyka on the cover of Healthy magazine's April issue (left), and looking far thinner (right). Photos: UK Telegraph.

Kamilla Wladyka is the April cover model on Healthy magazine, but ironically, magazine had to fatten up the skinny model with photoshop to make the ultra-thin model look healthy. Healthy‘s editor, Jane Druker, commented that the model “…was so thin, we had to put on about half a stone,” according to the UK’s Telegraph.

Miss Druker’s comments came out in a round-table debate on photoshopping hosted by the model agency Leni’s Model Management and attended by photographers, magazine editors and models. Other members of the debate said that Druker commented that Healthy mgazine actually added somewhere between two or three stones (that’s somewhere between 28 and 42 pounds) to her figure to make her look healthier for the cover.

Kamilly Wladyka’s reverse-photoshop case brings up all kinds of debates, including the criticism of Healthy magazine for not hiring a larger model to begin with. But whether they’re photoshopping to add pounds or take them away, they’re just presenting yet another ideal of women that doesn’t exist in nature.

(via Jezebel)

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