What Happens to Your Body After You Drink a Soda Every Day, For a Long Time

Sugar-rushes and caffeine-highs followed by a depressing energy crash are What happens to your body if you drink a Coke right now, but plenty of Blisstree readers actually seem to be okay with that. Some of you think it’s alarmist to compare a caffeine and sugar rush to doing drugs, and some just don’t really care about the slump they’ll find themselves in after drinking 39 grams of sugar, but what makes us really worried about a soda-slurping habit is what happens over the long term.

Here’s a quick snapshot of you, in a few years, after drinking Coke on a regular basis:

You’ll Be Fatter: According to research in the Nurse’s Health Study, which monitored the health of 90,000 women for eight years, drinking a single soda every day of the week added 10 pounds over a four-year period.

You’ll Probably Have Diabetes: In the Nurses’ Health Study, women who said they drank one or more servings a day of a sugar-sweetened soft drink or fruit punch were twice as likely to have developed type 2 diabetes during the study than those who rarely consumed these beverages.

You’re Much More Likely to Develop Heart Disease: According to a study published in 2007 in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, subjects who drank a soda every day over a four-year period had a 25% chance of developing high blood sugar levels and a 32% greater chance of developing lower “good” cholesterol levels. The Nurses’ Health Study found that women who drank more than two sugary beverages per day had a 40% higher risk of heart attacks or death from heart disease than women who rarely drank sugary beverages.

You’re Probably Also Less Healthy In Other Ways: Several studies, including the 2007 study published in Circulation, suggest that diet sodas have some of the same effects on health as regular sodas, despite having none or very little of the sugar. Why? Drinking soda is typically part of an overall lifestyle that’s not very healthy: We know you don’t like us to compare drinking caffeine and sugar to substance abuse, but when it comes to your lifestyle, some think that soda is just like a gateway drug.

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    • Hamish

      “Soda is like a gateway drug”, are you freaking kidding me? What, you think if you give kids a coke the next thing you know they’ll be stuffing their faces with as much KFC as they can get their hands on? Honestly, you junk food nazis make me sicker than all the high fructose corn syrup in the world…

    • anon

      This article is misleading, it bases everything solely on how many cokes the participants have. Obviously heavy coke drinkers are victims of many other bad dietary habits that are the main cause for these health risks.

    • rk

      10 pounds over 4 years ? are you kidding…that you call fatter. it is so less that it might not even be causal.

    • Paul F

      Wow powerful info. After 15 years of drinking 2-4 Mountain Dews a day I was able to quit by the world’s healthiest raw whole food, a product called MILA.
      Check out the vid on Blood Sugar:

    • roflman

      Man, I guess I’m drinking a different coke as I’m UNDERWEIGHT after drinking a coke a day for 12+ years!

    • Jackie

      soda is a gateway drug to an unhealthy lifestyle? oh come on.

      • CP

        How many non-high school age athletes do you know who drink a soda every day? I think for most people who drink this way, it is likely they will consume other ‘edible foodlike substances’, in the words of Michael Pollan.

        If you drink a soda per day for a year, you are consuming over 31 pounds of sugar! Let that sink in for a minute…

    • Maggie

      When I was in university I drank pretty much a bottle of coke a day my freshman year. I actually lost weight because I was incredibly active walking for an hour to and from school every day and playing on a varsity sports team but then my finger nails fell off on my left hand. I don’t really know if this was because I was drinking so much coke but when I cut coke out of my diet they grew back.

      • CP

        ” then my finger nails fell off on my left hand. I don’t really know if this was because I was drinking so much coke but when I cut coke out of my diet they grew back.”

        Are you f***ing kidding me? That’s insane if it’s true.
        Drink coke: lose weight and fingernails! I think we found them a new slogan!

    • David

      Food manufacturers rely on peoples addiction to sugars to satisfy their profit margins and shareholders. Denying the link between sugar consumption and long term health problems simply feeds into the hands of these manufacturers who care little for your health. The rate at which Americans are supersizing it won’t be long before 20 year old are unable to stand let alone walk or run. They’re already considered the unhealthiest people on the planet. Don’t become a victim of the system.

      • Jackie

        david, you seem to be under the impression that americans can’t moderate and control themselves. while that may be true for the majority, there are still some of us who know when to stop.

    • Robyn Flipse

      I would file this item under, “If something sounds too bizarre to be true, it probably is.” As a registered dietitian with expertise in weight management and a consultant to the Coca-Cola Company I know there is no evidence whatsoever that a soda a day can cause weight gain any more than might occur from any other equivalent source of calories. The Nurses Health Study showed an association between soda use and weight gain, not cause and effect, and the researchers concluded other behaviors may have been responsible for the findings. The other studies mentioned did not prove soda caused diabetes or heart disease either, but again, an association between users and these conditions. The common thread connecting all these problems is poor eating habits and inadequate physical activity. Once people address those issues they won’t have to worry about their soda a day habit.

      • Tim Quin

        Testimony from a guy getting paid by the company that makes the poison is not relevant,

      • CP

        My partner is an RD who doesn’t work for coke. I’ll listen to her over you.

        ” I know there is no evidence whatsoever that a soda a day can cause weight gain any more than might occur from any other equivalent source of calories.”

        Wow, how’s that for some BS. By equivalent do you mean any other artificially sweetened beverage with 40 grams of highly refined sugar? I’m sure that’s what you meant…

        ” The common thread connecting all these problems is poor eating habits and inadequate physical activity.”

        Drinking a soda/day IS poor eating habits! You are not a good spokesperson.

    • crazy

      i drink several cans a day, and have been doing so for over 20 years..i exercise daily and even when i didn’t i was even skinnier.. my body proves that this information is just bs..btw i hate u people saying crap and wishing ill on someone because they are better than u

      • B

        Crazy seems to be a fitting name for you…

    • Tim Quin

      Its a short and less than inspiring article, but I am amazed at the ignorance of the cementers.

    • No Coke

      I used to drink a can a day and it f’ed me up. All the signs of the onset of diabetes (swollen glands etc) and facial neuralgia. The second I stopped drinking coke all the symptoms disappeared. Horrible horrible tasty drink

    • Jenny

      Where there’s soda there is a plethora of junk food or fake food as I call it. I think what they meant by “gateway” is if you relent and have a coke, chances are you’ll relent and indulge in all the fake food that goes alone with it. When you stay away from all of it long enough and only indulge occasionally, you can feel the negative physical effects immediately after consuming. People just don’t realize how bad they really feel until they put it all down for a while and then try to go back.

    • Bill Nye

      I was hopping for a day by day medical chart documenting the physical effects of a daily coke. Kind of like the Super Size Me documentary in 2004. I am disappointed in the generalizations and assumptions. I’m not condoning coke either, I’m playing the devil’s advocate.

    • Dr. Bruce Presnick

      All good points made. One aspect not mentioned is the phosphoric acid used in Coke and other sodas and it’s detrimental effect on our health. Simply put , acids burn tissue(ulcers) and leach out calcium from bone inorder to buffer the acicity(think osteoporosis). Neither effect is good.

    • Rapture5212011

      ►Interesting that the comments R more interesting than the article!◄ Many comment that sodas have NOT adversely affected them. I can attest to the same life experience. As a teen in the 60′s I washed cars @ a Mobil station (12 or so a day) & drank a CASE of Dr.Pepper a day (24 10oz. bottles) as they were 10cents COLD. I did slow down after college & being married, but still had many sodas daily of ALL DIFFERENT brands. In the 90′s I drove a limousine & carried a 2 liter bottle with me in the front seat. A cop asked me if I’d been drinking & I answered YES & lifted up my 2 liter bottle (almost empty). HE grinned. I cared NOT if the soda was cold or not or FLAT even~~ it was soda & I always loved it.. Forgot to mention I owned a convenience store a number of years & I had a habit of drinking UP all the soda that didn’t sell after a while & needed 2 B ~Rotated~ out of stock. My health= 60 1/2 years old = take NO medications = never had an internal problem = blood pressure just about perfect = never smoked = never did drugs not even a JOINT = every1 including family telling me I was killing myself & would end up with Diabetes = don’t know a thing about my genes from biological previous generations as I was a chosen, adopted ONE. HONEST 2 GOD true biography ►take it for what it’s worth or NO◄ it is 7AM & I also drink about 12 cups of COFFEE every morning. I am a tad larger that most people as I stand 6’10″ tall BUT NEVER had a weight problem ~ always stay about the same…. wanna see my PIC????? God bless & BTW I do believe the entire Universe will B annihilated by Jehovah God in 2011.. Do a BING or Google search on “Rapture5212011″ AMEN

    • Hans Resell

      Article and comments are wanted.

    • John Burrows

      This is really freaky! I have only recently been diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic,
      Coke and other drinks like it MUST be labelled, and clearly too, as risky for anyone like me.
      Alternately, (and to hell with Company Spin Doctors!) President Obama must force the Company to alter the recipe/make-up to reduce the risk so clearly described

      • Randall McR

        Who’d have thought these obvious conclusions of drinking Coke could happen to the every man!

    • Lisa

      i have been drinking coke for the last three years, constantly, about 4 to 5 cans a day, but if I stop, I get very bad migraines, which is obviously withdrawal, I went to my doctor who laughed at me and could not understand, what do i do?

    • Rob

      He laughed? I guess I can tell people who say they can’t stop drinking coffee or they’ll get headaches to shut up.

    • Adam

      I am 22 years old and have been drinking coke almost every day for about 6 years, and i can say that all this stuff if fake. I work out and run every day and i feel great. I am a little over my ideal weight but that’s because i am sum what muscular. I think people need to start exercising and stop being lazy.

      • Pat

        i have drank more than 1 litre of coke every day for the whole month, i can testify that it is really dangerous, i have developed skin rashes, my bones(joints) are weak and painfull.Guys lets stop foolong ourselves, coke kills.

      • lols

        “sum what” — hahahahaaa

      • n.k-initials

        you may not feel it, but it effects your caliber. Do you have any cavities, crowns, fake teeth, etc? reply at kitty64pritty@yahoo.com

      • Steve

        you’re 22. let see if you are still talking like that at age 40 and you can’t work out anymore because your body is falling apart.

    • Herodias

      Coke kills, LOL @ Pat, how many recorded deaths are there from coke?
      Sure it isn’t healthy for you, but too much of anything can be bad for you.

    • FeRD

      The second point in this, at least, is completely irresponsible. A twofold RISK of developing diabetes does NOT translate to “You’ll Probably Have Diabetes”. The graph linked to conveniently glosses over the percentages by comparing on a scale of “relative risk”, but following THEIR link to the source article produces the following. “The diabetes analysis included 91,249 women free of diabetes and other major chronic diseases at baseline in 1991. [...] We identified 741 incident cases of confirmed type 2 diabetes during 716,300 person-years of follow-up.”

      So, the total indicence of study members developing diabetes was EIGHT-TENTHS of a percent. That seems to fall slightly below the 50% figure implied in the phrase “You’ll Probably Develop”. The article should be revised immediately to eliminate such baseless fear-mongering!

    • A Non

      this article is bull

      • paul

        Bull? Red Bull? (another fine drink as well…)

      • Denise

        I agree!!!

    • Chuck

      Ok, I agree: Sodas in general are bad for me. But now what? I have one to two cokes per day. It makes my meals oh so much better. What can it be replaced with that won’t make me feel like I’ve lost my best friend? Water just doesn’t cut it for me.

      • Alice Twain

        Why don’t you have a single glass of really good quality wine with your meals, instead? This is how wine is supposed to be consummed: a single glass of wine had along (and not before or after) the two main meals (half a glass for women). Also, if plain water does not do the trick for you, try a sparkling water to which you can add a slice or two of lemon.

      • n.k-initials

        v8 or a juice is good. 1 glass daily isn’t that bad either! I may be only 18, but i know!

    • Concerned Daughter

      Over the last 30 years, my mom has consumed Diet Coke on a daily basis…at least three a day. At only 56 she has almost 100% of the 92 symptoms of aspartame poisoning. If you have doubts, read about aspartame poisoning at http://www.dorway.com/badnews.html

      This is real and can’t be denied. Our bodies were not designed to ingest these chemicals….period.

      • smartuffluv

        our bodies were not designed..period. they evolved

    • ashley

      thats rit eppl needs to start drinking water!

    • 4 days sober

      Drinking soda doesn’t cause heart disease, it’s usually the lifestyle that goes with it. Pay attention next time at work to the soda drinkers and the water drinkers. The water drinkers are non-smokers!! The people with some type of sugared beverage everyday are the smokers. This is because of the taste left in your mouth after smoking a cigarette. And smoking increases your chance of a heart attack. The study was invalid as the smoking variable alters the results. And it is very unlikely that you will find a daily soda drinker (especially women who are more concerned with their appearance) that doesn’t smoke.

      I quit smoking 4 days ago and haven’t even wanted a soda even though I have drank about a 2liter every day for the last 10 years. I kinda miss the caffeine though but that’s what tea is for.

      • Pappardelle

        Uh, what? I’m a vegetarian, don’t smoke, and drink 1 can Dr. Pepper/Day. After reading these articles… I think I am wanting to quit. I’ve been fed soda everyday since I was little, so it is a slight addiction, though I do want to give it up now…

      • Michele

        hmmm…. I’ve lost count now of how many pop drinkers I know who don’t smoke. Women included.

        Agreed that it is an entire lifestyle that adds to heart disease risk, but drinking soda DOES contribute to that poor lifestyle.

        There is nothing redeeming about soda. It provides no nutrition, and has repeatedly been shown to cause damage in dietary health and overall wellness. The more you drink it, of course the worse the damage.

        It is incredibly interesting to me to watch people try to justify poor diet choices.

        The facts are the facts I’m afraid. And whether you’d like to agree or not, the cause and affect principle will continue to teach its hard life-lessons.

    • Hannah

      Okay, so i drink 2 litres of coca-cola a day. Thats a big bottle, sometimes less, sometimes more. I also smoke 10-15 cigs a day. I want to quit both but it is so difficult as both are addiction. Is there anyway you can suggest how i can give up both or substitute them? I don’t like water or milk, or orange juice. Patches make me dizzy and gum makes me vomit. Seriously.

      • you don’t like water?

        so take control of your life and decide to stop making yourself unhealthy. you don’t like drinking water as much as you on’t like dying of heart disease or lung cancer. get you priorities straight. tuff luv

      • Imo

        You not ready to Quit Hannah. When you are really serious you will quit. I’ve stopped smoking after 20 years – cold turkey and what keeps me going is the determination and will power created by the fact that i want to stop my addictive habits. When you are ready to quit, you will quit.

      • WHAT?!!?

        To the person above me, that is such bad advice. What if she’s never “ready to quit”? Just keep smoking and drinking until you die? People need to stop these vices, whether they are ready or not, want to or not. I used to drink soda all day. I hated water- luckily I’m an athlete and never put on the poundages. I drink at least a gallon of water a day now. Water and milk, that’s all. There’s no set formula to quit, but for me, I found something better: bodybuilding. At first I just wanted to look good with my shirt off, but then that eventually turned into a passion for a healthy lifestyle in general. You don’t have to turn to bodybuilding, but I’m saying telling yourself you shouldn’t do something because it’s bad isn’t always gonna work. It’s much easier if you can find an activity, or a lifestyle, a habit, that you love more than drinking coke and smoking. I’ve been doing this for the past two years now. My friends think I’m crazy because I calorie count and watch my physique like it’s my job, but I love it and in the long run, I know my lifestyle is going to pay off.

      • tuff luv…. it’s tuff but true

        yes, I have to agree that making big changes is difficult… INCREDIBLY difficult sometimes… but that doesn’t make it impossible.

        SO, either find a way to like water (I personally use real lemon juice, fresh squeezed, or the Realemon brand, since it has no additives) or just simply work at developing a taste for it.

        After years of NOT drinking pop, when I actually do have a little glass of it somewhere, it is so incredibly sweet and yucky tasting to me that I just don’t want to drink it. Tastes can be trained either way.

        You can’t allow it to be a matter of what you LIKE since what you like right now is killing you, quite literally.

        I also believe that every day to DON’T drink the pop is a success. There will likely be days you fall of the wagon. But don’t let that lead you into thinking you can’t create better habits.

        In many cases, people have created their bad food habits over years. Getting back to health will also take time, as well as discipline and struggle. But in the end, it will make you a stronger person in lots of areas.

        Good luck… honestly.

    • Rone

      I am totally addicted to Coca Cola. I drink about 3 liters a day in winter and much more in summer. I am very overweight and desperately need to do something about my weight. I am also worried about my health.
      I am looking for a supplement (vitamins or minerals) to take to curb the cravings as I have tried several times to stop but get terrible headaches and uncontrollable moodswings.
      HELP please!

      • heather

        ME TOO…even reading all this bad stuff makes me want to go across the street and buy one!!

      • elizabeth

        hey,i know exactly how you feel i am in an industry where i get free coke all day long i have been addicted for years and i do well when i quit but its like smoking and i get hooked back on! just to let you know that this is what helped me.after doing studies with a nurse she explained that the sugar is the exact same as crack and that the coca cola is now in my blood stream( I also hate water so i dont drink it) now that there is not enough water my body extracts the pop and uses it for nourishment so my body is addicted to it which makes it 10 times harder to quit.after she made me keep repeating it and she made me watch that A&E addictions show i just kept sayin wow i am a crack head! AKA coke head! its true lots of us are!! so after realizing i am a baby my body is addicted to it i went cold turkey!! your body is giving you the headaches and pains BUT after about 2 weeks of it your mind will feel clear again and your body wont depend on it! so it wont be a cranky baby!! its true the headaches are hard to deal with and your mind is fighting with your bosy saying you need this crap!! sooo thats where the headaches come in!! PLEASE SWITCH TO WATER!! PLEASE AND FOR A LITTLE JUST TO KICK THE HABBIT USE CRYSTAL LIGHTS FOR FLAVOR!! THEN KICK THOSE TOO!then only have a pop once in a while when you know u can control it!!! THINK HOW CAN IT BE GOOD FOR YOU WHEN ITS GIVING YOU HEADHACHES AND MOOD SWINGS!! its cause the chemicals in your body are fighting the garbage chemicals in the can! think thats y its called pop can!! yuck your drinking garbage outta that can!! even though the taste is what gets you! find something healthy u like and replace the flavor when you crave pop!! ALSO MY FRIENDS USE LOTS OF LEMONS IN WATER AND I USE TO MAKE FUN OF THEM!! NOW I USE LOTS OF LEMON AND I LIKE IT!! PLEASE STOP DRINKING IT YOU WILL GET DIABETES MY AUNT DID AND MY MOM DIED OF COLON CANCER!! SHE SAID IF SHE COULD GO BACK SHE WOULD HAVE EATEN MUCH HEALITHER!!

      • sedo

        Rone, I am so sorry to hear about the soda troubles. it is really hard to break the cycle of addiction to sugar and processed food, oh and serious caffiene intake.
        i know, i just pulled it off about two months ago. it was weird, it sort of crept up on me and then all of a sudden i was hungry all of the time and couldn’t shake it. what worked for me was sort of self brain washing. i tried to read up on how bad certain foods and sugars are at the same time i made myself eat loads of fruits of vegetables. they were foods i knew where not the best, but i needed that refocus reading provided – and the extra forgotten tips. it was hard and took at least two months for me to change my habits, but it did work. the first rule i made myself was i had to cook everything myself, meaning if i wanted a cookie, then i had to make that cookie. which is great, but eventually i then had to ween myself off the cookie – still too much sugar. i knew i reached my goal of habit change when i wasn’t craving food all of the time, especially sugar. major happy relief. besides the fruit and salads, having beans and nuts were a big help. a handful of nuts and a pot of beans always going means feeling full and always having a ready meal. last note, i wasn’t a soda drinker, but i still like my water to have flavor. i always have something added to my water, cucumber, lime, lemon, basil, mint, ginger – mmm ginger. all help with the digestion and taste great too.
        anyway, i feel for you Rone, i hate those cravings they are crazy strong. i know my words don’t mean much, but they are i guess my way of trying to lend support and a friendly word.
        last last note, i have started and stopped drinking coffee and it sucks, mood swings hello. the last time i stopped i waited until my boss went on his vacation so i could be irritable with one less stressor. perhaps waiting for some sort of marker could help. such as if your kids are going back to school or you have a long weekend where you can headache on your own. again drinking a lot of water helped kick the headaches – taking painkillers just delays the process.
        good luck rone.

      • Nina

        Try and get a hold of alkaline water. Its the best water for you and takes away your sugar cravings. Also try and drink some veggie juices – like spinach, kale, celery and cucumber. That’s also shouldtake care of your cravings!

      • n.k-initials

        it’s OK! just limit a glass of coke every week, have a free Friday when you can drink normally . Keep lowering your coke amount every month and go to the gym once a week on exercise. watch your weight loose!

    • JTnTX

      All those young folks drinking Cokes who think they have no affects, just wait 10 years. As you age, your liver and kidneys can and will lose function if you keep assaulting them with all these junk chemicals. I’m 45 and paying for that now. I’ve changed my ways, drink lots of water and limit all process foods now and hopefully in recovery. Don’t wait until your my age, start now, drink water, limit process foods and live a LONG LONG life. If you want to die from a heart attack at 50, keep you current ways…

    • Angie

      Hi, I am a 29 year old and was a big coke drinker, tell I saw what it was doing to me, in just 7 months I gained almost 40 pounds, but this was almost a 2L a day, I loved the taste so much. By loving the pop so much I never saw what it was doing to me. Now I made a promise to myself that I will no longer touch it, it’s only been 3 days but I know that in time I will see a big deferent’s.

      • Michele

        NICE! Excellent commitment. I wish you great success in your new dietary choices and am sure you’ll be thrilled with the new you :-)

    • martin

      i have drunk at least 2 litres of diet coke every day for the last 20 years i am now 37 and before that i drank ordinary coke for prob most my life before that.
      lost a tonne of weight when i made the switch to diet coke but have also smoked for 20 years which i have very recently stopped on day 5 now.
      Have tried to stop drinking coke in past and found i get very stressed when i stop completely but have tried many times in past but always tried to stop
      drinking coke
      smoking fags 20 a day
      and smoking skunk for 15 years prob ounce a week
      so found i have just gone mental when tried to stop all 3 at once
      so this time just stopped fags and weed and found it much easier than i expected
      i think the main thing is to try it when you are ready to stop and not hassled into it
      if i can get through the next week without fags or weed next on my hitlist will be the

      DIET COKE>………………………………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

    • Zach

      I have just recently put soda to the side, but before I would easily drink 6 cans of soda and a full liter when I got home.

    • liveoncoke

      i drank coca cola for about 2 months now without a single drop of water and have never felt better or healthier in my life. i don’t know about everyone else, but coke is what keeps me hydrated. im 19 years old and havn’t gained a single pound even though i live on junk food also. in fact ever since i began drinking just coke i have not had a single headache compared to when i drank water which did not keep me hydrated enough so the headaches kept coming back.

    • Runner

      The reason you probably get headaches when you only drink water is because you could be hypoglycemic. I am a runner and I do not drink sodas hardly at all. I probably have one a year. However, I am hypoglycemic and will get headaches if I don’t get the right amount of sugar. I don’t reccomendation sodas to fix this though. If I feel one coming on I just get a little candy bar and juice to balance it and the rest of the time I drink water.

    • Missy

      I am doing a persuasive speech on the dangers of soda and to anyone who would like to stop drinking soda, just do a little reseach on the subject and you will soon find that you want nothing to do with the stuff. For example, how many people know that there is almost as much acid in pepsi and coke as there is in BATTERY ACID! Do your research people because ignorance is bliss and the less you know about soda, the better you think it actually is. Trust me, its not.

      • Mike

        It’s a different kind of acid though

      • Gladis

        I don’t think Missy did her research on the type of acid, not even a little bit of research.

        Do you know your stomach contains acid and that is how it breaks down and digests food?

    • RobynO

      Caffeine is the cause of the headaches…
      Namely caffeine withdrawl, horrid pounding vascular headaches from hell. Do yourselves a favor and drink a nice antioxidant green tea, WITH CAFFEINE, it will make all the difference in the world!
      Sweeten that tea with a little local honey (no HFCS) and a little lemon and you will have the added benefit of a natural antihistamine!
      Drink to your health Ladies!

    • Reader

      I quit smoking 4 months ago and I think one of the main arguments I considered to take that decision applies to soda too.

      It’s simple… just think about the money. If you drink 2L of coke a day, that’s what, 60 bucks a month? That’s roughly 800 dollars a year folks. Enough to start a college fund for your kids, buy yourself a flat screen tv for christmas, a fancy trip to europe or whatever the hell you want. Just a thought…

    • coke addict

      pepsi’s the best… i feel like i can jack d whole world when i take it n i want moooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bristracker

      whatever happened to spellilng in the USA?
      and what’s with “drank” as a past participle?

      • bristracker

        gosh did you see that?
        Coke is obviously damaging my spelling too!
        Seriously folks all this info is helping me in my determination to quit the yukky oversweet drink I keep buying and drinking.

      • Richard

        You hit the nail on the head! Maybe we are just typing too fast, or—–worse never took English as a language.
        Bad spelling and grammatical error are very prevalent today, and no one cares!!!!! How do we lead the Country when we cannot spell and use proper English? At this rate everyone will be a moron in 50 years and then it is too late!!!
        You are absolutely right on!

    • ryan

      I agree with bristracker Drank is the past tense form of drink. maybe coke gives you #%^I^ing brain damage too.

      • Matt

        Yea but it has Acesulfame potassium and aspartame which both cause cancer.

    • moom

      Why would anyone drink regular coke instead of coke zero? Unless they are exercising and want extra sugar. Otherwise, it’s a no brainer to drink the zero calorie stuff. Diet coke sucks but coke zero tastes almost the same. Still, I don’t drink that much of it.

    • Todd Pedersen

      What about the decay? I have been a dentist for the last 20 years and it sure seems the people with the most tooth decay and problems are the ones with the pop habits. Diet is also bad. I would bet the acid is the main culprit.

    • nick

      youre all a bunch of health nuts who are too busy worrying about how anything that is even slighty enjoyable is bad for you. I drink pleanty of soad, I smoke, I drink alcohol to excess and I have dabbled in other substances, Maybe ill be dead by the time im 40. But one things for sure, I have a fucking good time! stop tring to live forever and start enjoying life!!! and for fucks sake, coke is not going to kill you. pussies.

    • nick

      youre all a bunch of health nuts who are too busy worrying about how anything that is even slighty enjoyable is bad for you. I drink pleanty of soda, I smoke, I drink alcohol to excess and I have dabbled in other substances. Maybe ill be dead by the time im 40. But one things for sure, I have a fucking good time! stop tring to live forever and start enjoying life!!! and for fucks sake, coke is not going to kill you. pussies.

      • lucille Reynolds

        In reply to Nick comments he should have a good listen to his bad language and sort his attitude problem! I dont agree enjoying life is the life style he lives. And yes you will be dead before your time and you will probably not even be aware you are dead! Nurses and Doctors will have wasted time in trying to keep you alive!

    • Lucille Reynolds

      I drank Coca cola for a few days and nearly died with stomach pain. I have since read very recently that it contains ammonia and dangerous cancer causing chemicals. So I for one wont be ever drinking it again.

    • Pibb Xtra Lover

      I am 47, and have drank sodas heavily since I was a kid. I am rarely sick and therefore, probably have a better immune system than most. Only recently have I started gaining weight. I have no stomach problems, heart problems, teeth/calcium/bone problems, etc. However, after reading recently that there may be ingredients that cause CANCER in the sodas, I’m freaked out. So freaked out that I have quit. I am currently barely surviving the severe headache from the withdrawal. They say it lasts no more than 10 days. Hurry up Day 10!

    • zina

      does Dr.pepper count for this too?

    • Yvonne

      I get what you’re trying to do here, but these reasons aren’t enough of a scare to get me to drop my disgusting soda addiction. 10 pounds over 4 years? Well, whoopdeefreakindoo.

    • Steve

      I have drank at least a litre of coke everyday for over 20yrs I have no health problems never had a thooth filling and Im 183cm tall and 76kgs so you people have got to stop trying to brainwash people when CocaCola is probably the best drink in the world.
      If your getting fat from drinking coke it’s because you need to get off your fat ass and exercise…

      • steves#1fan

        Steve for president in 2012!!!!

    • Dave Garner

      Steve: Who the hell are you trying to kid…? Do you think I’m that naive dietician, Bjørn Yesterday? If you’ve drunk that much sugar-saturated cola every day for 20 years, no way would you be as described. You have to be a Coca Cola rep. or shareholder.

    • chris

      That’s why it is called a study and why their are percentages, woopdeeefreaking do you happen to be one or few of the lucky ones, I on the other hand gained well over 40 lbs from drinking sodas, like coke and pepsi daily. I gave up soda, over a year now and have lost 110 lbs. It was my only unhealthy food habbit, So instead of being all upset by a study how’s about you realize the first sign of an addict whether it is food pop smoking drugs booze, the first sign is not being able to admit it is bad for you.

      • Jules

        I’ve been cutting Pepsi and Coke out of my diet, and have had the same results. All my exercise and good eating habits weren’t helping me loose weight, but kicking the soda helped with getting energy back and my waistline. Others noticed the difference within a couple weeks! It is CRAZY how addicting it is!

    • Useful

      I found out that coke can clean toilet because it has Phosphoric acid.

      • tom

        Next subject: rocket science.

    • brad

      his is crap im 6 foot 2 and have drank soda for nearly my entire life and im 170 pounds and havent had any problems and im 26.

      • Lee

        That is what I thought. I am now 56 and my weight has changed and I am boarderline diabetic. Wish I had listen to my parents when they warned me about this junk. I don’t drink the stuff anymore and I have to watch my sugar intake everyday and stick and prick myself with needles to test my blood sugar. Think about it! I use to drink 32 oz like it was no tomorrow. 5 to 6 a day.

      • Jules

        You’re still only 26…. check back in 15 more years.

      • tom

        Remember that when your 40, hopefully there will be a substitue for having to inject yourself 3 times a day – it’s no fun, no fun at all.

      • Vicky

        When I was 26 I had no problems chugging down sodas, either. Ten years later it’s a different story. I’m borderline diabetic and my teeth have paid a hefty price for all that acid and sugar wear.

        Just give it time, Brad. You’ll be singing a different tune later. I wish I had listened back when it could have made a difference.

    • df13

      I just wanted to mention that my dad is 60 years old. He has drank coke his entire life. And I mean 3-5 liters DAILY. And he never, never drinks water. He is skinny, and healthy. Yes his teeth are rotten, and he has tons of fillings, but, well, what I wanted to mention is that it always depends on everybodys body and life style.

      • Skater

        One really needs to understand that in terms of logical arguments, using an anecdotal evidence is not a strong argument for one’s position.

        In other words, your example of your dad being healthy does not at all change the health facts about Coke. Rather, his is an exception perhaps due to genetic differences, while for most people, Coke would be an unhealthy dietary choice. Also, since we cannot crystal-ball your dad’s life expectancy, we cannot clearly say whether his life would be on the same course even though he drinks Coke. It is very possible that he would be even healthier and live even longer should he had not consumed that much. Being healthy at 60 is not an indication that coke has not had an impact on his life expectancy.

      • Liadog

        ahhh.. FYI. If your dad’s teeth are rotten..he’s not healthy.

    • Cathy

      you can do drugs, eat unhealthy, drink alcohol, drink cokes everyday and not feel the effects. but i promise you….one day you will. your body cannot handle the abuse forever and it will catch up to you. do what you want…but someday you will know.

    • Chad

      I agree with Cathy and laugh out loud at 6 foot 2 Brad. It is so easy to look at your life and health now and say, “I feel good and I drink Coke.” But trust me, it WILL catch up to you. I am 32 and have spent most of my life eating and drinking what I wanted, without ever really noticing any ill effects. Until NOW. I just woke up one day and realized I was overweight and had no energy anymore, and my blood pressure was ridiculously high. It is so easy in life to see where you are now, and it can be impossible to see where you will be. It happens so slowly you will never see it coming, but it will happen if we continue to put shit in our bodies. And just like the smokers who live 100 years smoking a pack a day, there are exceptions to every rule, but if you look at the statistics, chances are it will put you in an early grave. For 2 weeks I have cut out and sugary drinks, and only drink water or unsweetened homemade tea. IT IS AMAZING. I have lost 3 pounds and have more energy than when I was 25 years old. I will never go back. DRINK WATER!!

    • david

      44yrs old hi ive been drinking nothing but coke for 35 yrs in my younger day i would drink about 30/ 12ounce cans per day and now i drink aprox 12 cans per day to say im addicted would be an understatement,i weigh 165lbs now because i never stop moving,in the past i drove 18 wheelers and weighed 190lbs because of my situation driving an sitting,i will just say to much of anything will kill ya,and after reading here its makin me do some self evaluation,i have about 12 teeth left but its my fault when i drove truck time didnt permit good oral care,the soda deffinitly didnt help,but i ate a lot of hard candy,n tuff food in my life ,i do feel the soda may be depleteing my body of the items that keep your bones strong i do smoke in excess also,also my throat is ussually red in the back as in not healthy looking but i know caramel(coke ingreedient ) inn excess is a skin irritant,so i guess in life we can live healthy and get hit by a buss tomarrow,or abuse substances and pay the price,or live a long enough life abuseing things,one thing i learned driving truck i seen many peaple die in front of me they were on there way to work ,on a vacation trip,or whatever but they probably wernt planning to die,in short everything in moderation,enjoy every day were here,and drive safe

    • Janell

      I’m 29 and I drink cokes all the way till I was 28 constantly until I realized I was gaining more wait do to this and I also was having headaches which was a addiction. My head hurt all the time if I went to long without it so now since I know this I let it hurt and took a pain medicine to end it every time until my head finally stop hurting. I wined my self off of the coke like that. I drink them every blue moon and it doesn’t bother me since it isn’t a constant drinking. I did what I had to do, who really wants to go all there life living like that and some people don’t no why they head is aching like that but I’m here to tell you. Take care of your self it’s not even funny it is scary.

    • Lara

      Richard since you are rallying the “cause” of correct spelling and grammar, here are a few notes for you:
      – There should be no hyphens between “or” or “worse”. These words are not linked.
      - There is no such thing as multiple exclamation marks, this reads like a teenager’s diary.
      -The word country is not a proper noun, it does not need a capital. (As a side, I doubt somehow that you are going to lead this country anywhere)
      -One uses correct English, not proper English. It is most improper to use the word proper here.
      -The future tense of “to be” in the sentence “then it is too late” is actually “then it will be too late”
      -No need for the word “on” in your final sentence unless you are “the Dude”.
      I suggest you look at your own grammar and then worry about the plight of your, and your nation’s, future.

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    • X Coke Addict

      I have drank Coke my whole life. Now at 52 it caught up. 4-6 Cokes a day was my average. Coke even seemed to sooth any stomach problems at one time. Lately I have had digestive, Gallbladder, Liver and general gut problems. Lost over 25 lbs in 6 months. Doctors were stumped. Due to Coke making me feel better, I didnt think it was causing harm. And for a long time I only drank Coke, no water or milk or juices. I was having Gallbladder attacks weekly. Finally I gave up all Coke, only drink water with meals now and milk with breakfast. All my problems went away within 2 weeks of giving up Coke, most within a few days. I was so sick at one time that it has been easy quitting Coke as I associate it with sickness now. I took a sip the other day and I couldnt stand how sweet it was, yuck. I know access Coke almost killed me, but I dont need to convince anyone. To each, their own… Have a Coke and a Smile…and enjoy your gut rotting away.
      And to Nick, I bet you dont have kids yet, do you?

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    • zomg

      fuck it

    • Steven


      • Andy


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    • http://www.windowonmatteo.altervista.org/ Dazzi Matteo

      Good post, i’m in totally agree with you…

    • jason

      But I drink a soda a day

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