Weird Sex Positions: The Couch Grind, From Women’s Health

The Best Sex Positions Ever” in Women’s Health definitely piqued our interest, but we certainly didn’t expect to find Position Number 33: The Couch Grind. We like to think of ourselves as open-minded and adventurous when it comes to doing it, but there’s something that’s just not that sexy about humping your armchair.

A few of the other interesting poses look like fun, but we intend to stay away from The Couch Grind for as long as possible. Though if we do resort to replacing men with furniture, we’ll certainly remember to keep it clean with a blanket between ourselves and our sofa, as shown below:

We really hope we don't have to resort to "The Couch Grind," from Women's Health.

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    • annonamous

      woooopwoooop ;) hahahahhaha love itt!

    • Jennifer

      PLEASE don’t be quick to judge. This position feels absolutely FANTASTIC. It’s even better on the corner of a bed. It is the most fantastic, intense, quickly orgasming masturbation I’ve ever done. Just try it. It’s amazing!