Exclusive: Piper Kerman, Author of “Orange Is the New Black,” Reads a Prison Letter to Her Fiance on Video

Watch last week’s exclusive video chat with Piper Kerman, where she opens up about how she sustained her relationship with her then-boyfriend/fiance throughout her six-year pre-prison limbo period, and later during her actual 13-month incarceration.

When Piper Kerman was 34, she was sent to federal prison for a ten-year-old drug smuggling and money laundering offense. She spent 13 months in a minimum-security correctional facility for women in Danbury, CT, which isn’t necessarily what you’d expect from a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Smith graduate and Red Sox fan from a nice, New England family.

Piper’s excellent memoir about her prison experience, Orange Is the New Black, was just published by Random House – with back cover blurbs by Dave Eggers and Elizabeth Gilbert (not too shabby for a first-time writer).

Piper sat down with Blisstree for the afternoon to discuss all aspects of her time in the clink, from the unexpected friendships she developed, guilt and forgiveness, and how yoga saved her sanity, to the torturous six years she and her now-husband spent in limbo between her conviction and the day she self-surrendered in Danbury.

Here’s the 10th segment of our exclusive video interview with Piper, where she reads an excerpt from a personal letter she wrote to her then-fiance after a month behind bars.

Check back for Piper’s next video, coming soon – we even got Piper’s husband, Larry Smith of Smith Magazine, to talk on camera about his side of the story.

Check out Piper’s website and follow her on Twitter: Piper.

Photo and video: Briana Rognlin

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