Sex and the (Green) City: Is Carrie Bradshaw Eco-Friendly?


Though Sex And The City 2 appears to be flailing at the box office, Carrie Bradshaw may embody the eco-friendly movement better than any other character in theaters right now, according to Grist‘s Lisa Hymas. Despite Carrie’s shopping habits, Hymas argues that Carrie lives a very “green” life by choosing not to have children, not owning a car, working from home, and traveling by air infrequently.

But we don’t buy that those practices negate Carrie’s retail addiction. The woman literally never wears the same clothes (or shoes) twice, and we doubt that she ever got her Manolos secondhand on eBay. Oh, Carrie. You may unintentionally minimize your carbon footprint, but deep green would be such a good color on you.


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