5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Uterus Could Do

From periods to pregnancy to menopause, the uterus rarely gets much love from the ladies. But despite its inconvenient habits, we still think you should love your uterus. Unconvinced? Check out these five surprisingly pleasant things your talented uterus can do:

Make You Laugh
We have a feeling this student didn’t ace their sex ed class, but they sure made us laugh with their funny exam answer.

Comfort You
This “Uterus Plush” from I Heart Guts is never clinical, always cute. It really makes us want to like our lady parts, even when they’re giving us grief.

Hold Your Flowers
This high-design uterus vase is proof that we’re beautiful, from the inside out.

Cover Your Back
These “Womb of One’s Own” t-shirts employ the uterus’ decorative and utilitarian sides.

Take You to the Grave

Not to end on a grim note, but this gynecologist’s fantasy coffin is kind of amazing – and sick.

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photo: Thinkstock

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