Desktop Mood-Lifter: The Daily Mood Flipchart From Fred!

When shopping for knick-knacks that won’t really fit into our apartments, we spotted this cool Daily Mood Flip Chart from Fred!. The little desk-top mood monitor combines some of Blisstree’s favorite things: Emoticons (we use them ironically, we swear!), Flipcharts, and simple ways to manage your stress.

The Daily Mood Flipchart has 47 Mood options, each with their own pretty emoticon and cheeky description. The best part? If your coworkers are sick of your “copacetic” ‘tude (yes, that’s one of the options), they can flip your mood and force you to be a little more “fabulous”. ($7.95 at

Disclaimer: Blisstree can’t be held responsible for your passive aggressive office behavior; use with care and developed social skills.

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