• Fri, Jun 11 2010

10 Ice Cream Truck Treats That Will Blow Your Diet Fast

Now that it’s June, ice cream trucks filled with treats are prowling our streets day and night, which makes it a tough month to diet. Does hearing that tinny music echoing through your neighborhood make you want to elbow all the other kids from your block and cut to the front of the line? If you do succumb to the ice cream truck’s siren song, steer clear of these 10 not-so-nutritious treats that will derail your diet in no time. Problem is, they taste so damn good.

photo from Flickr user kait jarbeau is in love with you

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  • James

    We chased a icecream truck today and asked for a Big Mac but the guy told us to get lost.

  • James

    one go’s past our house at 5-6pm every weekend who eats icecream at that time anyway its silly.

  • James

    We as in I and a couple friends

  • James

    I dont tend to eat from theese trucks the icecreams really fatty and they dont clean the van either.