Shampoo: How Harmful Is It to the Environment?

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Lately there have been some rumors circulating about the potential dangers of shampoo. While the American Cancer Society says that there’s no risk of cancer associated with it, the rumor makes us wonder if shampoo is really necessary.

The idea of shampoo as an everyday thing began in the 1970s. Marketing campaigns designed to make women think they could make their hair healthier and more vibrant sent women running to pick up the best-smelling shampoos they could find. But lest we forget: Hair that’s visible is also dead. Shampoo companies use chemicals to make it seem like it’s working for you. In fact, 90% of shampoo is water.

The green argument against shampoo is that residue from your hair-washing goes down your drain, and eventually into the ocean, where it kills fish. In fact, a Danish television reporter dumped some shampoo into an aquarium to prove this very point – all the fish died. You also have to take into account the number of plastic shampoo bottles that end up in landfills every year. Some women have found that washing their hair less often, or even using a dry shampoo, has made their hair look and feel even better.

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