Sugar High: 20 Worst Beverages In America You Can Swallow

Sugary drinks are the bane of our diets, and even some “health drinks” and “energy drinks” are full of sweet, empty calories. Men’s Health came up with a jaw-dropping list of the 20 worst beverages in America right now, and created some pretty shocking photos to show just how much sugar you’re sipping. Even if you’ve got a sweet tooth, we don’t know many people would like to get their daily sugar allowance through a straw. Check out the astonishing list, below, and click here to read more about the nutrition facts of these super-sugary drinks. It’ll give you the chills. And if it does, check out 10 Ice Cream Truck Treats That Will Blow Your Diet Fast and our equally scary brand-new post: What Happens to Your Body After You Drink a Coke Every Day, For a Long Time.

1. Worst Beverage in America – Cold Stone PB&C (Gotta Have It size, 24 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 30 Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies

2. Worst Smoothie – Smoothie King Peanut Power Plus Grape (large, 40 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 20 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

3. Worst Drive-Thru Shake – McDonald’s Triple Thick Chocolate Shake (large, 32 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 13 McDonald’s Baked Hot Apple Pies

4. Worst Frozen Mocha – Così Double Oh! Arctic Mocha (gigante, 23 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 41 Oreo Cookies

5. Worst Frozen Fruit Drink – Krispy Kreme Lemon Sherbet Chiller (20 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 16 medium-size chocolate eclairs

6. Worst Float – Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Soda (vanilla ice cream and cola) (large, 28.6 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 9.7 Fudgsicle fudge bars

7. Worst Margarita – Traditional Red Lobster Lobsterita (24 fl oz); Carbohydrate Equivalent: 7 Almond Joy candy bars

8. Worst Frozen Coffee Drink – Dairy Queen Caramel MooLatte (24 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 12 Dunkin’ Donuts Bavarian Kreme Doughnuts

9. Worst Hot Chocolate – Starbucks White Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream (Venti, 20 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 9 Strawberry Rice Krispie Treats

10. Worst Lemonade – Auntie Anne’s Wild Cherry Lemonade Mixer (32 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 11 bowls of Cookie Crisp cereal

11. Worst Espresso Drink – Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with Whipped Cream (Venti, 20 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 8½ scoops Edy’s Slow Churned Rich and Creamy Coffee Ice Cream

12. Worst Juice Imposter – Arizona Kiwi Strawberry (1 can, 23 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 7 bowls of Froot Loops

13. Worst Functional Beverage – Arizona Rx Energy (1 can, 23 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 6 Cinnamon Roll Pop-Tarts

14. Worst Kids’ Drink – Tropicana Tropical Fruit Fury Twister (1 bottle, 20 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: Two 7-ounce canisters Reddiwip

15. Worst Beer – Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (1 bottle, 12 fl oz); Carbohydrate Equivalent: 12-pack of Michelob Ultra

16. Worst Soda – Sunkist (1 bottle, 20 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 6 Breyers Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

17. Worst Bottled Coffee – Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino (1 bottle, 13.7 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 32 Nilla Wafers

18. Worst Energy Drink – Rockstar Energy Drink (1 can, 16 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 6 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts

19. Worst Bottled Tea – SoBe Green Tea (1 bottle, 20 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 4 slices Sara Lee Cherry Pie

20. Worst Water – Snapple Agave Melon Antioxidant Water (1 bottle, 20 fl oz); Sugar Equivalent: 2 Good Humor Chocolate Éclair Bars


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    • Lima

      Goes to show that these trendy “flavored waters” aren’t really water after all…nothing beats the real thing

    • David A.

      Wow, this site just blew my mind, especially the Rockstar Drink – I would much rather just have 6 Krispy Kremes! No more fancy coffees!

    • Andrew

      Ouch…So much for the blissfulness of ignorance.
      Where do u find nutrition info for beers? I’ve always assumed some are worse than others, but I never knew how to tell. Except of course light beers and “ultra” beers but i want it to taste like deliciousness not watered down sewer water.

    • Darcie

      It’s easy. Drink water when you’re thirsty. Black coffee and tea when you’re chatting with your friends, and have a single serving of skim milk with your meals, especially if you are female or still growing. Everything else is just developed to maximize profit and keep you coming back for more!

    • myQute

      Good list!! Don’t forget the sugar in energy drinks and sports drinks as well!

    • Tom

      That’s why these drinks taste so good. We should all know this by now that if it taste good, it’s probably bad for you. Oh well I say, we only go around once. Enjoy it while you can!:)

    • Cat

      The message to bear in mind here isn’t necessarily stay away from your ‘triple choc chip mocha mocha chocca’ though. As a Brit visiting the US this week (not for the first time), I’m still overwhelmed by portion size over here. I got served a salad in a bowl at the DC Improv on Thursday that I would have served to a table of 4. Going ‘Venti’ for many of these drink just simply isn’t necessary….and the ‘Tall’ will let you indulge, provided it is once in a while!

    • ron

      This article had a “lead in” about Almond Joy candy bars. What happened to the information related to “Almond Joy’s” — am I old and blind ? In the long run of this entire subject (GREED) it really is a shocker! Thanks for the information.

    • Brooke

      No wonder americans are so fat.

    • jesus christ

      hello my fellow world people. this website is very good. keep up the good work on warning people about body fluids and what not. anyways, yeah droppin in from heaven. dont worry, god is doing well… -__- yeah he made me go all the way to the library to write this to you guys. Im pretty sure there was another way for me to do this. he gets really lazy sometimes..

    • Jerri

      You can’t drink water out of the tap (to many chemicals) I hate tea and coffee (caffine anyway) diet soda bad for you, milk ( to fattings) ,flavor water( to much sugar), natureal juices ( to much sugar) So what does that leave you to drink. Nothing

      • Richard

        I agree with much you say, but—– gramatically, when you say to many this to many that, you should be saying too, not to, small error but what it says is that we in America apparantly never study the English language and proper use of words! Can’t say I fault your thoughts, but I recommend you go back to school and study proper English as many should!
        Then challenge our minds with language that says you are not a high school drop out!

    • DrinkWater

      @Jerri- bottled water.
      o_O ….OMG

    • rachel

      i want sum food im stavinn !!!!!!!

    • brother jones

      These are calorie bombs. Thanks for the eye opener.

    • Joshua africa

      Pls can you help us in africa so that people can the dissadvantage of all this drinks.thanks for the good job.

    • Expelled

      Richard/to vs. too– high school dropouts, and many who never attended college (Pres. Harry S. Truman) regardless of having or failing to learn proper usage of the to/too, still make major contributions in this world. Make no assumptions for which you lack the facts.

      Sugar is the issue here and not your petty concern about who speaks the best English. Next time, take the time to post such comments directly to the poster and spare us from thinking your arrogance is slipping out over such a vital topic….

      • GrammarPolice

        @Richard: I think you mean “apparently.” While criticizing someone else’s use of grammar, you better make sure yours–including spelling–is perfect, or you lose all credibility.

    • frances smith

      Thanks a million. you,ve given me a wealth of info for my health

    • Monica White

      Thanks for the info. I’m not much for sugary drinks except juice but now I definitely know what not to order when I am out. I would rather get my sugar in an actual desserts and drink water. I make my own gourmet coffees and put that new La Cream creamer in it. You can limit how much sugar you are drinking and it is healthier. You definitely have to limit how much sugar you drink. Thanks again!

    • Laura

      Although the pictures are great visuals, they are miss leading! Let’s remember that they only represent similar sugar content, not overall calorie content! And I agree with the Brit, larger and larger portions sizes in the US are ridiculous! Every drink listed was the largest size available! Let’s down size our portions as well as being cognizant of what is in it!

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