The 50 Best Cookie Recipes on the Internet

Raspberry, Olive Oil, and Thyme Shortbread

Raspberry, Olive Oil, and Thyme Shortbread from The British Larder


It’s 17 weeks until Christmas. This is actually when I start my Christmas baking and freezing so that I have a more relaxed holiday with all the bells and whistles that I love. Every week for the next 17 weeks I will post a make-ahead recipe for Christmas. Yes, I am weird. Today we start out with an explosion of ideas – to go along with the rest of the home and dining channel 50 list. Any of these would be great in the Christmas Cookie exchange, in fact, all of them would be. (And you have time to get to all of them if you start now.)  Also, check out our list of cookies that hold up well for shipping. Without further ado… our great cookie recipes:



1. Molasses Crinkles

2. Double chocolate toffee cookies

3. Orange dark chocolate chip cookies

molasses crinkles

Molasses Crinkles

4. Maple pecan sticky bars

5. Ranger cookies

6. Windmill cookies

7. Rolled baklava

8. Black forest cookies

9. Chai tea cookies

10. Chocolate marshmallow cookies

11. Blondies

12. Samoas

13. Linzer sables

14. Potato chip cookies drizzled with chocolate

15. Lemon bars with raspberry coulis

16. Espresso brownies with crystalized ginger

17. Peanut butter and fudge brownies with salted peanuts

18. White chocolate, cranberry, macadamia cookies

19. Malted milk ball cookies

20. Homemade graham crackers

21. Cherry pinwheel cookies

22. Pumpkin pie biscotti

23. Lemon pistachio cookies

24. Earl grey tea shortbread

25. Caramel walnut dream bars

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    • Jennifer

      Nice. Except yes, you are weird. 17 weeks! That’s early… very early. Still I guess you gotta start sometime.

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    • Deb

      I’m so bookmarking this list. I can see lots of great treats to try. Baking cookies is one of my favorite things to do. I can’t wait to share this list with others.

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    • Marye

      Jennifer- I have 8 kids and 2 grandkids and 1 son inlaw and a husband. Most of my gifts are homemade…We are basically a one income family and dh does not pull in alot of money, we are just very frugal. I HAVE to start this early to get it done stress free! So… :P
      Deb- did you see the recipe for green tea/white chocolate brownies? :::swoon::::

    • Julie

      Okay, I’m hungry. Really hungry. Can we start eating Christmas cookies 17 weeks out? Because if so, I’d like 2 batches of number 15 please. :) I LOVE lemon bars.

    • Valli

      We are very much alike Marye…and not just our sense of humour!!! I started buying Christmas presents last month. I try not to make too many sweets for Christmas these days…I just have to eat them. I used to start baking now, by making my two-layered fruitcake.

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    • Marye

      o.k..Valli..are you up for a fruitcake duel in, say, october? I have a kick-butt fruitcake recipe that has been in the family since Eve baked it for Adam and said, “Wow..this owuld be great at Christmas if it wasn’t several thousand years away….”

    • CDC

      Yup, this is definitely getting bookmarked! They all look great.

    • Suresh SEO

      I will to enjoy these cookies, I like chocolate pixie cookies much.

    • T

      Problem is I can actually eat more cookies than I can bake…

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    • Santa Claus

      17 weeks sounds just about right to me :-) I look forward to trying out the recipes.

    • Marye

      Thank you Santa. I am honored by your visit. I am as far as i know, one of the few adults still clinging to the belief that you indeed exist. Which of course is why you posted on my blog. :)
      One thing..Santa…could i have either the orange stove at Offbeat Homes OR my own PBS Cooking show? I have been very very good this year.

    • Chris W

      For christmas cookies, gingerbread is an absolute must. The best gingerbread I’ve tried is this online recipe here:

    • Jennifer

      Some great cookie recipes!

      I especially like the chai tea.

    • cookier
    • Jeff

      Gotta ad one of my favorites:


    • uVme

      oh, they look delicious. Thanks very much for ruining my diet haha

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    • Pierre

      Best link Digg has given me all year.

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    • Rubab

      Must add into my favourites, simply wow baking delights

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    • juanita melvin

      i am so excited to try every recipe that there is, because i love to bake, plus i am a junk food junkie
      and at 110lbs i guess i could just use these recipes for life
      thank you

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    • gary

      Gee this is great

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    • structure

      is there any way you could put all these recipes into a single pdf with a download link at the bottom of the article so that people wouldn’t have to go to 50 seperate html pages loaded with ads?

    • Marye

      Thanks everyone for the positive comments! Baking your way through is going to be fun..
      I am sorry it is a bit cumbersome to get to and print the recipes but at this point in time this is what we have to work with. If you want to print one out I suggest copying it to an email to yourself and printing the email.

    • Anna

      Hi Marye,

      I just found your list thanks to your Top 50 Cookie List. What a fun blog! I’ll definitely be a regular visitor ;). One cookie I didn’t see on your list was the old recipe for White Chocolate Raspberry bars. The earliest version of it was from a 1990 Pillsbury Bake-Off, then it won another contest sponsored by Nestle in 2000 of something. The second name given was “Razz-Ma-Tazz” bars. Here’s a link to Nestle’s recipe.

      Sorry if it’s on your list and I missed it.

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    • Carrie

      I love cookies, and I will be trying a BUNCH of these recipes!

    • Ginger

      One question. how do you get the cookies to stay in the freezer until December? I usually bake a whole bunch Thanksgiving week. each child and my husband pick out a recipe for me to bake. As soon as they go into the freezer they begin to disappear. OI can’t imagine starting now and having any there by December. LOL!

    • Marye

      Anna- I love white chocolate/raspberry! I willc heck htese out!
      Carrie- Me too. Cookies are just so versatile!
      Ginger- I have a chest freezer with a lock. :)

    • Ginger

      I just finished looking through the recipes. I saw several my husband would like such as the maple ones and the molasses crinkles. I seemed to favor the ones you were most excited about.

      My big question What makes tea be Chai tea? The chai tea cookie recipe used regular tea.

    • Ezine Authors

      yammi, yammi

    • Marye

      Chai tea usually has a mixture of spices that includes cardamom. In the case of the cookies it is cardamom and ginger. I personally add black pepper.

    • Ginger

      A lock. Why didn’t I think of that? It would also lessen the wear and tear on the appliance. You should see our chest freezer!!!! OY! I suppose I should purchase a new one before getting a lock.

      Chai tea…. Cardamon and ginger … Well, that is very Asian. It all makes sense now. I learned something today. Yay!

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    • Cookie Recipe Guy

      This is quite a list and I have actually had some of them. Thanks for taking the time to make it a list of just 50.

      cookie guy
      Cookie Recipes

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    • Marlaquack


      I’ll be linking you.

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    • Mary

      LOL! I call this “50 pounds to gain before Christmas”!

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    • Karen

      Does anyone have a recipe for chocolate cremes, similar to Berger cookies?

    • Marye

      Karen I don’t but what if you made the whoopie pies and covered them with ganache?

    • Karen

      Chocolate cremes are a sugar cookie with a thick fudge topping. Would the woopie pie work?

    • Marye

      Hmm..maybe not..they are more cakey.

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    • Sharon White

      I like the idea except for some confusion. If you’re starting 17 weeks ahead to make Christmas cookies, shouldn’t the cookies be uber storable? Some of these only keep for a few days.. chilled. Assuming some of these cookies can be frozen, baked later, stored somehow.. where are the directions for doing so? I’m looking for cookies that store well and secondarily, hold up well for mailing, etc. Anyone know where I can find that list?

    • Marye

      Some of these store well, and some don’t..I have posted cookie recipes every week under Christmas Cookie Countdown that freeze. Look for those for best results.

    • toni

      I have a cookie that my kid insist on me making every Christmas. They’re called Galaxy Cookies & I found the recipe in my Betty Crocker book about 30 yrs. ago. You make this dough & then mold it around 5 or 6 choc. chips, bake, & then put icing on top. Are any of your recipes similar?

    • Marye

      I don’t have those! Can you email me the recipe? :)

    • uVme

      Mmm delicious, time to get in the kitchen!

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    • Na’Sasha

      I love baking thats why I am on this website!!!!!!

    • Marye

      uVme- don’t you love having the excuse to bake?
      Na’sasha- you are definitley in the right place

    • Thrifty Karen

      Great job. Sounds yummy!

    • Linda

      Wanted to share this recipe- it was my great-grandmother’s shortbread recipe. Without fail every person who has ever tired it raves about it and asks for recipe. It uses rice flour and corn starch. My grandmother made it every year as gifts for everyone :-)

    • Marye

      Karen- thanks for stopping by’

      Linda-those sound wonderful! don’t you just love family recipes?

    • Janice DeBard

      Who needs cook books anymore?This is great thanks.

    • Marye

      Thanks Janice!
      I love cookbooks….but i know what you mean.

    • Lori

      These are some great choices- it must have taken some time to put those together! I especially liked the Maple Snickerdoodles!!


    • Marye

      They are very good! I still love this list. Thanks for visiting.

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    • http://BakingDelights-The50BestCookieRecipesontheInternet Jennifer

      These sound great! And I, too, will be bookmarking this site for next Christmas. I noticed you started 17 weeks before Christmas. I was wondering if you have information on how to freeze the cookies/cookie dough? Thanks!

    • http://donthaveone gladys

      thank you
      this is a super site!!!!!!!!!

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    • Ben

      awesome site.. nice links
      happy baking

    • Shauna

      Wow, some of these are pretty unique sounding cookies. Can’t wait to try some recipes! Nice site!

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    • AC

      Help me!

      Oh Marye, I love your cookies and everything on the list and I want to make some so badly! The problem is that I live in Denmark and usually use the EU metric system. But I have absolutely no idea how to convert US to EU metric so I could really use some help! (Does “C” stand for “Cup”? What the heck is that anyway?) I have tried looking up some converting sites online, but they all come up with different results! Does anyone know a sure precise site where I can covert the measurements? I would really love to get some help!

    • Marye

      AC- I don’t know how to change the measurements accurately. :(
      try this:

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    • melinda

      I am so happy to read some recipe and try my best to try it this Christmas season although my budget is very tight especially to a big family i have.

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    • unknown

      i love these recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marye


    • James

      i want to know how to make cookies

    • Rob

      I would like to know which recipe you were about to refer to in this comment:

      Any of these would be great in the Christmas Cookie exchange…in fact..all of them ….. 50 Best Cookie Recipes -I don’t think I will EVER top this one——————

    • KosherCurry

      Marye, I have made several of these recipes since you originally posted – what a public service! :) Your list and this cookbook: (my discovery of this year) are really all I need. Thanks SO much!

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      WOW! Thanks for all the awesome cookie recipes. Enjoyed reading everything. Thanks!!

    • Marye

      you are very welcome.

    • anthony

      i want to learn a cake more 100 calories instead fat please recipe thanks

    • Greg

      It would help if the links to the cookie recipes actually led to the recipe. All I get is a blog that I don’t want to read.

    • Martha

      Thanks for such an interesting list of cookie recipes! I’m always on the lookout for wonderful cookie recipes, both classic and contemporary.

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    • Shelly

      The link no longer work! To bad, some of these sounded great just by the names!

    • Kayleen

      Oh my gosh! I was reading some of the names of the recipes to my 4-year-old cousin and she begged me to make one, and I tried the latte cheesecake bars because my mother LOVES lattes and cappuchinos, and Mom and Mia fell in love with them! Thanks so much!

    • Gail

      something is wrong with the links on the site when I click on a cookies I get a picture of pancakes

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    • http://cookies gabriella

      i love this cookie ever

    • alex

      Tomarrow my family and I are having a cookie day before christmas, and I’m going to try some of these. They all sound good, so what ones would you suggest on me using(3-4).

    • Brad Clare

      Marye, (interesting name… is it French?)
      Wow, what a find..
      Thank you so much for the theses cookie recipes, they are wonderful. I’ve tried petite lemon curd and the cherry pinwheels. They were great, keep up the good work, we really appreciate it.


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    • Sylvia

      Espresso brownies with crystalized ginger?! That sounds so good I almost fell out of my chair. YUM YUM!

    • Valery

      Me and my grandmother are trying to find a yummy recipe that wont break the bank any ideas? I love cookies.

      • Della

        A simple shortbread cookie should be both yummy and not to spendy to make. Plus it is a great canvas for getting creative with flavorings and additions.

    • i love edward ryann

      nice recipes i like them

    • Pingback:

    • Giant Fortune Cookies

      hello Marye Audet , i want to tell u 1 thing . i am that person who cant live without cookies , specially those whose r made in home . and i love 2 make some cookies myself for me . i was lookigng for reciepe , using which i can bake somthing tasty . i visited this site and i saw ur recipe it is too easy to make and tasty to eat . thankx for helping me . now i can also make tasty cookies

    • pratibha83

      I liked this post. I have found lots of vegan recipes on I have also posted some of my fav recipes on this site.

    • brooksy

      thanx sum of the recipes sound interesting and goooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • angel

      thanx for the recipe………gosh..,!!!!..

    • Kate

      Where do I find the weekly baking for Christmas information?

    • bkl

      I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

      Everyone, sign up for the Weekly Bliss by clicking on the “Extra, Extra! Sign Up post!”

    • Petr Indiar

      Good selection I think we will try them one by one. We often use recipes found simply by Google or, but I think it is a good idea to try proven recipes like here as well.

    • Cheese Recipe

      Loved the recipe. gonna try it now with my friends.

    • i love cookies

      OMG!! i love these cookies so much!! Every one needs to try the whoopie pies at least once. they are sooo delicious

      • Quapallor

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    • Christmas Creations

      Such a good idea baking and then freezing. Sounds like youre going to have a great Christmas

      To all: Merry Christmas and happy new year

    • cmanning


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    • Kyle246

      Nice recipes. I have the best snickerdoodle recipe right here!!!

    • the gingerbreadwoman

      I love blondies you should try them they are super delicious

    • Christmas Butterhorns

      There are a few of my favorites in this list, especially the blondies! One cookie that I don’t see are butterhorns. There are a lot of variations but I make Christmas butterhorns with a cinnamon meringue filling topped with butter cream frosting! Check it out:

    • real estate business in indore

      Aw, this was a very nice post. In concept I want to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and precise effort to make a very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and certainly not seem to get something done.

    • pune classifieds

      Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So good to find any person with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this web site is something that’s needed on the net, somebody with a little bit originality. useful job for bringing one thing new to the web!

    • David

      Awesome stuff! My personal favourite is the quick and dirty stuff though – found some lifesavers at

    • chinagirl recipes

      you probably have one of the best places to go for cookies i have ever seen. if you wish you can check out my cranberry cookie recipe on my blog. they are sweet but not too much sugar for the kids.

    • Megan p4p

      These are all great recipes :-) As a event planner I like to keep things simple. I’ve noticed folks prefer to go with what they know. I just posted 2 recipes on my website party4pennies for chocolate chip and sugar cookies. So amazing!

    • i love nicky v.

      YUMMAY!!!!!!!! i love the malted milk ball cookies! they were absolutely delicious!!!!! :)

    • Easy cookie recipes

      I’m with David on this one – a big fan of, although I have to say there is some stiff competition.

      • lucy

        me too .
        Im with David .

    • jayne omandam

      oh..this is great..hope i can make one of those..;)

    • low yok lin

      Pl advise me on how to freeze the cookie dough.tq

      • reynwrap

        While our four children were growing up I would make a triple batch of cookies, bake some and then I would spoon the dough into waxed paper, make a tight roll which kept well in the freezer. To tighten the roll, I put the edge of ruler or something straight on the outside of the waxed paper, draw up the dough and twist the ends keeping all air out.
        Lately, my youngest sons friend informed me that they always took the freshly baked cookies. To which I replied that I never counted the number of cookies and they were there to be enjoyed. This is one one great memory of their childhood & mine as mom.

    • น้ำหอม

      I really interested in your article, Keep your good work

    • Mills

      Coffee Cookies,Date Sticks,Coconut Macaroons,Anise Cakes and many more cookies recipes

    • Mills

      An ultimate collection of cookies recipe now available on iPhone and iPad

    • Destin These are really good cookies but are a bit sweet. Yum!!!!!!!!!!

    • Deepak Garg

      Let US guide YOU
      how to make the MOST of it.

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    • Daniel Esteban

      Are these cookies made with ecolocial products? They look delicious, nice work :)

      Daniel Esteban

    • Kim

      I love the recipes!! I can’t wait to start baking  I found a place to get all my cake boxes, cookies bags, etc… Box and Wrap. If you go to and “Like” their fb page, you can get 5% off your entire order!

    • Eden

      What a great list. Love the Potato chip cookies drizzled with chocolate idea. I added your whole list to this other list of “Cookie Ideas for a Cookie Exchange.”

      Cookie, Cookies, Cookies – Favorite Cookies for a Cookie Exchange

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    • saimcarry

      it is exactly that which i need Christmas Candy Recipes

    • Cassius

      Inspiring stuff and hard to know where to start!

      For really quick and simple brownies, treats and desserts, try

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    • sazin

      Your blog is one of the best blogs.
      I would like to come back again.
      I am sure of that you are also glad to help every other.
      Thank you for sharing!
      Various Cooking Recipe

    • tips on cookings

      I just posted 2 recipes on my website party4pennies for chocolate chip and sugar cookies.

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    • paul jose

      OMG! These cookies are amazing!!! I used to always say I would never make cookies you had to roll and cut but these have converted me. I made them for a bridal shower that is in about 5 days and I hope they will still be fresh then.

      Stencils Cupcake & Cookie

    • Amy

      wrap up in wax paper and put in the freezer

    • Marye Audet

      Well Greg, gee, if you took the time to read the blog you would eventually get to the recipe on the post. I bet you have two microwaves, don’t you?

    • Jenny

      Have you frozen all of the cookies on the list successfully?

    • http://yahoo alyssa

      That’s what the list says.

    • Marye Audet

      Jenny, no. I have not tried to freeze all of them.

    • Marye Audet

      Shelly the ones I checked are working. I will try to go through all of them and sift out the nonworking links but of the ones I tried …they all worked

    • Marye Audet

      Glad it worked for you Kayleen! Thanks for visiting

    • Marye Audet

      Gail the site moved servers and we have had glitches since then..I will check it out, and let the techs know..thanks

    • Marye Audet

      Gail it is all fixed now, I checked them. Thanks for letting me know~

    • Marye Audet

      It is fixed now, thanks!

    • Paul

      C is a cup which is 236 mls.
      3/4 C is 187 mls.
      1/2 C is 118 mls.
      1/4 C is 59 mls.

      T is Tablespoon which is 15 mls.
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      All measurements are volume measurements.

      3 teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon
      2 Cups = 1 Pint, 2 Pints = 1 Quart, 4 Quarts = 1 Gallon.

      As for temperature, C = 5/9 (F-32), So for 350 F, C=5/9(350-32), C=0.55(318), C=176.6.

      325 F = 162.7 C
      350 F = 176.6 C
      375 F = 190.5 C
      400 F = 204.4 C
      425 F = 218.3 C
      450 F = 232.2 C

      Good Luck!

    • Brooke

      Hi there…welcome to the “Canadian” way of baking. I was brought up using the standard “imperial measure”…yet can from time to time, work with Metric as well. I do prefer imperial when baking.

      Here is the usual short-terms when referring to Imperial Baking.

      C – cup
      tbsp or tblsp – tablespoon
      tsp – teaspoon

      Hope this helps!
      Good luck and enjoy…

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      I am glad..Enjoy!

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    • http://yahoo alyssa

      I am making my mom bake these!!

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