Free Pattern to Sew Your Own Nursing Cover

Nursing covers are not for everyone, but if a cover helps you feel more comfortable breastfeeding in public, you might be glad to find these instructions to sew your own “Bebe au Lait”-style nursing cover. Heather at Sleek Mama created these detailed pattern instructions and sewed two stylish covers for just $8!


• 1 yard of fabric

• D rings. They are the rings that you can adjust your strap with. They are in the shape of a D, hence the name, and come in silver or gold. I got the 1 1/4 inch size, but you could go a little bigger.

• Corset Boning. It comes in white or black and it comes in different strengths (or stiffness). I chose the stiffest one they had and bought 1/2 yard. It is 1/4 inches wide.

• Of course you need thread. The entire project cost me $8 to make two, the fabric was on sale and I had the thread.

1. First, I cut the fabric 26 x 38 inches. The finished product is 24 x 36 inches (that’s the size of the original Hooter Hiders) so cut it a bit bigger so you can sew the hem around. This size is perfect because the longer side wraps around your sides under your arms and covers anything that might be sticking out.

2. I cut the strips for the neck straps. The longer one I cut 31 inches long (this seems just a little long to me as I have a lot of excess when I make it the right length for breastfeeding) by 3 inches wide. The shorter strip which will hold the D rings I cut 10 inches long by 3 inches wide. Here are pictures of the straps below:

Long strap:


Short strap:


3. To sew these, I just sewed down the middle turning the fabric under (you can see on the long strap my stitch down the middle). I sewed the long strap to a point by just folding the corners down and stitching over. I sewed the short strap the same way and just put the D rings on the end and sewed the fabric over. The raw ends of both straps will be sewn into the hem so you don’t have to worry about finishing them.


4. Now set the straps aside and sew a hem around 3 sides of the large piece of fabric (leaving the top, or one long side, unsewn). I just folded the edge under and sewed around, no pinning needed because I just held it as I went.


5. Next I sewed in about 10 inches on one side of the top where I will put the straps and boning. I then put one strap with the raw end folded under the hem and sewed over it.

6. Next you want to put your boning in between where your straps will be. All you need to do is place the boning under the hem and stitch the hem just like the other side. Make sure you put the boning in so the curve is going to face the right way (It will have a definite bend/curve to it). The distance between my straps is about 13-14 inches.

7. Next, sew your other strap on and then finish stitching until the end. I did make another stitch on my straps above the original stitch (see in picture of short strap above) to give is reinforcement.

View from back:


View from front:


Boning in neck:


8. Now you can add a little pocket to the bottom corner on the backside. I didn’t do that yet on this one, but what works really well is to take a baby washcloth (I bought some on clearance) and sew it on three sides. That way, you could put breast pads in there and use it to wipe your little one’s mouth or your breasts if you need to.

The finished product:


Heather insists she is not an expert seamstress, and this project took her just 30-45 minutes!

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    • Bettie

      We just had a granddaugther and my DIL is breasting feed .. this well come in handle for her.. thanks a million

    • Jill

      I purchased a nursing cover after my son was born. Six months later, I use it all the time and my friends are all so impressed. I can’t afford to buy them for all my friends, but had planned to try to make them and these directions will be great! I will get started today – thanks!!!

    • Nicole

      Thanks for this great pattern. I was amazed at how easy it was. I posted my pictures on my website as well as a link to your pattern.

    • Stephanie L

      Thanks so so much for sharing this pattern. I can’t wait to make one for me and my nursing girlfriend tomorrow. PS I love the fabric you choose for yours. Super chic. :)

    • Nadia

      Thanks alot! I was able to follow your instructions and I got it. I got the cover done for my baby 1st. football game. Keep up the good work :)

    • Ali

      Thank you SO much! I just finished nursing and had a Bebe au Lait cover that I ♥. I was looking to make one for a sister that just had a baby. Thanks for the clear instructions & pictures!!!

    • Marianne

      What a great PRO nursing shower gift.
      Thank you!

    • Jessica Green

      Where did you get the boning? I tried our local craft store and it didn’t seem strong enough.

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Jessica, did you try Joann fabric and craft stores ( if you don’t have a store near you — search for “boning”)?

    • Carrie Russell

      How do you get 2 covers out of 1 yard? I am workign on this now, and when I cut the fabric for the cover piece (26×38) that leaves enough fabric for the other cover piece, but not enough for the 2 strap pieces at 3×31. I feel liek i should have bough 1 1/2 yards. Now I will have a little less than half a yard left and not enough to do a 2nd cover! Any suggestions on what to do next time? I want to be able to get 2 covers out of 1 yard, but maybe 1 1/4 would do it better.

      Thanks for the great pattern though!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Carrie — I’m sorry! I haven’t sewn this project myself, and perhaps it was misleading. Maybe Heather meant it needs 1 yard per cover, but she sewed two at a time? You could use the other 1/2 yard to sew a pocket on the cover (to keep nursing pads, spit up cloths etc.)

    • Carrie Russell

      Oh it is okay! I just am such a novice seamstress that I thought maybe i wasn’t being smart in my cutting. the cover turned out great for my first one and I will make some mroe for expecting friends.

      Also to anyone else who makes it… the boning can seem like a long piece. Once I finished the cover,I was almost certain the “curve” or gape was too big. But ater trying it on with a baby and talking to other moms who use a cover like this, they said it was the right size and that it all falls into place and works quite well. You just have to shift it over to sit above the side you are nursing on. The measurements on here are great. I did make my shorter strap (that holds the D rings)even shorter, so they were almost just off the cover.

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    • Jessica Green

      I used grosgrain ribbon for the straps. Mainly so I wouldn’t have to sew the fabric into them. I think I used 1″ and 3/4″ d-rings. I also made mine a lot bigger. I think it’s almost a yard square and it somes down to mid-thigh. I did get the boning from Joann’s it was so flimsy looking the first time I went that I didn’t get it until someone confirmed that it was the right stuff. I used the 1/4″ Rigilene that someone responded with by email after my last comment. Total it was less than $10. It was Winnie the Pooh.

    • jeszgirl

      I have been looking for patterns for these fabulous nursing covers. These instructions are perfect!! Thank you SO much for being so generous and incredibly helpful!
      Blessings to you and yours!

    • http://none Allison Hirsch

      thanks so much for posting this “pattern”. i was just going to wing it, but the dimensions you listed were a helpful starting point. for anyone with boning that doesn’t seem sturdy enough, you could try just using two pieces (laid right on top of each other, to give more support).

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    • Tina

      I tried making this and although my boning stays arched out, it simply falls down flat against my chest…leaving me with a scoopneck nursing cover. Any suggestions?

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    • Linda

      For Tina, I think the problem may be that your fabric is too soft–the ones I have seen online for sale are lined with flannel–the extra weight of another layer of fabric should support the boning a little better.

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    • Diana

      I made this up and it’s really great. I’ll use it to pump at work. Thanks for the pattern!

    • Tabie

      I totally found what I was looking for. Thanks for having such a great site!

    • Julie

      i just made one of these and it is wonderful! I used 2 different patterns for each side, one is teal and brown polka dots and the other side is teal and brown paisley, it turned out really cute! i also folded the top part an inch and a half down and sewed it like that then sewed on 2 embrordered flowers where the straps are. i made mine larger bc i am a little on the plus size and it is perfect. Ill send pics later.

    • Saundra Smith

      Where do you find the boning???

    • jessica
      Made two, one for me and one for my sil…they were so easy, thanks
      oh, Saundra, Joann has boning…just ask at the cutting desk where to find it, ours had it near the elastic.

    • Lorraine

      What type of boing did you use? I went to Joanne’s and found a couple different kinds. They had the rigiline boning and covered bonding.

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    • Bridget

      I just made my first nursing cover for my little sister’s first baby. It turned out really well. I am definitely a beginner seamstress and I am very proud. Thanks for the instructions!

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    • Kimberly

      Since I am making one for myself, I just made the neckstrap one fixed piece – no D-rings needed.

    • Rainee A (Hawaii)

      Hi i was researching alot of nursing wraps and this one really caught my eye I’ve use one similar to this….My cousin is having her first baby and i wanted to give her a gift from the heart…and this pattern was PERFECT!!! thanks a bunch….for sharing!! ALOHA!!

    • Nicole

      Thanks for the wonderful directions on this pattern I made one last night and it turned out great and did not take me long at all.

    • Amber

      I LOVE these instructions! I did make a few adjustments, made the longer strap only 20 inches, and added a few inches to the length of the cover since I am extremely modest. I also lined it since the fabric was thin and I thought it gave it a nicer look. The awesome thing about this pattern is you can play with it. I’ve made some using a patterned fabric w/ a solid, added ribbons, pockets, you name it. And evertime it comes out great. Depending on how much I spend on the fabric & ribbon, it usually costs me between $6 – $9 to make. Super great deal!

    • Claire

      Thank you so much for this posting. I’ve made two so far and plan on making more. They make great presents! I love how simple it as I am a beginner in the sewing world. God bless!

    • y.a

      Thanks a lot. The pattren was easy and the cover is great. Got many compliments

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    • Sue


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    • Sweet Wee Bairn

      I also offer a free tutorial for my brand of covers “Sweet Wee Bairn” you can view the free tutorial at: Happy sewing.

      All the best,

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    • Mary

      I am making this for a long distance friend. Is this a cover for mom or a sling for baby?

    • Tana

      This might be a stupid question…. but what is a “D” ring and where do you buy them?

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    • Jenet

      This pattern was very easy to follow and the pictures were helpful as well. I just finished it and it turned out nicely! I would agree and say the neck strap of 31 inches is defanitley more than enough. If I make another one, I’ll shorten just that strap. Thanks again!

    • Misty Draper

      I love this pattern and have made two nursing covers so far. One for myself and one for my sister. Thanks for sharing! I blogged about it and linked to your site.

    • Gen

      Thanks for the tutorial! I made my own based on your instructions and it came out great. I put a light complimentary fabric on the inside as well becasue I hate seeing the opposite of fabric. I even think if I made another one I would make the inside with “baby print” so that when the baby gets older they can see objects and shapes that they would like…

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Vanessa

      Thank you so much for this pattern! Those covers are pretty expensive and it’s fantastic that now I can make one at 1/4 of the cost. And with my favorite fabric. You’re awesome!

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    • Jen

      Use promo code cute4 at udder covers website to get 100% off on your nursing cover purchase. Not sure how long this is going to last!

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    • Cynthia

      What did you use as your liner on the back side of the fabric? what were the measurements! Other than that-I’m ready to make a dozen of them! Thanks!

    • Tracy D

      I found your blog today and made one of these tonight for a nursing friend! It was so easy and came out so cute. Thanks for the tutorial!!!

    • Jenny

      How do you fold this nursing cover to keep the shape of the curve at top, so it doesn’t get bent out of shape? Thanks.

    • Lady Hannah Nurse-a-lot

      Thanks for this! I just took a sewing class and this is the first project I’ve made since the class. Thanks for making it so easy to understand! I know I will use it a ton since I’ve been using a blanket about the same size and poor baby (11 months) gets super sweaty.

      Since I was in a time crunch and don’t know sewing very well, I actually found it easier to put the boning in after hemming the 13-14 inches instead of sewing it into the hem.

    • Ursula Uhlir

      Thank you so much for the great pattern for the nursing cover. My daugther, who is having a little girl next month, sent me your website. The only thing I changed, was the metal D-rings for the staps, because they are so noisy in the dryer and will damage it too.I used some plastic ones.
      Thank you again,

    • Jane

      Where do you find the D plastic rings? I’ve hunted and just can’t find what I need. Thanks

      • Laura

        I got metal ones at JoAnn Fabrics. They have them in different colors, too, to match your material. : )

    • leeza

      I have just made the cover. However, the opening keeps falling down and doesn’t stay up. What’s wrong? I tried two different bonings, but it still falls. I put boning between the straps. Do you have to sew the straps over the boning or something? Thank you.

    • Jo Ann King

      When I began making these Hooter Hiders, I did it freelance looking at the pictures of what cost $34.99 to buy and decided that that certainly I could make them for a lot less. I tried to figure out the “boning” thing but without much success from Joann’s. My two sons-in-law were going to Home Depot so I asked them to look for something that was flexible but durable…something I could use to hold up the Hooter Hiders. They came home with tubing for the back of the refrigerator. I believe it is what is used for the icemakers. And that is what I have been using ever since. I have made about 10 of these so far and I have 4 in the making as we speak. These covers are amazing as they let you stay in the room to nurse your baby without being embarassed.

    • Debbie

      I used your pattern to make a “hooter hider” type of nursing cover. The instructions were great and it was easy to follow. It was really helpful to find out about using boning for the arching stiff part. I used blue with brown polka dots fabric which blends with her baby stuff. I also used blue and brown striped ribbon instead of making fabric straps…I am a ribbon fanatic. I hope Megan likes it. Someone was really clever to “invent” the first one, and you are clever to figure out how to make one for less than $10. I know their fabrics are lovely, but when there is so much to buy for a new mother, I just couldn’t fork over $38 for one on her registry.

      • Samantha

        I love the idea of using ribbon, instead of making the straps! So glad I read the comments, that’s deff. the route I’m going to use. Thanks

    • grandmommy

      I made it for my daughter–having a boy in 2 weeks—-turned out good—I want to make another one and have a friend monogram on it —something like
      I’m busy right now….. or Do not disturb..very hungry……………but don’t wnat it to be too corney–any ideas?

      • Grandma O.

        How about “Feeding the future”?

    • Siam

      I just got my first sewing machine two weeks ago and had my first baby last week. I am uncomfortable nursing without some kind of cover (baby and I are both still learning!), but I want to be able to leave the house for more than an hour, so I was looking for a very easy, but still functional, cover. This was perfect!! I got everything for $10 from Joann’s and will be testing it out tomorrow. Thank you for the clear directions and illustrations!

    • Bobbiwells

      I just made the cover and am thrilled with it. It is for a friend whose daughter is due in three weeks. With the extra fabric I made a small drawstring bag for storing the cover. The directions were well written and easy to follow. I made a few minor changes in finishing edges…but that was just personal preference. Thanks!

    • Heather

      Just made the cover.. Instructions easy to follow. Going on a trip and tired of just using blankets to cover with. Had a different type w/my daughter a couple years ago… but I’m tall and the ones you buy in the store just aren’t quited long enough. Very excited about this one.. just added a couple inches to the length. Super easy pattern

      Thx so much

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    • Kris

      Great pattern! I just made one for myself (expecting first child this Spring). It took 45 minutes and only cost $6.50 (with sale fabric and coupons). I plan to make more as gifts for my friends who are expecting. (The only change I’ll make to the pattern is decreasing the length of the long strap because 31 in. is too long).

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    • Valerie

      Thank you so much for this pattern. I ran out to the fabric store after reading this pattern and purchased all of the items needed for $8.00. I even had enough material to make burp cloths. I tried on my cover and it fits perfectly. I am going to make another one so it will fit me all the way around for walking and feeding discreetly.

    • Jamie

      Help! Okay so I am a sewing dummy so could someone please simplify step number five on the nursing cover instructions. I got that far but now am at a stand still so please help. Thanks!

    • angie

      Thanks for this great tutorial. I made a nursing cover using your instructions and get lots of compliments. I’ve linked to your blog from my site about homemade baby gift ideas.

    • Christina

      I just made this apron and I absolutely love it! I didn’t realize that you have to sew the boning under the straps- I actually sewed the straps and put the boning between them. I made the second apron, sewing the end of the boning under the straps and it works perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern!

    • Kim

      Easy to follow pattern– thanks! I double-folded my hems to make them a little neater looking, but otherwise followed your plan. I think the long strap is too long; would make it shorter next time. The nursing cape only took about an hour to make, and materials aren’t expensive. Thanks again!

    • Cheryl

      I made these for my daughters who are both nursing moms…. a great set of instructions – only objection is that is posted on a site that features sex toys…..

    • Nani

      Thank You so much my daughter just became a mom for the 3 rd time and saw someone with one of these at a breastfeeding class , Now I can make her one of her own and wanted to say thank you SO much for putting this up for all of us .

    • Cassi Mccoy

      Thank you so much for posting these instructions! My sister in law I wanted to get something really cool, but that she would use and I saw this and it is perfect! She is nursing this time around so she will love it and I saw some in Target, but they were just not as cute so now I get to pick my own material!

    • Mallory

      Did you use plastic or metal boning? I haven’t had a chance to get to a material store but I found some plastic boning at Wal-Mart. I bought a cover before I decided to make one. The boning the company used was metal so you could shape it. If it is plastic, are you happy with the shape since you can’t shape it yourself? Thanks for your help!!!

    • Chloe

      I just made this to take on my trip to Malaysia so I can breastfeed without offending anyone. Fantastic! Thank you!

    • Anon

      I don’t think anyone in Malaysia would be offended. America is the only uptight place, unfortunately for us.

    • Jane

      To save even money, I used a recieving blanket (I already had) and sewed some matching ribbon (I had laying around) around it, to put it over my head without the need of using the D rings and it was just easier to put ove the ribbon over my head instead of adjusting it all the time. This worked like a charm, that I made several for all my pregnant friends and sister.

    • Claire

      I have this problem too.. So i was hoping to sew my own nursing covers…
      Easy and cheap!

    • Michelle Kynaston

      I am excited to make one of these, and have wondered if I could just use a strip cut from one of those cheap flexible cutting boards. I’ve used them in other projects, and they have worked like a charm.

    • Silvia

      thank you! I made one for a good friend & it turned out nice. I hope she uses it. Thanks for the pattern. Very informative blog.

    • Shera Van Goor

      Are the links to other projects gone? or not working?

    • Heather Wood

      I just wanted to say thanks so much for this awesome pattern! I made mine today. I reinforced the straps though, and double sewed in the corset boning (because my little guy is a yanker at 2 weeks old, can’t imagine how he’ll be in a few months!), but other than that, followed the pattern exactly! I LOVE it! :)

      Very easy to follow, and easy to whip up. I am so glad that you’ve posted this, thanks again!

    • Kelly

      I wanted to say thanks for posting this pattern! I just got done sewing up my cover and am very happy with the way it turned out! Cant wait to use it! :)

    • Kathlene Bradford-Marks

      I love this! Made one for my friend. I used the clips from a new doggie collar from Dollar Tree for the straps to hook onto. Worked just wonderfully. Love the pattern and want to say thank you so much for posting it. :o)

    • Sarah

      Thank you sooo much. This was is going to be so helpful. I made one for my sister. She is going to be taking a six hour train ride with her four month old. This is going to work perfect for her. Thank you.

    • Kimberly

      Hi all! I’ve had fun making a few of these, but I always have difficulty w/ the boning step. Could someone please explain to me step-by-step how to put the boning in so that it arches out as far as the actual BeBe AuLait covers?

      • AsUntoTheLord

        I haven’t done this yet (the way she describes) but I tried making one similar and it didn’t work right with the boning. I plan to attempt again and I’m thinking the key is to make sure the boning EXTENDS into the “pocket” created by the strap, so the tension around your neck helps “pop” the boning out when you pull down on the covers lower edge (which pulls the straps against your neck). Mine had the boning extending to just before the straps and it wouldn’t stand out. I took a closer look at my Bebe one (I’d already had one) and it *seems* this was the difference. Again, I haven’t proven this true yet.

    • Amy

      love the pattern. made one for myself and making 2 of them for a baby shower gift. My sister’s store bought cover also had a cloth bag to store it in, so (even better), I am adding a pocket on the bottem of the middle that is finished on the inside as well as the outside so I can fold the whole cover into the pocket. (fold the nursing cover down to the pocket and then turn the pocket inside out to hold the whole thing and maybe add a button to hold it closed… we’ll see)

    • Laura

      What kind of material would you use for this? I am new to the fabric world and I tried to go look at some and they all feel so different. My baby is due the end of June so I want something lighter but I don’t want it to be flimsy. Anyone who can help out there?

      • Beth

        I’ve used print’s that I liked that are easy on the budget and not see through!! Any cotton typed blend works. mostly just find something you like and it will look great!! Good luck with the nursing cover and the baby :-)

    • Amy

      Thank you so much for posting this pattern. My cousin sent me a Hooter-Hider when I had my second son and was so much better than the blankets I used with my first son that his constant kicking would knock off. I found the actual Hooter Hiders are $35! I don’t know about anyone else but I think that’s a bit ridiculous. I can take this pattern and make a whole bunch of them to donate to the labor and delivery unit at my local hospital. My mom has been donating homemade baby blankets for years so I think it’s time to send some love to those nursing mommies! Thanks again!

      • Breastfeeding tops

        Thank you, I’ve just been looking for information about this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. But, what about the conclusion? Are you sure about the source?

    • Bathroom Fans With Light

      I discovered your weblog web site on google and verify a lot of of your early posts. Proceed to maintain up the superb operate. I simply further up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Looking for forward to learning more from you afterward!…

    • Alyce drry

      i was just wanting to know how i could get a pattern. i have so many friends that breast feed so i would love to start making them

    • deer repellent recipe

      wow!!!The great depiction step by step. eeven a stupid can be able to learn here –how to make a nursing cover from your sew pattern.

    • ppi insurance claims

      I receive a problem subscribing to your RSS Feed… It says feed is live, however I never get updates in my feed reader… Any Thoughts?

    • nana cinde

      thank you, i was looking for little special thing to do for my new grand and this helped alot…I’ve sewn 5 covers with different colors and they are going to add that little something extra i needed for my daughter in law.

    • Eve

      I have a bunch of material that a family member passed onto me, and i am going to use a couple of the prints to make some of these. I am due in 6 weeks and can’t afford to buy a brand new nursing cover but I have a machine, thread, material and the motivation… Thank you so much for posting this pattern!!!!! :)

    • sahar

      thankyou soo much for the great tutorial.. it was like a piece of cake.. and i was done in less than an hour since i am a beg

    • Joy

      One change I made was instead of D rings, I used velcro. Makes taking off much easier. Thanks for the instructions….Saved my budget!

      • Ginger

        Where did or do you find the corset boning?

    • KL

      How do you get the boning to stand out, rather than fall flat on the body??

      • ada cachafeiro

        Also, where did you get the boning from?

    • mary ann

      what tip do you have on getting the boning to stick out the right way?
      thank you

    • Mary Helen

      Just finished my first nursing cover for my daughter who had her baby a week ago. I found the boning at Joanns Fabric. It was in a funky box in the notions section. I love the idea of donating these to OB departments. I belong to a charity sewing group and I am going to suggest we make some of these for our local hospital.

      • Sharon O’Toole

        Great Idea!!

    • Sarah

      I have made several of these for myself and for family members. The trick with getting the boning to stick out is that it must be sewn under the neck straps !

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    • Carol

      thank you so much for posting this pattern!!! i would not of been able to breastfeed (a whole year! yay, for me!) without this cover!!! now, my sister is having a baby….guess what shes getting from me!!! thank you!!!

    • Jill

      I am not a sew-er however I am hoping that I can do this, this weekend! I am curious though about the pocket. Its a great idea and never would have thought about the pocket however you say putting the pocket to the bottom corner on the backside. Would this be right where the boning is or lower then that even? Or or the pocket not even be in the center of the cover? Sorry for my “special” questions.

      Nether less, thank you in advance

    • A. States

      From your experience using this cover up, would it make any difference whether or not the boning is 1/4″ or 1/2″ wide? I’m raiding my fabric stash to make these for charity. Thanks!

      • Mary

        I’ve made a few of them and used different sized boning and it doesn’t matter what width it is.

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    • Marina

      Just made a slightly smaller version of this – thank you for a great idea!

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    • Darcy

      Well I tried my first attempt at one of these tonight. I made mine reversible so that you could have a fun pattern on one side with a more muted pattern on the other.

    • Rose Goodfield

      I’ve seen these cover-ups in the store. Just wondering – is the boning really necessary? I’m going to make several without boning.

    • marci

      Just be careful if using Velcro, when removing cape make sure it doesn’t get stuck in your babies hair….can be very painful to remove

    • AwwShucks!

      Nice pattern, thanks! I made one for a friend and included a washable satin lining so it is soft and cuddly for baby!

    • amanda

      I made this today was so easy, Thank you so much!!!! Boning at Joann Fabric Store!!

    • jtlaner

      That is a very nice pattern however, right now the uddercovers website is giving away free nursing covers when you use promo code “3cute” it takes the price down from $35 to $0.00 good luck!

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    • Charlene

      All required materials can be purchased at your local cloth store. (Jo-Anne’s) The larger stores almost always have everything you can imagine to make they carry. Good luck and God Bless you and your family.

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      This is a cover for mom. If you are looking for a sling for the baby, try these instructions for a ring sling: Good luck!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Tana, the “D” rings are the small D-shaped metal rings used to bind and adjust the straps. In the pictures you can see them hanging from the end of the short strap. You can buy them at any sewing supply store. Here is a picture of some on Amazon, although they might not be large enough:

      Dritz Metal ”D” Rings 3/4” 4/Pkg-Gilt

      Another commenter mentioned that she sewed hers without D rings and just tied the straps instead.

    • Jenna

      Awesome idea, never thought of that! I so could have used a pocket on mine….

    • Nancy

      I thik a material shop should have them or a hobby lobby store in the fabric dept.

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      I’m glad the cover turned out well! Check out some of these slogans from The Lactivist’s t-shirt store for ideas. will have many other breastfeeding advocacy t-shirts, pins, and bumper stickers with slogans that might work.

    • Anna

      I had this same problem! The solution is to extend the boning along where the straps are attached (not just between them). Then the straps support the boning and you get the arch that you want.