Updated Post: What Happens to Your Body If You Drink a Coke Right Now?

Hey, Blisstree Reader! We recently updated this Coke post, and also just posted two brand-new ones: What Happens to Your Body After You Drink a Coke Every Day, For a Long Time and Drink Diet Coke For Good Health? Not So Much., which many of you commented on wanting to know more about. Read on, and check out these other new posts, below.

Have you ever wondered why Coke comes with a smile? Because it gets you high. They removed the cocaine almost 100 years ago. Why? It was redundant.

  • In the first 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.) You don’t immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor, allowing you to keep it down.
  • 20 minutes: Your blood sugar spikes, causing an insulin burst. Your liver responds to this by turning any sugar it can get its hands on into fat. (And there’s plenty of that at this particular moment.)
  • 40 minutes: Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils dilate; your blood pressure rises; as a response, your liver dumps more sugar into your bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in your brain are now blocked, preventing drowsiness.
  • 45 minutes: Your body ups your dopamine production, stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way.
  • > 60 minutes: The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium, and zinc in your lower intestine, providing a further boost in metabolism. This is compounded by high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners also increasing the urinary excretion of calcium.
  • > 60 minutes: The caffeine’s diuretic properties come into play. (It makes you have to pee.) It is now assured that you’ll evacuate the bonded calcium, magnesium, and zinc that was headed to your bones as well as sodium, electrolytes, and water.
  • > 60 minutes: As the rave inside you dies down, you’ll start to have a sugar crash. You may become irritable and/or sluggish. You’ve also now, literally, pissed away all the water that was in the Coke. But not before infusing it with valuable nutrients your body could have used for things like hydrating your system, or building strong bones and teeth.

This will all be followed by a caffeine crash in the next few hours. (As little as two if you’re a smoker.) Want to know what happens after that? Check out what happens to your body after you drink a coke, every day for a long time.

Coke itself isn’t the enemy here. It’s the dynamic combo of massive sugar doses combined with caffeine and phosphoric acid, which are found in almost all sodas. Moderation, people!

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This post was originally written by Wade Meredith.

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    • franky4eyes

      That’s neat information, but do you have any credible sources to cite? As far as anyone knows, this information could be equivalent to your mom telling you not to make funny faces because they’ll become permanent.

    • MrChonks

      In addition to the latter, what about drinking Diet Coke? Does the body react similarly to aspartame?

    • http://maggie-muggins.blogspot.com muggins

      Wow. Although I can’t say that I’m surprised. I would be interested to know if aspartame or Splenda has the same or similar effect on your body. Where did you get this info – sounds like an interesting info source!

    • Wade

      I’ll get my sources together and post them along with the article (most of them online, but I also had an MD consult on this article about some blood chemistry issues. He mainly just looked over the article and said that it was on the up and up after he corrected some of the time line issues.)

    • Aaron

      I’ve been searching online for some information about the caffeine levels in different sodas. I would love to see a chart comparing the caffeine levels in different sodas or other popular caffeinated drinks. (coffee, tea, redbull)

    • Dtorro

      Here is a chart


      [editor's note: this looks suspiciously like a plug, and the chart isn't that helpful at all. See the comment below for a complete chart of caffeine containing beverages.]

    • Wade

      As requested I’ve added a further reading/sources section.

      MrChonks, Aspertame and other artificial sweeteners have to been shown to have a similar effect on your system. They’re fairly good at fooling your body chemistry as well as your taste buds.

      Aaron, you want to look right here for a list of caffeine levels.

    • aantix

      All the more reason as to why you shouldn’t use cola as a source of hydration.

      RunFatBoy ( http://www.runfatboy.net ) – Exercise for the rest of us.

    • jdid

      You didn’t disclose how much coke you were talking about, 10 tsps of sugar is about 46 grams, maybe a little more. A 12oz can of soda has 39g at most. A recommended allowance is about 300g of carbs/day. One 12-16oz coke is not going to be 100% of your daily needs… or did you mean 10%? Even in diabetic patients… they need 4 oz of coke (or other sugary drink) just to get out of hypoglycemia (BG

    • overhaul

      I think this neatly falls into this category:
      Why is that?
      How come that people sued cigarette corporations for causing lung cancer, and even Mcdonalds for obesity, and no single one smart lawyer figured that money sack like coke or pepsi can make rich some fat citizen with unwell liver (and offcourse lawyer who figured it can win the case, because some scientific investigation can actually proove any of this)?
      Can bees honey be even more fatal? How much shugar is in teaspoon of honey? Lethal dose?

    • TomD

      From to Snopes.com, a debunking web site:

      “Additionally, the idea that one must specifically drink water because the diuretic effects of caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda actually produce a net loss of fluid appears to be erroneous. The average person retains about half to two-thirds the amount of fluid taken in by consuming these types of beverages, and those who regularly consume caffeinated drinks retain even more:”


    • TomD

      According to Wikipedia, consumption of cafeine results in “…in increased alertness and wakefulness, faster and clearer flow of thought, increased focus, and better general body coordination…”


    • Poop_heaD

      Ya but carbohydrates and sugars are kinda different. Yes sugars are carbohydrates but they are simple sugars that will go right through your system and be turned into fat like the article says. Other carbohydrates like whole grains take longer to break down and are better carbs/sugars for you. You also can’t just say well your supposed to get so many carbs, fats, protiens a day. Cause you just cant eat a cup of sugar and take a vitamin and be “healthy” Sugars and Carbs are not equal.

    • TomD

      According to Wikipedia, “It has been claimed that an excess of phosphorus may lead to poor bone density. However medical research indicates that exactly the opposite is the case” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphoric_acid#Biological_effects_on_bone_calcium

      So apparently the people who have studied this phenomenon-first hand have exactly the opposite opinion of you.

    • lmr

      Aspartame is a dangerous ingredient in diet products. Just google it and you’ll find that it breaks down into many components that are harmful to the body, methanol and formaldehyde to name just a few. I’ll take real sugar anyday, of course, the key is moderation.

    • TomD

      Provocative artical – it provoked me to do some research.

      Let’s put things in context. The definition of a poison is in the dosage. For example, too much salt can kill you, but you need it to survive. There is no such thing as something which is all bad or all good in the real world.

      The key is to quantify, something you did little of in your article. If you can’t quantify something then you don’t really understand it.

      – How much nutrients are supposedly removed from your body? 1%? 99%?
      – How much water is supposedly washed out of your body? 1%? 99?

      If you knew the answers to these questions, you would be a scientist, not a quack.

    • TomD

      Your claim that aspartame is dangerous is not supported by science. Aspartame is the most studied food additive in history, and there has not been a single study supporting its hazards. If there were one, don’t you think the FDA would have pulled it from the market?

    • Wade

      Good comments, guys. I’m not a scientist and this is no research paper. I’m a part time blogger and this article is a “distilling of information” that many sources, online and off, agree with. I’m glad it’s sparking this kinds of discussion; that’s it intent.

      Having said all that, I’ll try and field a few comments/criticisms…

      -As far as the amount of Coke concerned, it’s a generalization (like I said, it’s not research). The article says “a Coke” which I’m assuming would mean a 12oz. can or 16oz. bottle depending on what sort vending machine you’re standing next to at the time. Either way it will have at least 40g of sugar in it.

      -Concerning the 10% of daily CARBOHYDRATE requirement vs. the 100% of sugar thing: I was talking about sugar recommendations, not carbs. Sugars are carbohydrates, but they are not universally the same thing.

      -As far as poisons and quantity, this is a great point. For instance: Oxygen is a toxic gas, it’s corrosive and can kill you. But not in small quantities, in small quantities it keeps you alive. Anyway, one Coke will do all this stuff to your body and that’s probably not a bad thing. But if you do it multiple times a day for years, you’ll have a caffeine addiction that you’ll physically experience withdraw from shuold you stop, not to mention a host of other very serious medical problems, so I want people to think about that.

      -I don’t know the amount of nutrients it takes form your body. I couldn’t find specific measurements for this anywhere, but no matter what the amount is, it’s a nutrient that’s being taken away from your body. So imbibe with salt.

      Thanks for jumping in guys!

    • http://www.djuicer.com lelaiskandar

      That’s why every righteous soul should start drinking freshly squeezed juice. Not NAKED or POM.

      But real juice. It’s that simple. But some are dumb enough and drink those packed juices. Dumb! Dumb!


      I have consumed multiple Cokes daily for forty years. While I agree with your statement on a caffeine addiction, your host of other ailments claim is preposterous. I drank Coca Cola virtually exclusively most of those years and only recently added water and orange juice to my liquid intake. Oh yeah I am neither obese nor unwell. COKE IS IT…..enjoy!

    • bdabbs

      In all fairness, the “this is physically the same way heroin works, by the way” statement is true, but definitely misleading. This (dopamine production) is the same way exercise, being around friends, or playing a game (pretty much anything that makes us feel good) makes us feel good. Mentioning that it is a similar method to that which heroin uses is merely a smear-tactic; it is an attempt at negative association and is a flawed comparison. Using this argument is akin to saying that “City Buses are wheeled transports that can transport people and goods by ground; wheeled ground transports are the same way most drug dealers in the United States distribute their drugs.”

    • Wade

      Good point, bdabbs. this is the way exercise works, or being around friends. However, it’s a reward your brain offers you for doing something good for you, like laughing or the aforementioned exercise. Stimulating these centers artificially, is dangerous if practiced regularly.

      From About.com:
      “Caffeine also increases dopamine levels in the same way that amphetamines do (heroine and cocaine also manipulate dopamine levels by slowing down the rate of dopamine re-uptake). Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that, in certain parts of the brain, activates the pleasure center. Obviously, caffeine’s effect is much lower than heroin’s, but it is the same mechanism. It is suspected that the dopamine connection contributes to caffeine addiction.”

      My intention is not to smear, but to entertain and raise awareness. It’s not like I never drink a Coke, I just think all the stuff it kicks off in your body is really amazing. Especially considering how ubiquitous it has become in our society and around the world.

    • hamilcar

      All you mental midgets need to take Biology 101 again at your local college. Pay extra close attention about the part that says the body is ~70% water. Hence, we need to intake water, not sugar water. Also, read the section in the Biology book about high fructose corn syrup, the stuff is bad for your body.


      The human body must process water in many forms….otherwise I would have died long ago.

    • kevbo

      This is stupid…….. i honestly want the minute back that i wasted reading and responding to this blog.

    • snap_99

      For anyone who’s interested, here’s the abstract for a paper that links cola consumption with decreased bone mass density in women. Men do not seem to be affected in the same statistically significant way.

      Tucker et al. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October, 2006, “Colas, but not other carbonated beverages, are associated with low bone mineral density in older women: The Framingham Osteoporosis Study.”

      You can get the abstract from http://www.pubmed.gov but you need to have a subscription to the journal to read the rest of the study. I have a subscription through my university so that’s how I read it. There has been more research for this in adolescents than in the older population it seems, and there are a couple references to these papers in the Tucker et al. article.

      I’m part of the Killer Coke campaign (www.killercoke.org) which is based around supporting unions by boycotting Coca Cola because of a number of murders the company is responsible for. So naturally I’m a bit biased towards the consumption of cola/soft drinks in general. That being said, I think it’s sort of silly to worry too much about the health affects of cola. People do all sorts of stuff that’s bad for them; that’s part of life, you can trade some bone density for some wakefullness and the pleasure of drinking good tasting cola (assuming you like cola). It is good though to know the trade one is making though.

    • wraith

      If I may add something – I am not a biologist, but as I clearly remember from my biology lessons at school, liver turns glucose into glycogen which is, in fact, polysaccharide and has nothing to do with fat.
      Glycogen is used as a storage form for glucose – so liver actually works as a sort of battery, storing currently unneeded glucose for later use.
      The thing with fat really is that as you eat, usually you intake a lot of fat – but, since primary energy source is glucose and fat is only secondary, your body will use that stored glucose – and store fat for later use everywhere (mostly in places where you don’t want it to be). If you intake a lot of fat meals regularly, you body will accumulate a lot of fat – which it probably will never need as you are constantly supplying it with glucose, which, I repeat, is it’s primary energy source.
      As a result, you eventually will become obese.

    • Hone

      You are not a biologist wraith and your description of how people become fat is completely wrong.

    • thok

      “t is now assured that you’ll evacuate the bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc that was headed to your bones as well as sodium, electrolyte and water.”

      so, this electrolyte you talk of

      what exactly is it again?

      “An electrolyte is a substance containing free ions which behaves as an electrically conductive medium.”

      yet you treat it as though electrolyte is a certain chemical?
      its like saying you evacuate all that stuff and liquid.
      electrolite is a catogory. not a substance.

    • shaggyredditt

      i am very interested in your article about coke and would like to use some of your data in a study of mine for a science fair if you don’t mind and i would be sure to include you as one of my resources in my research paper

    • Marta

      Coke also is sweetened with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which is really bad for us. It’s packed with calories that our body doesn’t recognize. Actually shutting off our body’s natural appetite control switches, so we can eat and drink it far beyond what our body would normally be able to handle.

    • bren1

      i tried to stop smoking on the 010107 i did about 17 hrs none smoking the reason for this is i was asleep untill 5pm when i got up @ 5pm i had a fag it was great do u think i did good

    • TillHizzy

      I dunno theres something about a Coca-Cola that makes you feel better about your life and about yourself… It makes you skin fell good.. Ahhh! I love me a Coke..

    • Tharakath

      This person must be a Pepsi drinker.. what a hater!!

    • mattblack04

      Aspartame is a very dangerous chemical, although it is subtly and rarely dangerous. See, aspartame is NOT a natural ingredient, meaning nothing in nature makes it, unlike sugar. The chemical has been known to convert to formaldehyde at temperatures above 80 some degrees Fahrenheit. Nothing fatal, but enough to cause some upset stomachs and irritated bowels. In moderate consumption, a good amount of consumers reported headaches, upset stomach, and sometimes nausea. It has also made it harder for the body to convert fat into energy so weightloss becomes much more difficult. For more info, go here: http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/nutraswt.htm
      this in one of many sites that have studies and facts relating to aspartame and sucralose (Splenda).

      Now not saying it is always dangerous. In low doses it is fine. However, the FDA does not pull it from the market because just that reason, it is okay in low doses. Just like the FDA has a maximum allowance of things such as insects and mouse droppings/hair in certain foods, both of which can be dangerous for humans to consume (the latter moreso) but the FDA does not ban it from being in food entirely because it is in such small doses it doesn’t pose that much of a thread. Link: http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/dalbook.html

      besides, not all simple sugar is converted to fat. Simple sugars really aren’t present in much soda as the sweetener in cola is actually fructose, which is a somewhat complex sugar being C6H12O6. These break down still quickly. This type of sugar is found naturally, like in corn and fruits, and is okay for the body. In fact, in most juices there is almost as much sugar as in a glass of soda (30+ grams for an 8 oz juice vs. 30+ for 8 oz of soda). Whatever sugar you do not burn up will over a couple of hours be converted to fat, but not immediately.

      Ok i’m done.

    • Dukkhaman

      Re: Aspartame. There IS clinical evidence that aspartame can worsen symptoms in patients with mood disorders such as depression. In addition, it makes sense to me that it could even initiate symptoms in those predisposed to these conditions, especially if the condition existed without having been diagnosed.


      In the above study:

      “… the project was halted by the Institutional Review Board after a total of 13 individuals had completed the study because of the severity of reactions within the group of patients with a history of depression.”


      researchers concluded, “…that individuals with mood disorders are particularly sensitive to this artificial sweetener and its use in this population should be discouraged.”

      Considering the prevalence of mood disorders, especially in youths, this is quite alarming. Being on meds for depression, I no longer drink any diet soda.

      Thanks for this article Regardless of the debate of some of the finer scientific points of your presentation; it has swayed me to cut as much soda out of my diet as possible.

    • commandx0r

      That’s INSANE!! I’m never drinking coke again!

    • commandx0r

      Seriously that’s really messed up!!

      Who woulda thought?

    • fromwhatiheard

      Very interesting article, i posted it on my blog with a link back to here


    • auburn.kitten

      What about Dr. Pepper?

    • miss kitty

      It’s pretty much the same. It’s not flavor that matters,it’s the sugar/caffeine/acid trifecta that’s killer.

    • http://shipowickcounseling.com April Shipowick

      A little caffeine goes a long ways….for a while. Caffeine is like any addiction, it keeps taking more and more to get the same effect. The downside is that instead of increasing your ability to think clearly, caffeine will eventually prevent clear headedness, increase irritability and anxiety. Especially when combined with sugar!
      April Shipowick

    • codecobalt


      I drink at least 6 cans of coke a day. I have drank at least 40 ounces of coke a day since I was 9. I am now 21. I am rarely sick, can drink a coke and go right to bed (always have been able to), never broke a bone, and have had few cavities. I also only drink a glass of milk a month probably… Sure cokes not good for you, but its not gonna kill ya.

    • jojo99

      I think I can count on one hand the number of soda’s I have drank and the last soda I had was like 20 years ago. Soda is just expensive sugar/caffeine water. I don’t drink coffee either.

      As to those who say they drink x cans a day and don’t have any problems, it may be that you just don’t know if you have problems. And this is what addicts always say, anyway.

      The human body is a great machine that can compensate and recover from a lot of abuse. But like any machine, it can also operate at varying levels of efficiency. Your body may be operating at 80% of your maximum efficiency level and you wouldn’t know it because to you, 80% = 100%! It’s all you know.

      If you were ever able to experience 100%, then you might have a better idea as to what the missing 20% felt like. Until then, you can’t really say that whatever you are doing/taking has not had any effects.

      If you need to imbibe caffeine to get through your day, then you are depending on a crutch and are definitely impacting your body and mind in some way.

    • mmagnett

      The real problem with coke is that it contains high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup bipasses the first step of glycolysis (the conversion of glucose to glucose-6-bisphosphate by glucokinase) and its turned into glucose-6-bisphosphate by hexokinase, a non-regulated enzyme. This non-regulation makes fructose a bad sugar to be putting into the body, because the body has no way of knowing how much it has consumed. This turns into fat. Its a fact, look it up in a biochemistry text book.

    • SemiLOOSE

      and thats why i LOVE coke!! woohoo!!

    • Biochemistry

      I am an undergraduate biochemistry/chemistry dual major, and having read the above article and the comments, I wanted to point out a few errors.

      Firstly, the concept of natural. It does not matter if something in naturally occuring or not, if a compound, such as “fake” sugar, is man made, that doesn’t, per se, make it any more dangerous or risky then “normal” sugar. Man made sugars are made by taking real glucose (or other isomers) and removing -OH groups from the sugar and replacing them in other groups, one commonly used one is Cl. The new modified sugar still has the sweet taste of sugar, however, with the new Cl groups there is now natural metabolic process by which your body can consume it, instead it is removed as waste.

      Second, about the health threats of these sugars. There has been some data that suggests that these sugars can be dangerous to consume, however, none of the data is conclusive and there is rival data suggesting the opposite. Furthermore, in the studies which obtain results such has inducing cancer in rats, the rats were consuming several times their body mass a day before any results appears. I find it unlikely that is ever the case with humans, or even rats given the choice.

      Thirdly, sugar, in theory, can be converted into fat, the pathways do exist and some sugar is likely to be converted into fat. However, lipids are a non-ideal fuel source and are only used when sugar, like glucose, or glycogen, is not present. Sugar not readily consume and converted into ATP is converted in glycogen and not fat, as glycogen is a much better fuel source and your body already has the enzymes to use it (unlike some lipids where the enzymes are only produced ondemand).

      In fact, what wraith said above is prefectly in line with what we understand as normal human biochemistry.

      Now a few comments about the article and the comments.

      Firstly, the author says that he had an MD review his article and the doctor made a few corrections. The MD, he says, is a surgeon, and I have nothing to say that a surgeon did not review this article. However, medical doctors, and surgeon, do not as part of their common every day life have to spend time thinking about the biochemical processes related to sugar metabolism. They do learn these things, as we all also learned the state captiols in 3rd grade, however, these are not things which are important to many of us. A surgeon would not need, most likely, to spend much time thinking about metabolism if he was, say, an orthopod or a general surgeon. It is something some doctors need to know, mainly internists, but most forget all but a hazy outline of it. So, in short, having a doctor review the article doesn’t add any authority to the statements, so much as an appeal to authority.

      Secondly, there are a lot of articles of this sort on the internet or that you hear about in everyday life. However, they are almost urban legend like in there content. There isn’t really any firm information, but statements like “the compound then is converted to this new toxic compound.” In what time frame? In what precent? How much reactants and products are there? What is the LD50? Long term effects? Who produced this data? The information here has several errors in it, that I can see have 3 years of biochemistry, and I am sure that is has many more errors that I am not noticing. But what is key is that there are errors, the author is not a biochemistry, and because there are clear errors, you must doubt his sources and statements at all places with regard to this topic. One can never be too critical of laymen writing about science.

    • Tickler

      Interesting views and opinions. Everything in this world is dangerous if consumed improperly, deadly if used incorrectly.

      One said that this is very provocative… yes it is.
      I just realized and packed it together that COKE and other carbonated beverages contains PHOSPHORIC ACID which was claimed the main culprit in poor bone density, which is also i found out that it’s the same ingredient that is used in cleaning detergents and soaps to kill limes, molds and bacteria.

      Could you imagine, the same ingredient if used in cleaning detergents becomes toxic but if used in beverages becomes nothing.

      Gees! Chemical have absolutely no regard for nature.

    • Jacob

      Yes. The behavior and toxicity of chemicals is fully dependent on their concentration and its chemical enviroment. Chemicals, and nature, have no regard for nature. If something is natural or unnatural says nothing about the nature of the compound at all. Many of the things we safely eat or use every day are unnatural compounds, that shouldn’t worry us at all. They are no more or less dangerous then if they were otherwise.

    • http://www.muzikler.org Müzikler

      It stumilates hipotalamus.And your brain starts to produce endorfin.That makes u feel happy .But later as just like ex or other drugs it makes your hormones out of your control.And u drink more and more.No way back..

    • no

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    • http://www.nakliyatlar.net nakliyat

      I have emailed to coke website.And asked them if anything happens to me ,because of drinkink 2.5-3 l coke everyday.I got a reply thar I should chech their website.And I sent another mail.They said as everything , there should also be a limit for coke drinking .

    • http://July23,2007 MLE

      Just a couple comments on this:
      YES, caffine does add to anxiety! Trust me i’ve been dealing with anxiety for 4yearsnow i had a doctor tell me to cut back on the caffine, i stoped drinking any and all kinds of caffinated soda’s and coffee, and it did help with my nervious system.
      And for those who have not heard this and wonder about these ‘FAKE’ man made sugar’s such as splenda, and Diet drinks are NOT at all good for you thay are not healthier for you nor do thay help your ‘DIET’ but in fact drinking alot of diet drinks and consuming alot of these man made sugars can cause symptems identical to M.S. And I have to agree drinking pop, just like eating any kind of unhealthy food can cause you to gain weight. But I also feel that it depends on how else you take care of yourself and if your active. I think hey you can exercise and eat all the healthy food, but why not injoy life too? Treat yourself to some sugar there’s no harm in it!

    • http://www.equitygreen.com Garrett

      One of the coolest articles I have ever read. Thanks!

    • http://daniel repent

      i know pop is bad for you but it is also addicting and i cant stay off of it and neither can most people it is the main problem of obesity in our country

    • Catherine Cañonero

      Drinking soda is not bad for your health as long as it is not in excess. Quench not only your thirst but also your hunger by taking Rice and Shine.

    • http://www.ekintasnakliyat.com nakliyat

      Yes. The behavior and toxicity of chemicals is fully dependent on their concentration and its chemical enviroment

    • http://www.hashayrioglunakliyat.com.tr evden eve nakliyat

      thankss alot

    • http://www.ekintas.com evden eve nakliyat

      think I can count on one hand the number of soda’s I have drank and the last soda I had was like 20 years ago. Soda is just expensive sugar/caffeine water. I don’t drink coffee either.

    • http://www.evdenevenakliyatciyiz.biz evden eve nakliyat

      It’s pretty much the same

    • http://zendurl.com/deswa/rainbow-vacuum-cleaner-part.htm Steve Arvid

      Best site. Thanks
      (vacuum cleaner)

    • Mark

      It’s hilarious how so many people think soda is so bad for you. It’s the same as the stupid diet crave; it’s misleading.

      I also love how some others come here and comment and say “ZOMG THANKS U SAVED MY LIFE LOL” or “LOL I HAVENT DRANK A SODA IN 30 YEARS IM COOL.”

      If you believe soda is bad, then don’t drink it. Stop trying to push shit on other people.

    • http://www.chinatattler.com The Dog

      As my grandmother used to say:

      “You’re a long time dead!”

      So who cares if coke is supposedly so bad for a person’s health?

      Enjoy the rush when you’re alive.
      Get your caffeine when you can.

      Health Freaks die too. They just have less fun waiting to die.

      “You’re a long time dead!”

    • http://ntlpoohaol.com ntlpooh@aol.com

      I think this is discusting.
      You are litterally drinking down your life.
      People should know about this, simply because it is hurting them very badly.
      Just think, little kids are growin on this everyday.
      People wonder why everyday, “Why is America the fattest country?
      Because of this.
      Parents, I am saddend by this because you have no idea what you are giving your kids.
      Its not a drink,or a refreshment.
      It is candy,drugs, and very bad for your love ones.
      Think about it.

    • http://allicatscomcast.net allicats@comcast.net

      OMG!! this is nasty! but thanks!! im never drinking a coke again! and im writing a report on teen obesity so this should be great thanks!!!

    • bob katt

      The cocaine that used to be in Coca Cola didn’t get you high – the cocaine content was miniscule. Like your knowledge.

      I don’t know about this dopamine rush you claim Coca Cola provides – but if it’s real, I can assure you it’s nothing like the effect you’d get from heroin. Otherwise all those smackheads would switch to the soft drink and save themselves all sorts of trouble, heartache, money worries and legal dangers.

      Yes, caffeine is a stimulant… but even 10 cans of Coca Cola wouldn’t provide anything like a cocaine rush. The soda would keep you up all night, sure. But cocaine users don’t do the drug just for sleepless nights and the frankly discomforting effect of a caffeine overdose.

      You’ve never used cocaine, or heroin. You haven’t seriously spoken to any users of these drugs. Coca cola doesn’t get you “high”. It makes you restless and gets you pissing lots. But that ain’t what drug users go for.

      What a load of badly researched, poorly presented shite.

    • Anonymous


    • jacket

      first coke was never made with cocaine (old wives tells ) (get us in trouble all the time) were as i would agree that coke is not very good for you. as far as the addiction thing to many people use that excuse for to many things! on the other hand my son has adhd and sometimes a coke helps him calm down because of the way it reacts in the brain -keeping me from going crazy- and what about the acid that eats the stomach? what it does to your liver? there are lots of things we shouldnt do but……if this is the worst bring it on “addiction or not”

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    • Sean

      Insightful blog. Along with meth use, soda consumption is the leading problem in dentistry today as well. You would get naysayers if you blogged that the sky is blue, I think of it as darwinism in effect, not everybody is blessed with adequate intelligence and common sense.

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    • Christella

      Does coke has nutritional value at all??

    • Christella

      I’ve done research and found out that coke isn’t healthy at all..
      Contain toxins!… I found that on wikipedia.

      Hope to hear from you.

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      Some of it sounds a bit off, like dialating pupils??

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    • Paul

      I think you forgot to mention type II diabetes, the risk of which is increased in those prone to the condition if they indulge in soft drinks. The incidence of type II (insulin resistance, adult-onset, usually >= age 40 yrs.) diabetes has increased to the point where it has been seen in young children and teenagers. I wouldn’t be surprised if all that starchy junk food, candy and soft drinks (and the accompanying lack of exercise and couch potato lifestyle) are connected to obesity, diabetes, fibromyalgia and numerous other health problems.

      I live in Indonesia and Coke here contains sugar (not high fructose corn syrup, not that it makes any difference as Coke is loaded with enough sugar to make you seriously ill in the future if you drink too much on a regular basis). The Diet Coke in Indonesia also contains cyclamate and saccharin (no aspartame) and tastes very good. Pepsi uses aspartame and my opinion of aspartame is that it just doesn’t have the sweetness of sugar like cyclamate does and aspartame gives me severe headaches and anxiety (even in caffeine-free diet drinks with aspartame).

      I used to drink about 750mL (same amount in slightly more than 2 cans) a day and after a few months my teeth began to turn black around the edges, but that cleared up when I quit drinking it.

      My heart would jump around on me and sometimes beat irregularly, so that was another factor in me giving up soft drinks, since I am very sensitive to even small amounts of caffeine. (approx. 100mg in 750mL vs. 150mg in one cup of drip coffee)

      I only drink bottled water now and have been doing so for years. When you get accustomed to drinking water, you won’t want to drink anything else. There’s nothing better than a tall glass of water. It’s the only thing that quenches my thirst.

      Your article is grounded in some fact although I wouldn’t compare relatively benign drugs such as caffeine with heroin, etc.

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    • Glenn

      Umm, ok.

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      Hey thax u really helped on my heath I am not going to drink a coke again!!! well maybe just 1 or 2 a year.

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    • Earl

      Your comment on Dopemine levels is perposterous, many things have affect on dopemine levels, even the SUN. By the way I drink many cokes a day and I’m fine (healthy weight and general).

    • Cheenoxxl

      My wife’s cousin was diagnosed with kidney stones a few months ago. The doctor said it was caused by her high consumption of Coke. She drinks nothing but Coke all day long. What do you Coca-cola experts have to say on this? Is it true? Or is the doctor wrong? Not to mention she weighs about a thousand pounds! Probably from her Coke binges! Reminds me of a Heroin addict!!

    • Paul

      Yes, drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated Coke (or any other caffeinated drink) could contribute to an increased risk of having kidney stones. Drinking alcohol to excess can do the same. This is because caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it makes you urinate and can make you urinate too much..to the point of becoming dehydrated. The phosphoric acid in colas can also cause calcium to come out of the bones and become deposited in the arteries or even in the kidneys (stones). The key here is moderation. There is nothing wrong with Coke or any other cola if you only drink 1 can a day and drink plenty of water, eat your fruits and vegetables and exercise.

      Tell her to switch to caffeine-free Diet Coke. No sugar, no caffeine…but it still has phosphoric acid. I have a feeling she just won’t give it up completely, so that’s why I’d say caffeine-free Diet Coke. Then you can wean her off that and over to water. She should drink at least half a gallon of water (2 liters) a day to prevent more stones.

      There’s at least 100 calories in a can of cola and if you drink, say, 10 cans a day, that’s half your required caloric intake for the day. (You only need 2000 calories a day) People who drink lots of cola also have other bad dietary habits and probably eat donuts or other sweet, fatty foods.

      Kidney stones are probably the least of her worries if she is obese. Diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, heart disease and cancer are just a step away if she doesn’t make some serious lifestyle changes.

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      thank you so much, you’re really gonna help my boyfriend! That’s seriously all he drinks! I hope it’s now going to change! thanks again!

    • Emma

      Thisd is a very cool website, considering that I am doing a science fair project on something like this!It was very intreesting……. but I’ll never drink a Coke agian!!!!

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    • Breanna

      God give me some coke….

    • Sam

      I don’t care how many credentials this guy has – I could write an article similar to this on any single food/drink anyone gives me.

      Fear, uncertaintly and doubt for the win!

      No, I do not work for Coca-Cola.

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    • D

      I just wanted to say, I’m a huge coke drinker, well was…
      I had been having some pains etc, and I ended up having a couple procedures, one being a cystoscopy, where they check your bladder!
      anyways when I got my results my dr said right away ‘do u drink coke’ and I said yes, and he said its got to stop… same for other soft drinks and cofee etc..
      but mainly coke.
      I never realised how bad it is, well for me anyways, as I drank so much of it.
      Now I refuse to drink it, better not to have any then give in and make it all worse.

    • http://amandaturner1bellsouth.net Amanda

      Has anyone had any probs with coke zero? Gas & Diarrhea? coke doesnt publish that!!!! Anyone???

    • http://anothermovieblog.com laurie

      as of tonight i’ve been soda free for 2 months. was about to cave when i read this. thank you!!!

    • http://oyunta.blogspot.com oyun

      thanks you

    • Charlie

      A co-worker forwarded a link to your web site to me about the effects upon the body of drinking a 12 ounce serving of Coca-Cola.

      “The main problem is sugar. It’s an evil that the processed food industry and sugar growers don’t want people to know about. Even dietitians, financially supported by sugar growers and sugary product manufacturers, are loathe to tell us the truth.”

      It seems that they are not the only ones loathe to tell the truth. There are factual and mathematical errors in the article that point towards deliberate falsification.

      To fact-check the article I went to the ‘fridge and compared the bottle of Coke to the bottle of Juicy Juice, which does not list sugar as an added ingredient.

      An 8 ounce serving of Coke has 27 grams of sugar.

      An 8 ounce serving of Juicy Juice has 28 grams of sugar.

      It also is worth noting that Juicy Juice doesn’t have any phosphoric acid in it, to prevent the vomiting that the article alleges will occur as a result of consuming the “10 teaspoons” of sugar in a can of Coke.

      I did a quick calculation. 28 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving yields 42 grams in a 12-ounce can of coke. Converting grams to teaspoons, a can of Coke has 8.8 grams of sugar, not the ten the web page alleges. A 16-ounce bottle of Coke would have just over 11 teaspoons. This clearly isn’t a rounding error; it looks rather like a deliberate distortion of facts.

      Care to comment?

    • Charlie

      Apologies for the units error in my last paragraph. it should have read:

      28 grams of sugar per 8 ounce serving yields 42 grams in a 12-ounce can of coke. Converting grams to teaspoons, a can of Coke has 8.8 *teaspoons* of sugar, not the ten the web page alleges.

    • http://www.spiffylinks.com Dave Nofmeister

      Wow, I of course knew that Coke (or any other soft drink) wasn’t good for you, but this actually makes it sound pretty violent.

      I wonder about the acid itself in Coke. I’ve known people to turn down a Coke, because it’s too much on their stomachs.

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    • http://healthbolt.net jessica gologergen

      dude jk but yea that was so gross! i never drank coke but i still will never drink it!

    • Jon

      Looks good, but there are two things I would point out. Your body is radically altered by environment and food/drug intake all the time. The degree to which this is experienced as pleasant or not depends greatly on the person, dosage, frequency of use, etc.

      Also, while Heroin does indeed lead to an increase of dopamine in the nucleas accumbens, to equate the action of sugar and any opiod is not accurate. Heroin is an antagonist at the mu-opiod receptor, causing a number of biological changes. Sugar does not bind to any opiod receptor…neurochemistry is not that simple, and dopamine has lots of effects other than getting you high (in the pre-frontal cortex, certain amounts help the focusing of attention).

      Otherwise, everything looks on the up in this article…Everything alters your system, everything is a drug, every drug a poison….

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    • rachel

      i think coke is good for you if you dont use it obsessively and if you look stuff up about it on wekiappieda it is bad because people can change it so you never know if its right or wronge so dont believe them soda is GOOOOD

    • Liberty

      Hey Charlie. This article was posted by another writer over a year ago. I cannot comment on the previous writer’s sources and how/what was detracted from those sources. I do, however, know that Mr. Meredith was a fantastic blogger who cared very much about the info that he shared with his readers.

      As for the matter at hand, thanks so much for your input – it’s evident you spent a lot of time dissecting this and we appreciate your effort. I don’t think sugar is the only factor here, though. Clearly there is a boatload of evidence above and beyond sugar content that suggests soda is not a “health drink”.

      Personally, 2008 will be the year that I cut down drastically (or hopefully eliminate) all soda (particularly dark sodas) from my diet. This article has convinced me more than ever why I need to do so. But to each his (or her) own. :)

    • Robbie

      Have just read effects of drinking coke, my sons been drinking it for ages, he suffers mood swings and depressions, from what I gather coke may be responsible, is it true too much coke causes bi polar, and is there any way he can get rid of all these effects on a permanent basis, he has been like this for 2 to 3 years now, he has been a coke drinker for ages, he says it makes him feel better he is having a job to kick this habit, and it is getting expensive, have you any ideas please, and can you tell me more about the bi polar thing, is it reversable? I am at my wits end, why dont coke bottles carry warnings, I think they should, if they did maybe we would have been more cautiouse in the first place.

    • http://lymeadehealth.blogspot.com Lymeade Lady

      Wow! This is a hot article! Did you know that Dr. Mercola linked to you (or linked to a site that quotes your article)?

      As far as poisions in quality, I have to disagree with some of the discussion. What’s good for you and what’s bad for you? It’s easy–things in their natural state are good, but things processed are bad (they are chemicals, not food.) If rarely seen anything to contradict this idea. The human body can handle an amazing amount and then boom, what day this perfectly health person ends up with cancer or Lyme disease or a baby that doesn’t make it. The body couldn’t handle any more. And it takes a lot of work to tip the scale back. I’ve been working 4.5 years to tip my scale back and I don’t touch cokes with a 10 foot pole. But it works!

    • Marc

      Bottom line is this – if it was manufactured in a factory or a lab, it probably isn’t good for your body. Yes, you CAN drink it, but should you? Probably not. As was mentioned earlier (before the thread got ridiculously out of hand), nature provides all of the proper nutrition the human body needs. I don’t know about most of you, but I’d rather not take my chances by pouring some artificially manuactured product into it.

      You people who brag about being able to drink so many cans a day with no consequence: Bottom line is you’d rather have your moment of pleasure than do what is right. This is the type of gluttony that is leading our country right into an epidemic. Everyone thinks they can have whatever they want, whenever they want it. A donut for lunch, no problem. A can of Coke for a snack, great. Keep it up, it will catch up with you.

      We’ve become so stupid that we don’t even realize we’re not in control of our own appetities anymore. The addicting products these companies add to their products, combined with viral Marketing tactics have lead to a nation of zombies who don’t even see that they’re being sold right into the grave. Wake up people – these companies are here to make money off of your gluttony – they cold care less about how overconsumption of their product affects your health.

      You may still be ticking after all of these years, but it will catch up to you. When your final years on the earth are plagued with obesity, osteoporosis, Type II Diabetes and other health issues, I hope you REALLY enjoyed the Coke. We’ll revisit the issue then, and see what your opinion is.

    • Flor

      I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t get high… give me a break and at least let me have a coke

    • Marc

      Have all you want… it’s your health.

      There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence here and there. That being said, I was directing my comments towards the “I can drink Coke ’til the cows come home,” people. To them I say, time will tell. One day the cows will come home.

    • Michele

      I stopped drinking regular sodas about 2 years ago…and stopped caffeine in October…thank GOD!!

    • Robbie

      Marc, I thought this website was for people who were all in the same boat, so that people with similar experiences could all communicate, and not to be ridiculed by comments by people who obviously havent been there, we are talking about very young teenagers, your comment stops other people coming forward to share their experiences for fear of being ridiculed by people like you. You talk about gluttony, you are talking about a young teenager, my son isnt a glutton thank you very much, nor do any of us brag, as you put it, in any case you do not even know or understand what kind of personal circumstances other people go through, so your poor comments are really rather rash. This is a website for people to share there experiences, and not to get run down by people like you, I hope other people are not put off by your comments.

    • G Donnelly

      i’ve seen coke take the paint off cars, and dissolve teeth within days (science experiment, not actually soaking my own teeth!) … i personally use coke to clean my jewelery, it takes off all the tarnish in minutes! i’ve also heard it takes the liver over 16 months to detox from all the chemicals in diet soda (that’s ONE diet soda) … most people will not live long enough to process out all the diet soda they’ve ever consumed … plus, have you ever known anyone to get skinnier from drinking diet soda!? if we only consume that which we can reasonably pronounce, we’d all be a lot better off!! :)

    • G Donnelly

      i’ve seen coke take the paint off cars, and dissolve teeth within days (science experiment, not actually soaking my own teeth!) … i personally use coke to clean my jewelery, it takes off all the tarnish in minutes! i’ve also heard it takes the liver over 16 months to detox from all the chemicals in diet soda (that’s ONE diet soda) … most people will not live long enough to process out all the diet soda they’ve ever consumed … plus, have you ever known anyone to get skinnier from drinking diet soda!? if we only consume that which we can reasonably pronounce (the ingredients, not just the end product!), we’d all be a lot better off!! :)

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    • http://www.healtharchive.net Health Archive

      Health Archive – http://www.healtharchive.net

    • http://www.digestivecare.co.uk/Diarrhoea_319_319_.html Bowel syndrome

      Well really Astonished with these details. i was only thinking about that it only in increases the Sugar in the body I think It hurts our body in such a way that………………………..Astonishable

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    • NotInTheCult

      I see no real research here, just some vague sources that don’t back up this dramatic crap. Coke may still be bad for me, but this did nothing to convince me of that. Do your homework next time before spreading more baseless rumors.

    • Allie Jokily Strakka

      Ok, that was kinda weird, and by-the-way, who r all u peeps w/ sohbet and all that junk that I can’t understand? My friend does that all the time and it kinda gets on my nerves. I’d like 2 no wat ur tryin 2 say… Also by-the-way, I’m nevr drinkin coke agen, I’m very thnkful 4 th peeps puttin other facts on here…

    • http://www.onlinemarketingsolutions.biz Joe L Golson

      I don’t drink coke or pepsi – thank GOD.

      Something to share:
      Free Arthritis Information

    • Totally Addicted To Soda/Pop

      Everything illustrated in the original post/article is absolutely correct.

      And it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out or prove.

      From everything I have personally read (and I’m a musician not a doctor) dating as far back as grade school health class, to recent anatomy books which explain how the body works, to Scientific American, and Scientific American Mind, this level of information should be common knowledge. At LEAST within developed countries

      I am totally addicted to cola/soda/pop (whatever you want to call it) right now. It’s like liquid crack and I can barely get through the day without thinking about buying some, or actually going out and getting some and of course drinking some.

      I used it a few weeks back to get some work done quickly and now I’m hooked. After this next bottle I’m stopping. Hopefully for good.

      I’ll need to substitute the caffeine high and sugar high with fruit and water I guess.

    • Roberta

      To Totally Addicted to Soda/Pop – Feb 2008

      I totally sympathise with you and know just where you are coming from, my teenage son was as hooked as you are only just a few weeks back, he couldnt function without Coke/Dr Peppers/Fizzy drinks, he too also said it was like a drug, without it he became depressed and angry, I had to seek professional help for his depression, not knowing it was the fizzy stuff, the caffine and high sugar content, thank God he is absolutly fine now, he still gets his moments, when he first came off it he had massive headaches, but persivered, his depression and bad moods are now gone and he feels like3 he has got himself back again, however, a good solution to kicking this evil drink is to have a good strong cup of tea with sugar once every day, it helps the body to adjust from withdrawal symptoms from the caffine and sugar, our GP advised painkillers for the headache with just a tiny amount of caffine eg; Solphadine or Anadin plus, we persivered, my Son now has milk shakes, pure orange, and lots of water, it will take a while but it will be ok in the end, please dont end up like my Son, these drinks ended up making his life a misery, he couldnt live without it, but he has done and is now very well, good luck hope all goes ok.

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      GP advised painkillers for the headache with just a tiny amount of caffine eg; Solphadine or Anadin plus, we persivered, my Son now has milk shakes, pure orange, and lots of water, it will take a while but it will be ok in the end, please dont end up like my Son, these drinks ended up making his life a misery, he couldnt live without it, but he has done and is now very well, good luck hope all goes ok.

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    • TC

      Artificial sweetners are even worse for you than sugar….they fool the body into thinking it is sugar and will cause you to put on weight. It is best to get off the coke and diet drinks…it will help you feel better by getting your blood sugar under control and save you bones and teeth. Coke is nasty tasting anyway, if you really think about it….

    • TC

      For all the people that say they don’t get high…so let me have my “soft” drink.s…you are getting high and destroying your body in the process….your body is all you have that is totally yours in this lifetime…so cherish it… and take GREAT care of it….it’s your baby! Love it!

    • http://www.forumvefa.com/ ForumVEFA

      thanks dude.

    • Frank

      I really enjoyed this. I am a Coca-cola addict and have been for years. I generally only have one a day, but it’s at breadfast. Y’all can keep your Stabuck’s. Give me a Coke anyday.

      But Diet-Coke is everybit as addictive as Coke or more so. What’s up with that? No sugar. So what’s the kicker with Diet-Coke?

      I can’t drink Diet-Coke. It’s like Doctor Jekyl to Mister Hyde juice for me, so I’ll stick to “the Real Thing”.

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      Well, this makes me glad that I kicked the Mt. Dew habit.

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    • Lily

      TomD: Just because it has not be scientifically PROVEN that aspartame is bad, does not mean there is not significant evidence that it changes in your body and produces formaldehyde other toxins. Just because its not PROVEN does not mean that its smart to still consume something that most likely has such negative effects on your body. You want evidence? Just use google and have fun!

      Why risk it? With all the studies and results about aspartame, I’m more than happy to steer clear of it. Good luck enjoying that can of toxic sludge! YUM!!

    • http://www.abdegitim.com yurtdisi Egitim

      It’s not like I never drink a Coke thanks abd egitim

    • Donavan

      I feel dumber for having read this, doubly so for most of the comments.

    • David Johnsson

      I like fear tactics; Now I am never going to drink coke again. Thank you HealthBolt.

    • Laurie

      I thought the article was an interesting way to think about it. I think it’s very funny how all of you are trying to, nicely, poo poo it, stating that maybe his facts are invalid, instead of just admitting that maybe he’s right and we really do just need to drink plain old water instead of depending on soda. Soda is a treat, not a necessity. Sort of like a cell phone.

    • http://purecaffeine.info/ pure caffeine

      Caffeine ain’t all bad for you. It can be fun!

    • Melanie

      Great article! I have already given up sodas after years of being addicted (and yes, whether or not you believe it, you do get addicted!), but it was good to read some confirming facts.

      A few things from skimming through other comments:
      1.WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A RELIABLE RESOURCE! IT IS A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, MOST OF WHICH HAVE VERY LITTLE IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! Therefore, the people who are using wikipeida articles should really go back and find something with actual evidence. References would be nice.
      2.It’s the caffeine that gets you hooked, but the sugars that do you the most harm. If you replace a 20oz coke with 20oz of water once a day for a year, that is a 20lb difference in your weight. And I would be more than happy to provide references for this.
      3.Just because you drink soda every single day does not mean that you are perfectly healthy — and if you are healthy, you are in spite of the sugar and acid that you are literally pouring into your system.
      4.Some small boat owners still use coke to remove barnacles from their hulls. And you are putting this into your body! Great idea!

    • http://www.lostinrandomosity.wordpress.com Dr. A

      For those of you that expressed an interest in learning about aspartame, splenda, and the like…here is a good article about them:

      Coke cans might not list ‘sugar’ as an ingredient, but high fructose corn syrup is basically sugar and causes an even bigger spike in blood sugar.
      And while coke might not be the equivalent of cocaine, the point that was being made in this article was that dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is a ‘feel good’ chemical. Cocaine, heroine, and other drugs have the same response (of keeping dopamine around to make us feel really good).

    • skittles

      what about sodas without caffeine?

    • http://yahoo.com brenda

      dude i just finished a whole pack of coca cola and i still dont feel high!!
      gimme MORE!!!!

    • http://yahoo.com brenda

      dude i just finished a whole pack of coca cola and i still dont feel high!!
      dude gimme MORE!!!!

    • http://susieqmuse.blogspot.com/ Susie

      Oh my god. Totally posted this to my fitness blog. Totally gave you the props too.

      What about Diet Soda?

    • http://www.webtrack.wordpress.com Pepijn

      :O I drink at least 3 or 4 full glasses of coke a day!

      I am 15

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    • Grace

      I love cocaine! I’m a drug addict in New York and I need help…

    • hello

      blah blah… i love crack!…. lol

      i like to smoke weed

      coke has a pic of a blow job!

    • http://www.foryou.com Steve

      I’m so proud to have given up the drinking of any carbonated beverages/coke for years now. You feel so much better. It’ll be water for me 95% of the time, a V8 the other 5.

    • D

      Thank God I drink Sprite.

    • TC

      Drink only purified water and good wine….you will live a lot longer and be a lot healthier and happier….:)

    • MaxxumSpammer

      Sugar and caffeine rush !

    • miro

      With the risc of sounding stupid .
      Sprite does cause the same efects ?

    • Kutkut

      Coke is only intended for stubborn people like me. I love it. Who doesnt?

    • chelsee

      coke did have cocain in it years ago so hu ever se dit doesnt yes it did and if you drink a small bottle of coke a day for a couple of years you will get black holes in your face and its true because itsz been scientifically proven

    • chelsee

      i just heard form my skul teacher that coke did have cocain in it so i am write trust me i aint lying why do you think it was called coca cola i no these thingz and if you already dont you should get better education :)

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/4x4extremesports Jared

      the new coke is not bad 4 u. the old coke “coke classic” is bad 4 u. u cant buy classic anymore

    • Jhonny

      if that happens when you drink coke what will happen if you drink an energy drink? :)

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      if that happens when you drink coke what will happen if you drink an energy drink? :)

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    • my fist your face

      if this article is entirely true then i should be dead by now, water has been almost completely absent from my diet for a long time (more than 3 years).
      I’m a completely normal person, I’m in shape and don’t have any problems whatsoever.
      I’m living proof that the above article is false or at least not accurate.

    • my fist your face

      if this article is entirely true then i should be dead by now, soft drinks have been my source of liquid diets for a long time (more than 3 years).
      I’m a completely normal person, I’m in shape and don’t have any problems whatsoever.
      I’m living proof that the above article is false or at least not accurate.

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    • poo

      my fist your face,

      Just because you, one person, are not feeling the harmful effects of Coke, at this point in time, doesn’t mean that this article is incorrect. Actually, pretty much all of this is true. But don’t take my word for it! Keep drinking those Cokes! Drink up, little boy!

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    • Adam

      Do a google search “Aspartame & Aspartame Poisoning Information Site” and you will find that it is actually much worse than sugar, personally I do not drink soft drinks.

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    • Paco

      I don’t believe it. There is no credible quotation source. The numbers are not correct. When this was true, I could better snort coke then drink a coke.

    • den_of_thieves

      So… coke is bad for you? what a brilliant and insightful discovery…asshat.

    • http://solinkable.com SoLinkable

      You can tell all of the people you want what a coke does to you, but it wont stop them form drinking it…

    • lily

      its stops some people..it stopped me from drinking it. aspartame sucks. and so does high fructose corn syrup. there is plenty of evidence if you do the research.

    • http://www.ladyvankovic.blogspot.com joanna

      When my boyfriend came over to visit me in Malaysia(im malaysian, hes Aussie), he couldnt drink the local water because it made him sick. So, we both would order coke with all our meals, and it was always coke, because first it was easier for idiot waiters to understand, and second, it really did give the rush. When he went back home after a month. I got so addicted to coke i would have a whole 1l bottle a day. Until I crashed. My friend helped me get of the coke addiction (lol i know) now i still drink coke, and it is still my most fav drink, but its a deadly friend… laugh out loud everyone

    • Big Moe

      This is true, I was 220lbs. and gave up sodas, within a month I lost 10 lbs. I started to do moderate workouts, within two months I was 185lbs. I now have given up processed sugars, use only honey and drink teas. I’m now a 175lbs. Triathilete. So give up the poison drink of sodas and quite giving to corperate devils.

    • http://www.mundochica.com monica
    • TC

      The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines the “safe consumption level” of methanol at 7.8 milligrams per day. One liter of a beverage sweetened with aspartame may contain as much as 56 milligrams of methanol.18 Other sources also link aspartame consumption with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and the Gulf War Syndrome experienced by U.S. soldiers after serving in Iraq during Operation: Desert Storm

    • TC

      Do your body a favor and stop giving it Crap, some of the people seem proud of the fact that they mistreat their bodies and their bodies still function….why not try being good to your body….it’s all you’ve got and it deserves to be treated with love and respect……

    • Elena

      I’m not a scientist, so I’m not going to rebut any of the listed claims.. but your introduction needs a little tweaking. The cocaine in Coca Cola thing is an ANCIENT rumour that was debunked with a simple chemistry analysis the second it cropped up. Unfortunately, by the time it was cleared up, the rumour had spread too far and wide, and most people don’t go back to check their references on these things. But honestly, with a little common sense, you can see that it’s a preposterous claim. It was simply an assumption based on the name of the product, and people believed it due to its addictive quality (which is the fault of the caffeine). But basically, that’s it – nothing more than ridiculous slander that I’m tired of hearing. I can’t believe it’s still in circulation. It must be as old as that Bill-Gates-giving-away-his-fortune spam. I mean, honestly. How gullible can people get?

    • Kurt

      Drinking a liquid that is composed of large amounts of refined sugar and that has no nutritional value – do you really need evidence that this is bad for you?

    • joanna

      to tc…. im not proud of the fact i mistreated my body. it was bad. last time i drank coke or did anything bad to mybody was feb… so before you give comments.. remember that you dont know me, and you have no right to judge me or anyone… STFU

    • silver

      just to point this out: this article seems to assume a 0 time frame for consumption of 12-16 oz of soda. it talks about “X amount of sugar hitting your system all at once” but if it takes you 30 minutes to drink a soda, then clearly the sugar isn’t hitting you “all at once”

    • Bunky Leigh

      All this argument seems to prove the addiction aspect. As for the rest, if you love soda enough to ignore the warnings, then drink it. At worst you will simply be helping to clean up the gene pool a bit.

    • TC

      To Joanna….you just demonstrated another reason NOT to drink Coke…it causes bitchiness and paranoia…I was not addressing you directly…I was only stating a fact….your body and life is a gift and should be respected and treated with love and respect….if you choose not to do this….it is your choice and is fine with me.

    • http://google katiethompson

      Did you know that coke can clean oil off the dirty screws that are in your car.

    • http://google katiethompson

      miro is that true?

    • http://google katiethompson

      Elena how old are you beacause you are smart?

    • Elena

      It’s tough to determine whether that sentence is written out sarcastically, katiethompson, but it’s no bother – I’m 18.

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      I advise everybody

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    • Guy

      This really makes me want to drink more coke cola!
      Oh by the way theirs a natural brand of coke cola I forgot one brand but the one I have is Jones Soda so if you’re wanting to lessen the damage a soda does get that fur sure.
      Oh and the person who made this article is correct for sure on having less calcium thats why I’m so skinny XD and boney. I love america don’t you guys? America used to be full of patriot people ready to defend their country and not only that they ate good and look good.
      Well now we’re fat and the majority don’t even care for our freedom or as much freedom as we get. Lol anyhow I’m going to stop being a fatty and typing ttyl!

    • TC

      Joanna, I was not talking to you personally so I don’t really care if you feel the need to drink coke or not….I don’t even care if you use drugs….whatever….I was just stating my opinion, which I have a right to do….you are very rude and should never tell anyone to shut up….didn’t you mother teach you manners?

    • http://medicinemantras.blogspot.com paresh

      there are different opinions to your blog, I am 100% agree with you. u are doing great job. thanks for sharing.

    • your typical european healthnut

      I’m 32, I only drink plain mineral water, fresh fruit juice, real tea (not the teabags-with-flavour) and sometimes real coffee (no senseo or other instant crap – that’s not coffee). Thanks to my parents, I grew up without any candy or soda or prepackaged foods, and I keep it that way…. but:

      When I was 6 or 7 years old, I ordered a fruit juice at a local bar; the bartender didn’t have it and gave me a Coca-Cola without asking. Out of curiosity, I drank it. Before the glass was half empty, I was puking all over the place… my body never had such a violent reaction to something I ingested, as back then…

    • http://www.blah.com Ballsack_of_Doom

      So what?

      I know how Caffeine and Sugar works.
      However, I’m drinking only Cola light without sugar anyway, to not become fat.

      “They took the cocaine out almost a hundred years ago. You know why? It was redundant.”

      Bullshit. Caffeine and Sugar make Cocaine redundant? Yeah right.
      They took Cocaine out because it became illegal and some people with heart problems died from it. Thats the reason.

    • Tigerface

      The chemical composition of Aspartame breaks down and morphs when encountering hot temperatures changing it from ‘non caloric sweetener’ to a chemical composition similar to formaldehyde. Probably best just to suck it up and drink the real sugar if you need sweets…..if you are really concerned…stop ingesting sweeteners real, fake, or otherwise.

    • http://www.gypsybandito.com CT Moore

      I guess that this pic isn’t so off the mark after all: http://tinyurl.com/62kfxv

    • http://www.baskentnakliyatt.com Ankara Nakliyat

      there are different opinions to your blog, I am 100% agree with you. u are doing great job. thanks for sharing.

    • a

      As a fan of regular coke, i refuse to believe any of that. I mean… it might be true? but man who could refuse a glass of icy coke on a sunny day. If it’s killing me slowly, I can deal with that… breathing’s probably killing me too, apparently oxygen is what ages all of us.

      (I don’t smoke, occasional drink of alcohol, and no drugs…should I stick with plain mineral water and tofu for the rest of my life? (meat is high in fat and cholesterol)…as any carbohydrates under high temperature treatment causes cancer, who knows, maybe in 5 years time tofu is going to cause SHC)

    • http://www.escortlar.net jigolo

      alcohol, and no drugs…should I stick with plain mineral water and tofu for the rest of my life? (meat is high in fat and cholesterol)…as any c

    • http://www.atasehirsahika.com kuaför

      should I stick with plain mineral water and tofu for the rest of my life? (meat is high in fat and cholesterol)…

    • TC

      I could resist an ice cold coke easily, but than I’m not hooked on Coke either and I don’t think it taste that good and it makes me burp alot…..which I personally don’t enjoy. If you really want to see how discusting coke really taste…..let it get warm and got all day without drinking any water…..than try to drink the coke…..it taste terrible and does not quench you thirst at all……give me fresh clean ice cold water anyday of the week! You can keep your carbonated sugar water….

    • jackie

      Um, duh. Anyone who wasn’t aware that soda was bad for you, I’m very sorry. I’d tell you to jump off a cliff and give up, but your dietary habits will take care of it for you.

      Also I don’t think the main focus of this article was to prove that Coke was exactly like a cocaine or heroin high. It was merely saying that soda is in fact a drug and attempts to raise awareness. The point here is what it actually does to you, the high-crash sequence and what causes it. So all you defensive soda addicts can quit bashing the comparison.

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      did you know??????? they used to use coke was used to clean car bateres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Momof2

      This is a CHOICE and I see people CHOOSING to give their 2, 4, 6 year-old’s soft drinks over everything else available and it breaks my heart.

      Then they wonder why their child cannot concentrate, why their child becomes irritable and moody, why their child has stomachaches or needs to pee a lot.

      If 39 grams of sugar can do what they do to a grown adult, what does 39 grams of sugar do to a baby weighing 25 pounds?

      I cannot get an adult to understand how much soft drinks damage their own body, but I can try to keep it out of the schools and away from small children who are entirely dependent on their parents to give them healthy drinks.

      Please, people, just give your kids water or juice diluted with water (many juices have just as much or more sugar as soft-drinks).


    • Pancho

      I had two cokes while reading this blogg, and I feel goooood!!! :)
      Thanks anyway for all the info.

    • http://none Gurvir Johal

      so should i cut back or not drink any at all

    • TC

      That really hit home about the kids drinking that crap….I know some parents put coke in their kid’s bottles and they wonder why the baby teeth rot out, before the second teeth even have a chance to come in. Kids don’t crave coke, they just drink what their parents give them, healthy or not…..it is really abuse to give your kids coke, not milk, water or juice…..there is no reason for it……just plain Ignorance!

    • WTF

      What the FUCK are you putting in your coke to make you do these things?!

    • cokelover

      i think i will have another coke

    • Joanne

      I’m an 19 y/o who has been drinking around 1L of coke a day for 6+ years. I realize it’s no good for me and loaded with sugar, but looking at everything else we eat, i can’t see how it’s any worse. I’m trying to quit, and just stick to water and as healthy food as i can get.
      It’s sad though, when ‘fresh’ fruit and vegetables aren’t even that at all. they’ve been frozen and covered in chemicals to preserve and keep them ‘looking’ well.
      but definitely not introducing coke and fast food to my future kids.

    • jroberson

      People, drink your coke if you want. Don’t let the health facists force you into drinking water and eating rice cakes. The healthiest person on the planet will one day die. We all become worm food. We all decay. Coke doesn’t cause tumors. Coke doesn’t rot the brain. At most, in massive doses, it causes kidney malfunction. I’ve drank Coke for years. I’m not addicted. I can go without it, and I have for weeks at a time. It doesn’t depress me. Coke doesn’t keep me up at night. I’m strong. If your weak, or easily susceptible to the lightest of addictions, you won’t live in peace regardless. Drink your coke. Use your head. Next year, scientists will prove that drinking Coke raises IQs, or causes nymphomania.

    • http://bryanking.net/ Bryan

      Lucikly i really avoid drinking softdrinks because when i was i child i’ve been admitted to the hospital because i was acidic so i learned my lesson since then. Now, i’m really more concerned about my Health. Thanks for this info!

    • Derek Anthony

      I am a Heart patient. i take crestor for my cholestrol and diletrend for my blood pressure and heart. I have read about pomegranate juice and capsules about it’s health benefits. I need to know if it’s safe to take this with medication.

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      thank you Drinking a liquid that is composed of large amounts of refined sugar and that has no nutritional value – do you really need evidence that this is bad for you?

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      oops I really hate coke it kinda of a a trush!!!!!!!!!


      PLZ PPL DONT’N DRINK IT!!!!!!!!

    • NiCkY

      coke hve kinda of an addictic sumthin”.







    • Lisa

      -friend just treated her to a Coca Cola Froster-
      -goes home and reads this-
      =/ Ok, now I know why moms say Coca Cola is bad for you… Oh well just a small froster won’t harm me too much, just 1 froster a month is ok. But I don’t want to ever drink Cola again!!

    • http://DrinkingCoke Steve

      In the last ten years, I can probably count the cans of caffeinated sodas drank on my hands. Aspartame in diet pop makes me shake. I drink soymilk for bones and cranberry juice drink which I mix with lemon, pomegranate and koolaid. Otherwise, I drink water. I have a clean bill of health. You can do it too. I even save money.

    • http://www.sonicsubstance.com James Preston


      the continuity of this debate and amount of comments you have been receiving is a testament to how well you have produced this article.

      Well done! I mean, I am in Durban, South Africa and received the article as a chain-email for the first time about a month ago. Received it again yesterday.

      Good job.


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      cola might be tasty but it is bad for you immune system too

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      You can tell all of the people you want what a coke does to you, but it wont stop them form drinking it…

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      True, true.. but still this drink is quite amusable :)

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    • Kutkut

      I stopped drinking coke. Cant even afford it anymore with this money getting worthless and our policemen in the Philippines are taking what is left.

    • TC


    • thcoca-colalova!!!

      hello guys. my name is juan hernandez. i want to tell you all about coke. i have 52 yrs with drinking coke. right now my brother is typing this. im stuck in a hopital because of my treatment. the doctor says not to drink it but its an addiction… unfortunalty im going to day this week. i wanted to say that coke was the worst thing that ever happened to me. well peace and god bless you.

    • http://@yahoo TMC

      So what other options do we have besides coke? I mean, I am addicted, so what other sodas are there? 7-up? Or do I just wean myslef off all together?

    • Joyce Carter

      Well, let’s think about this. If I drink a coke, either as is or as diet, am I going to take anyones life while driving completely sober????? I think not. Or at least the odds are more in my favor.

      Now if I’m multi-tasking, changing radio stations, handing items to children in the back seat, what are the chances of me losing control of the car???? Let’s get real and start behaving as responsible adults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our children deserve better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thoughts from a 64 year old grandmother of 5!

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    • http://www.optimumpeyzaj.com peyzaj

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    • http://freeweb/sazza squiggelly worm

      well i already new all that but what really intrest me is that why they advertise it and sell it so much. over 3/4 of the world drink it. its also has a common disease/ilness that burns acid holes in your stomach and people still drink it. i dont even like the taste.

    • adam T

      dopamine is released by the brain when any activity that furthers your survival takes place (eating, sex, etc.)


    • adam T

      dopamine is released by the brain when any activity that furthers your survival takes place (eating, sex, etc.) not just HEROIN


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    • P1 Cokeaholic

      I’ve had over 2 liters of soda (Coke preferred) and haven’t had any problems..doesn’t “burn” when I pee either. Where do we get this info from? Test me first hand, I’ll volunteer for free. 8)

    • P1 Cokeaholic

      Has a bartender ever given you Jack n Pepsi?? I think not.

    • erma

      i get very sick if i dont have a 2 liter of coke a day.when i ran out i have to get another one.i get dizzy i get a upset stomach and i start votiming my skin get very white as a ghost i can hardly walk and i dont know what to do

    • BS-Detector

      Bullshit. Alarmist, ignorant bullshit. And your sources aren’t credible. I drink Coke everyday… a LOT of it. I am thin and I have no liver or kidney problems. As a matter of fact, the only ailment I’ve been diagnosed with since I was 12 is seasonal allergies. I don’t even catch colds. And I smoke.

      Where is your caffeine-fearing god now?

    • http://www.arbaex.com hikaye

      I drink Coke everyday… I love it.

    • Kutkut

      Filipinos just love dilluting their drinks with coke. We have beer-gin-coke, black label with coke. Anything, there is coke. Reason? so it gets around to more drinkers.

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    • For the biochemistry guy

      I believe your double degree hasnt taught you alot, most of the errors you figured are total wrong, and i would like esp mention about the integrated metabolism of fats and carbs, when we have exceesive carbs in our body, more than that required at present, they are first converted to glygogen, but the store of glyogen in our body is very small, so rest of it gets converted to fat, and these conversion to fat and glygogen are stimulated my insulin itself. ANd conversion of carbs to fats is such an easy process, that is one reason obese people are asked alot to cut on their carbs. I find this article great, its an effort made by someone to enlighten others and is showing how bad coca cola is, so kidnly appreciate it. And i am ditetics and biochemistry major, and an aspiring doctor, mentioned this just to inform that all this is certainly not regular, its is very much scientific.

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    • rd

      thank you very informative good to learn new stuuf about what pop does too our body.

    • Kutkut

      If we stop consuming coke now, the US and other drinkng countries will pop under

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    • Some European Guy

      Hah! Don’t you love it when a bunch of fat Americans argue that things like cola and fried food are NOT harmful?

      Seriously people, if you think drinking that crap won’t screw with your health, go right ahead. Please ignore any articles like this. It just means one less ignorant fat bastard I have to worry about in this life time.

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    • Hannah

      Okay, I can’t even believe that anyone would defend coke. Seriously, are you kidding me? You know why all the information you found was contrary to the stuff in this article? Because the stupid soda companies are the ones that spend all their time and money trying to dupe us all into thinking that they are healthy. Get away from all the hype and find someone who isn’t being paid by the soda companies to find real info. That’s the only way it will happen. Anyone on here defending coke, I can only assume are connected to the coke companies, since they are the only ones with the nerve to defend them. And anyone who quotes Wikipedia to prove their point is ignorant. As anyone can alter those articles, it really isn’t reliable.
      Regarding the whole phosphoric acid issue. Tell me, if that isn’t true then why is the US, the number one consumer of calcium, also the number one in osteoporosis? Because we aren’t drinking enough coke?

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    • http://donthaveone ha ha ive never drank a glass in my life!

      im gonna live to 100! I hate coke and pop. coke supposedly has cocaine in it still!! :P so long soda suckers! :)

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    • efodix

      While this is technically correct, the magnitude of the events going on is portrayed as much more significant than it actually is. In other words, it’s like describing a mosquito bite as having a huge syringe rip through your skin and extract your blood into a diseased flying parasite. Yes, it’s true. But it makes it sound way worse than it actually is.

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    • joanne

      iv been told dat im lack of calcium by doctors n dey cudnt figure out y but of course i neva mentioned dat i cud drink 2 litres of coke a day if nt mre since i was bout 10.
      i den read sumwer dat coke can cause u to be lack of calicum, i neva understood it bt now i finally do..
      tanx 4 d artice!!! i jst wish i cud give up coke, iv cut bak tho!!

    • michael

      hahahahahahaha this is a joke
      coke might do this if you binge a 2 liter bottle but if you drink a can of coke it doesnt affect you at all

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    • http://myspace.com priscilla

      it is really interesting i am studying quimistry i love it

    • Mag

      It probably does just as much damage as any prescribed Rx does. Coke works like a drug. It relieves nausea, vomiting and I can’t live without it during a migraine episode. It probably shouldn’t be chugged down 10 times a day, but once or twice will absolutely not kill me.

    • s a

      mmm not sure how i feel abt this article, 2 negative
      if anythin had 2 b taken into as much consideration as drinkin a coke, then wed go bck to non civilisaiton
      guess its a choice one makes n lives up to whatever may be the consequences as it hasnt been proved that drinking too much coke killls people
      merci a tous!

    • http://www.ankaraguvenlik.com ankara güvenlik

      ankara güvenlik thank you.

    • http://www.blisstree.com angela

      the first person at the top why would you say that and now i want to see you do it because this is some real stuff not a JOKE okay so you’ll never know till you try it so try it and see what happen okay thanks and Angela is not my real name

    • alana

      are you serious??? you cant live without coke when you have a headache… did you ever stop to think what may be causing the headache??…. are you really that blind?.. oh and by the way..maybe drinking two cokes a day wont kill you..but the diabetes is a pain in the a–…

    • alana

      by the way michael..it only takes a tiny t of sugar to affect your body..wake up mate..

    • Timmy

      “Your body ups your dopamine production stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way.”

      This is a horrible misrepresentation of the facts.

      First of all, heroin doesn’t work that way at all, she must be thinking of meth which sends your brains dopamine production through the roof, severely harming your brains ability to produce dopamine.

      If coca cola has any effect on your brains dopamine production, it is only in the same nature as anything else that is pleasurable, such as watching television, having sex, etc.

    • Nic

      A LOT of drugs stimulate dopamine production… you shouldn’t just compare it to heroin!!!!

    • asdasdf

      Actually if I had a coke I would be severely effected.

    • http://basbasbas.com/blog/ Bas – Serial Expat

      Astonishing to see how defensive people get about this topic.

    • http://plasticless.com Martin

      It’s really not astonishing to see how defensive people get about this topic. Any addiction will get people riled up.

    • coke is good

      i love the comparison to heroin. haha because really though coke makes you react just like heroin… duh

    • ajef

      wow this really makes me want to drink coke but i dont have any in, great now i need to go and buy coke thanks a lot.

    • Jhen

      Actually, it really is astonishing to see how defensive people get about this subject. We’re talking Coca-Cola, so, yeah, surprising.

    • sojumama

      people get defensive because they are brainwashed by marketing… tap water here in wisconsin is free, healthy, and delicious… it just takes a little effort to break the soda (and other corn syrup drinks) habit…

      but i do enjoy a coke with pizza :)

    • http://AntiAgingByDesign.com Vicki Zerbee

      Good information.. to the point. It’s not only about too much sugar and the insulin response.. we are losing calcium, magnesium and zinc that our bodies need.. when we drink soda. Is it worth it?

    • Scott

      I’ll have a Pepsi Cola, please. :)

    • VictorMeldrew

      Another day, another small-minded, scare-mongering ‘article’ about something we do. This time it’s Coke. You;’d save time by saying “STOP DOING PLEASURABLE THINGS BECAUSE THEY ARE BAD FOR YOU!”. I can think of several ‘bad’ effects for everything.

      Look, just do what you like, eat what you like, but do it all in moderation. (unless you have a diagnosed illness lke diabetes, obviously). We don’t understand everything about everything, so chill.

      One minute Frutose was the best thing, then it’s suddenly the worst thing, same with artificial sweetners, alcohol, fat, carbohydrates. Even eggs. Arrgh! A pint of lager has more calories than a can of coke.

      Peace x

    • Phil E. Drifter

      The reason people (coke-drinkers) get riled up is because, yes, sugar is addictive. You can absolutely be physically addicted to cola, I know because my mother was addicted to pepsi years ago. She’d get very mean and very short-tempered if she couldn’t get her pepsi. Sugar is absolutely physically addictive. The problem with it is, among other things, almost every kind of processed food in the grocery store is loaded with either a. sugar, or b. high fructose corn syrup, which is even worse than sugar, and is artificially made.

    • William

      I think it is very immature to say that coke-drinkers (pepsi-drinker like myself) are brainwashed by media or just being defensive. There are many things in everyday life that are dangerous or unhealthy. It is not horrible to have a couple vices in life. I am 19 years old and my parents didn’t let me drink any pop until I was 13. I also do not agree with the comparison to Heroin. Coke (soda in general) rarely controls people’s lives. My friend’s mother was a Heroin addict and she put Heroin in front of everything in her life, even her children. That has never and will never happen with soda. However, I do agree with soda being not healthy and very bad in mass consumption, but don’t go crazy about it because there are MANY other vices out there that are much more dangerous.

    • http://www.stylishandtrendy.com Katie

      Well, coke or soda is harmful if taken in access as it prevents forming bones layers.

      Its also not good if pregnant.

    • http://www.jsfishtankaquariums.com fish tank aquariums

      Well it may be bad for you…but it sure does taste good haha. Might have to save my next coke for a special occasion.

    • Marianna

      What happens to you when you drink a Diet Coke?

    • just in

      read “in the realm of hungry ghosts” to understand the dopamine factor and drugs and addiction. this coke article is accurate and informative, tanx (it wasn’t scary though) i’m gonna have some coca right now!just cause i’m not scared to drink it but i’m not gonna whine about it. sorry did i say coca …i mean cola!

    • Aryk

      You think this is something, Mt. Dew contains two items that create a deadly poison to the human body. Don’t worry though, the next thing they put in is an antidote in just the right dose to make it sterile.

    • Nate

      In the words of Richard Pryor……

      “Have a Coke and a smile and shut the f’ up.”

    • http://www.insanity540.blogspot.com/ Insanity540

      Alana > using coke for headaches and migranes isn’t actually so stupid. If you knew much about the brain you’d know it uses glucose exclusively for energy. So if that person is having a migrane and has a coke, all they are doing is giving the brain a massive hit of energy. It might actually solve the problem. I’m gonna have a coke the next time I have one and see what happens.

      By the way, nice post, it’s made me want to have a coke.

      The only thing to fear is fear itself.

    • aristotle

      While this is an interesting to read article, the way it directs the attention to one soda it makes it.. well.. another interesting, yet debatable, story from the internet. In the words of whoever said it.. it’s on the internet, so it must be true, haha.

    • http://www.amateurendurance.com Jay

      Nice breakdown. I love Diet coke, so this is hard for me to read. But good info nonetheless.

    • http://www.massnutrition.com massnutrition

      Great explanation….High Fructose Corn Syrup, gets people hooked…funny how they get away with using this type of product and since most people don’t know they never complain.

    • Jake

      Dopamine is released whenever you do ANYTHING pleasurable, it is what makes us feel happy. Heroin does this, but so does eating a rice crispy treat, or taking a hot bath. Good job trying to scare people though, it almost would have worked if you weren’t comparing coke, a fizzy delicious beverage, to heroin, a destructive intravenous drug.

      EVERYTHING is fine in moderation.

    • Mr. Fantastic

      So instead of drinking a glass of coke to wake me up this morning, I railed some heroin instead. It did not have the same effect. It was in fact much better than drinking coke. I think I am going to completely cut coke out of my diet and replace it with heroin. Thanks for the suggestion, it is much safer than drinking a glass of that evil soda. It doesn’t make my sugar spike and i don’t pee out all of those nutrients that I would have gotten anyway. I am going to suggest heroin to all of my coke drinking friends so that they can experience the epiphany that I have. Maybe next week I will try some crystal meth?


    • Rachel

      Granted, I know Coke is bad for me; I won’t debate that issue. I’m just skeptical about the validity of your claims if you say that 10 tsp of sugar is in a “Coke” yet you don’t say what size Coke.

      Maybe I’m nitpicking. I just thought that was a rather large oversight.

    • http://sirjorge.com/blogx sir jorge

      ah, indeed, that’s why i prefer Mt. Dew.

    • http://healthysnacks.com harlan

      read one river…
      Mr. Davis claims they still get shipments of the leaf…

    • Josh

      It sounds to me as if you’re drinking too much “whine.” Sensational articles like this fail to reach those with a modicum of intelligence.

      For those affected by this article- I have some beautiful ocean-front property in Colorado I’d love to sell you.

    • Jenner13

      Well… the one thing you cannot have in moderation on is cigarettes, there’s abosulutely no health benefits.


      Must be why I like Coke instead of Pepsi. For a little bit better kick and a cut in sweetness I add a few shots of Realemon too!

    • D’Aun

      Sources? I didn’t think so. Until I see credible bibliography of works cited, this article (and webpage) is crap.

    • dingobully

      Coke is heroin now? LOL! Naww. But Pepsi Max is crack for sure! :)

    • Aliyah

      WOW! this has really opened my eyes! I’ll never drink soda again!
      wait no.. i lied
      btw this only touches upon basic physical normalities that can be recovered and not the accumulative effects in the acids and corn syrup which have been linked to certain tyoes of cancers.
      this is like grade school threats, why don’t you actually follow up on a credited physcians reports on the affects of pop instead of some random blog?

      damn, this pepsi taste good.

    • Vera

      Wow. What a bunch of narrow-minded commentators in this article. You guys have never cracked open a Health book nor have any one of you even taken some kind of physical activity class. -_- For surely, if you guys ACTUALLY had gone to elementary school/high school/college, you would’ve learned all of this.

      Anyway, more power to you Liz Lewis, for at least trying to inform a hard-headed community!

    • http://www.racheltoyer.wordpress.com Rachel

      I like ti drink coke a cola.

    • http://nathanhangen.com/blog Nathan

      Great post. This is why I try not to drink it, but the bubbles are the best part :)

      Seriously though, why can’t they just reduce the damn sugar instead of giving you crappy sweeteners in alternative products.

    • Mikey

      I guess this is just a choice we as individuals have to make.

      Yes, and it’s the choice of a new generation.

    • Aware


    • gabriella

      I agree with both sides ( those arguing for and against coke and pop, soda etc.) It really is your choice, whether you drink these excessively or in moderation. Just the same with many foods and drinks. One glass of anything is great, but guzzling down bottles of stuff…

      Cheers to all.

    • Julian

      Coke, even one can is horrible for you. You cannot compare it to sex, watching tv etc… because it is not just an activity… notice the ‘takes the nutrients with it’ part. The worst part is that it uses highly refined processed crap to make it. That is why it is bad for you. If it wasnt refined it would be ok in moderation… but otherwise heartattack and diabetes waiting to happen.

    • Julian

      I uses to drink pop constantly. But I’ve been pop free for over 2 years now. Took about a month, but i finally stopped craving the crap, I lost weight and feel better too :) PS I drank like maybe 2-3 cans a week not even one a day

    • http://chris.pirillo.com Chris Pirillo

      I drink Pepsi instead, and I feel great!

    • Janne

      I think water is the only drink a human really needs.

    • Nancy

      This article is stupid. You do not piss 60 minutes after drinking a coke. Also science has proven that drinking caffinated beverages has just as much ability (give or take a minor amount) to hydrate as water. There are enough *real* reasons not to drink much caffeine or soda, and its not these stupidly composed ones.

    • Ted

      Huh – well that’s interesting, because I was drinking a bottle of coke the other day and the government-required info said that one bottle is 33% of your daily sugar intake. Not 100%, followed by more sugar.

      They’re pretty crazy about that info. I think they would’ve noticed if it was wrong.

      Crazy misinformation scaremongering…go! (Not that I don’t agree coke is bad for you. It absolutely is. But I’d rather make my own choices based on the real facts.)

    • ME

      Right- because what the government and FDA tell you are the facts…

    • jaydee

      I LOVE COKE.

    • courtney

      nancy is right caffinated beverages hydrate just as well as water its a proven fact this is absolutely rubbish.

    • http://christophernoerr.com Noerr

      Ha! This is hilarious! Soda is soda. If you haven’t made up your mind about it already then your going to have to run pretty fast to catch up with the rest of society… As for me? I enjoy an 8 oz glass bottle coke maybe twice a week. I’m okay with that. I also eat cookies every once in a while. I must be screwed.

      By the way- I went to the “world of coke” in Atlana last week… amazing! loads of fun!

    • Duff Man

      drink a beer, its better for you.

    • Dr. Caleb

      or, you could just drink a coke, not analyze it, and survive.

    • Tommy Terror

      I drink more than 64oz of coke almost daily, I then chase the coke with hard liquor or beer. I’ve done heroin, and I promise you drinking coke is nothing like it. why the f*ck do you people give a sh*t, we’re all going to die, maybe soon. so just say f*ck it.

    • Chris

      I saw a show on TV once about someone who basically drank 6 cans of coke a day. The show went on and on about all the terrible things it would be doing to them (see above) then proceded to prove it. On trying, they failed utterly. This person was completely healthy, and they could not find anything wrong with them whatsoever.

      I love coke, but it does not keep me awake, it does not give me a high or make me grin, I just like the taste. I don’t become sluggish or irritable an hour later, or crash, or feel that I want another one. How does that anomoly factor into your studies?

    • harvey mushman

      think coke is bad? read up on diet coke w/aspartame in it… that will fuck your shit up real quick

    • http://yahoo.com CJ chris

      Well hello everyone,
      there was a comment a guy was talking about only drink for humans is water
      yes that is true but i have been drinking like 3 mixed veggie drinks for the
      last 3months now and i mean i feel better with vit,and minerals all in one
      drink and water dose not have that, please try it and see how much you feel
      better and preform better in all kinda ways…….

    • Barry

      I like sausages.

    • Omara

      This article is WAAAY too harsh to soda. Sure its bad for you, but it isn’t like rivaled by injecting heroin into your body. I could drink 10 sodas in one day (I’ve done it) and I wouldnt gain a gazilion pounds. I wouldn’t do that now, but I drink cafinated and sugary beverages, but I just keep in in moderation. I have no health problems and I am not over weight.

      Also, the charge that they took the cocaine out because “[i]t was redundant” dosent sound right at all. My bet it they took it out because it was a drug.

    • Bob

      Liz, cocaine was removed cause it was illegal. Not because its redundant. Plus heroin is not like cocaine. Do some research first. Anything that triggers dopamine in your system including chocolate it initiated in the same way.

    • goddess

      The article doesn’t mention the ACID content of soda – which is in all sodas, regular and diet and non-caffine. It takes about 32 glasses of water to neutralize the acid in one glass of soda. An acidic body is IDEAL for disease.

    • gurglegurgle

      I knew coke was bad once I grinded my teeth together , it would make some sort of squeaky sound, plus from that amount of caffeine, makes my stomach sick, I can’t even drink coffee or tea as much.

    • coast02coast

      “THE RAVE INSIDE MY BODY…”????????

    • Kane

      Kind of a lame article with lots of misinformation but hey, it did generate a lot of conversation.

    • frankmCourt

      i don’t get it you’re listing positives and making them sound like negative.

    • http://www.healthygossip.com Healthy Gossip

      That is why I always try to tell my little ones off fizzy drinks.

    • http://www.beyondbreakthroughs.com CoachPalmer

      Thanks for the very visual post on what coke is doing to my body. I stopped drinking coke and soft drinks awhile back and this reinforces my decision.

    • waydownyonder

      i’ve drank about 3 cokes a day for the last 30 years. I’m 53 y/o and weigh the same as I did when I was 25 (160lbs 5’9″). I don’t buy that the sugar is necessarily converted to fat. If you have a high metabolism the sugar is burned up. Anyway, I’m going to cut down to one a day. Just like my vitamins.

    • waydownyonder

      PS I drink coke according to their price. i will not buy them if the store is charging more than $3 for a 12 fridge pack. They just raised the price of cigarettes (taxes). So I smoke 1/2 a pack instead of one a day. If gas prices double, then I drive 1/2 as much. If I go to a store and the clerk is rude, I put the store on my own “mental probation” for anywhere from 1 month, to six months to life. Wal Mart is currently on mental probation that ends in June, 2009. They had long lines. this is my advice. Best Wishes to All.

    • johnny test

      bacon and eggs are good. coke is bad, yes it is…

    • Brames

      Coke or Soda for that matter isn’t the Devil this article makes it out to be. As noted above the Dopamine receptors it affects are not limited to drugs and soda but many things. Also the sugar, or any of the nutrients for that matter, are not absorbed all at once as the article implies but over a period of time. Finally many people eat meals with their soda which acts to further slow the uptake into the body giving more of a time release effect. Regarding the Caffeine, when compared to coffee it becomes trivial in comparison, coffee has around ~3-4 times the amount. I don’t think anybody is trying to make the claim soda/pop is “good” for a person in the way water is…but to misrepresent and exaggerate facts like this article does is pretty ridiculous. I’m gonna have to call schinanigans(sp?) here.

    • mark

      your body is a heavily adaptive thing, it can put up with a lot of crap, doesn’t make it good for anything and its not about living forever, i like to party like everyone else i’d just rather wake up feeling great due to a healthy body…

      want to understand the effect of high sugar processed foods? try doing the master cleanse diet, then drink a can of soda, its really amazing what it does to you when you have a clean system and no tolerance built up

    • Mindy Mindburger

      Ha look at all these crackheads defending their refined sugar addictions. This is hysterical. While “Brames” (an attorney I’m sure of) makes obvious points comparing the lesser of two evils, soda/pop is still hard on your stomach, liver, and the rest of your organs. Period. That much sugar intake dramatically decreases your immune system, and I bet each and every one of you that drinks this toxic crap daily suffer sinus/ears/throat infections. Go ahead and say it’s due to something else, but switch to water and then tell me how you feel.

      Yes, if you are an active healthy individual the sugar is most likely, NOT, going to turn into fat. However, it will still leave your body dehydrated and will STILL raise insulin to more than unnecessary high levels (which eats away at your liver and spleen, ESPECIALLY if you don’t carry body fat!) I’d say do a little reading, but you wouldn’t be able to tell a heroin addict to learn about health. Go ahead and rationalize ignorance, but I and the non-soda/pop guzzlers of society will have a better health insurance policy :).

      P.S. I had to sit next to a bunch of fatties on the plane a few days ago, and it just reminded me of all the crap they must have rationalized throughout the years and into their greasy fat faces. If only their deteriorating bodily organs could have spoken up, my claustrophobia might have subdued :(

    • http://www.wtf.com XavY

      what does not kill you makes you stronger…

    • sharon

      My mother used to work for the air force during world war two. They used coca-cola to clean rust off of airplane parts and to loosen nuts. I tried it once and it definitely works to loosed lug nuts on cars. But I STILL drink Coke and LOVE IT.

    • http://pierrefrancis.com PIERRE FRANCIS


    • blue

      Public health nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton, and colleagues at Kings College London, looked at published studies on the health effects of tea consumption.

      “Studies on caffeine have found very high doses dehydrate and everyone assumes that caffeine-containing beverages dehydrate. But even if you had a really, really strong cup of tea or coffee, which is quite hard to make, you would still have a net gain of fluid.”

    • michelle

      Well I’m a nurse, which really means nothing I guess. But I was drinking several cokes a day and had horrible headaches. Went to the neurologist and during interview I told him I drank coke. He forbid me to drink any coke again and could not take headache medicine when I withdrew either because it would rebound later. Then I started drinking it occasionally again and I noticed each time I had a coke I had shooting pains in my great toe – not immediately but sometimes hours later. I would ask myself “did I have a coke today” and sure enough, I did. There is phosphorous in coke. Phosphorous is the BEST cleaner for your toilet. Phosphorous eats your bones and your teeth. Go to places in Africa where they have high phosphorous water – all the people have rotting teeth.

    • Rose

      This is totally inaccurate. I don’t argue that soda is bad for you, but your over-dramatic attempt at proving it is a load of BS that’s obviously coming from someone with absolutely no clue on how the human body deals with nutrients. Get your facts straight and try again later.

      @ Mindy Mindlessburger: Guess what? I do drink soda. Mountain Dew is more my toxin of choice, but I can tell you that I’m one of the healthiest people I know. In fact, the worst COLD I’ve had in the past several years (because that’s really all I ever get) was at Basic Training, where we weren’t even allowed to touch the stuff, or any other sweets for that matter.

      Again, you all need to get your facts straight before you go trying to purge the world of the evils of soda. Saying something like “Coke is the devil” would’ve been just as accurate as this load of crap.

    • tara

      Why dont all you coke drinkers just face it. COKE is really bad for you and makes you all fat fats. It is full of sugar and lets face it….. yobbos drink COKE! Facts are if you drink coke you are unhealthy and probably fat. And the world is full of really fat people anyway.

      If you stop drinking it then maybe the world would not be so fat. So eat a healthy diet and drink water.

    • tim

      you sheeple will do anything to discredit a small amount of research that might actually show you how ignorant you really are. How about the fact that HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (that sh*t you’re eating/drinking right now) is made with caustic soda.. a highly corrosive chemical laden with mercury:


      check out what it does when contacted by human skin in concentrated form:


      keep on staying classy America ;)

    • The New American Apathy

      If Coke makes you happy, drink it. What good is your life if you aren’t happy? It’s not so bad for you that it is going to shave years off your life or be the cause of your death. And even if it does, who cares? For all I know, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow; catch a cold, develop pneumonia and die; get shot by a mugger; whatever. All I know is that something is going to kill me one day, and if it happens to be Coke, well at least it was enjoyable! There are better things in life to concern yourself with than constantly moderating your diet with meticulous scrutiny. After all, “science” has also proven that happy people are healthier and live longer too. It all evens out.

    • Philip Johnson

      Hi my name is Philip and i have an addiction too coke i tryed too quit but doesnt work longest i went with out one is about 40 mins currently too this date i have had a 2litre bottle of coke everyday since the end of 2007 which as a year and a half nearly i have no put on anyweight at all but i want too know any negative side affects? some people say i should be dead =[ im 19 male im 6ft1 and weigh 165 pounds.

      I really hope yous can help message me at Armyof1000s@hotmail.com
      Thanks alot =]


    • Alex

      nothing is bad for you as long as you get up off your fat ass and do some sort of physical activity…two cokes a day wont matter at all as long as you stay active…people are too focused on how bad food is for you, but you can eat or drink virtually anything you want as long as you are active every day

    • Matt

      You health freaks need to stay off the internet and stop scaring people into yer way of thinking… So wot, its bad for you… Driving a car is bad for the planet, but you insist on caring about wot is bad for you and you only..

      If people want to drink pop, cola, coke, then they should be aloud to drink it with a smile on thier face without any criticism…

      We are human beings, not dogs… I dont think a human can with stand only drinking water, the mind is to BIG… We would get bored of it… unless we needed it to survive…

      Life is about enjoying things, and trying new things..
      Not making people feel bad cause they drink cola, or smoke, or anything that you health freaks can try to take away from other people, just because you read something and go :O

    • Mike Rotch

      Wow, that sure convinced me! I’m going to go back to the healthy alternative of beer, so that I can vomit, pass out, kill my liver, and even kill myself!

    • Ms. Understood

      I’m a soda addict… I know it’s really bad and everything, but i just can’t help myself!!

    • Ms. Understood


    • http://www.blisstree.com peaches

      I love coke. It keep me movinggggggggg!

    • Dude

      Sorry, but this is all an exaggeration for shock value. Comparing one bottle of coke to heroin is just laughable. And I’ve never felt any of these “scary” side effects even after a couple bottles of soda pop.

    • Karen Eliot

      I don’t think the dopamine/heroin comment is correct. Heroin is not dopaminergically mediated, but *amphetamines* are.

    • sugar love johnson

      I eat food and will like to eat more sometimes but not other times when i am full i don’t eat anymore. When i go to the bathroom that food comes out. What I also like to do is impose my will on others because I am right and by telling people they are wrong makes them change there ways. It is the most effective way to deal with problems. Name calling is also my favorite form of proving a point. In conclusion the internet is the best place to find information that only allows the most educated people to post and respond for the best facts.

      Wee willy winky runs throught the town.

    • http://chinesezodiacsignss.blogspot.com/ Chinese Zodiac Signs

      But i Love Coke

    • http://sodmg.com Mizz Margarita

      yea,i think coke is bad for our bodies.Because, it is bad it has 10 teaspoons of sugar in it …. your blood pressure will be bad and you might have t o stay in the hospital for a good while….

    • http://sodmg.com Mizz Margarita

      yea, i think it is bad for your body. Because, it can shut down your whole body and your blood will stop flowing inside your body….

    • cun tnugit

      misleading…especially the correlation to heroin. That same pathway is activated when you eat anything. Coke may have some relatively enhanced metabolic effects on the consumer, but comparing it to heroin in any way is too far.

    • http://www.DrugstoreTM.com henry johnson

      Everything has a limit and what we can do is to moderation of everything that we insert in our body!

    • http://www.acne-removal-scar.net/ Raffaella

      I hate coke! Is bad for my acne!

    • daisy

      no wonder i have hyper-tension!!


      geez. fast food and cola combined?? seems like i’m only waiting for diabetes to happen.

    • http://massagemoz.com Massage resource

      but, how about a diet coke? is it give the same effect? it says zero sugar.

    • http://www.lazerepilasyon.info.tr lazer epilasyon

      lnice post! thanks

    • http://www.ascambalkon.com cam balkon says:

      thank yea, i think it is bad for your body. Because, it can shut down your whole body and your blood will stop flowing inside your body

    • ingl

      are those 10 teaspoons of sugar ment per 0,5 litres?

    • http://www.blisstree.com bhusan

      I think whatever happens the moment i drink coke i feel at the top of the world i just can’t stop fighting with the fear of dyeing one day hehehehe well thats me others best of luck happy long living…………

    • http://www.blisstree.com bhusan

      well truely speaking i was drinking soda when i wrote the comment i just can;t stay away from this pleasure……….

    • Huz

      That’s all fine, i agree with it. but i like coke and i dont drink it that often anyway so i think ill be ok :)

      However its mentioned that the “high” from coke is physically similar to heroin. actually its like cocaine not heroin. the latter works on the opiod receptors in ur brain and dopamine is a mind stimulant == like coke == like cocaine. look it up !!

    • http://myspace.com/mamacita379 Ashley

      interesting…makes me want to not drink coke.

    • dancer

      very intresting!!! have heard cocaine mentioned along side coke before… Do you have sites that can back this up… very intresting!!!

      good job and easily understood!

    • HeavySigher

      Really, topics like this are redundant.
      When you break it down that way everything except fruit, meat and milk is bad for you.

    • HeavySigher

      And you guys always exaggerate. I drink a LOT of coke, daily, and have been for the past few years. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t drink at least one 2l bottle for two days. I’ve never experienced anything except occasional short-breath right after gulping down the first gulp.
      You forgot to mention that as long as you eat properly and exercise, the possibility to experience anything at all is very low.

    • Dylan

      I’m drinking a coke right now no lie. “…providing a further boost in metabolism”. That’s good for me. I’m just increasing my metabolism. :)

    • http://www.hearingaidsweatband.com/index.php?home Hearing Aids

      Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful and beneficial to your readers :)

    • http://www.happybruno.com Bruno

      Wow, soda is almost toxic if you break it down by the effects it have on our bodies. Why do we always end up putting bad stuff into our bodies even if we know it is not good for us?

    • http://www.blisstree.com dan k

      yeah soda’s bad but beer is good!

    • Bill

      Everything is good if you even it out with good foods (salads, fruit, WHOLE grains, ect ect.)

      Doctor studies show that sugar DOES NOT actually make you hyper. (Source: My Science Teacher)

      p.s. is this information from a 12 oz. can of coke… a 16 oz bottle of coke… 2 liter bottle of coke… 5 gallon tub of coke… ?

    • http://www.coke.com Coke is it!

      I like coke.

    • http://www.cinema.gen.tr cinema
    • Irneh

      I like Coke !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ez

      I would just want to know, where did this information come from?

    • http://www.cokecoupons.net Eileen

      I think we have to remember to eat and drink everything in moderation.

    • Raymonda

      hey i thing that i have a problem… i cannot stay without drinking more than 3 coca cola in a day… i just get stressed if i dont drink cola :S:S
      Crazyy no ???
      i love cola ..imagine i dont drink milk,i hate milk but i drink Cola :(:)

    • http://www.durucam.com cam balkon

      DOES NOT actually make you hyper. (Source: My Science Teacher

    • sami

      I probably drink 1 can coke daily because the taste is so addictive even when i try to stop. But it really hasn’t done me anything detrimental so far,. Any way, the important thing is that you burn it out by exercising regularly.

    • BB


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    • Loagan

      A can of coca-cola, 12 fl oz., only has around 52mg of caffeine, less than a dose that will have any sort of psychoactive dose. In comparison an 8oz cup of coffee has close to half a gram of caffeine in it, about 450mg! And most americans drink double shots! Not to mention all the carcinogens in coffee. An occasional cocaine habit would actually be a healthy alternative to what most americans put in their body. Coke is healthier than most coffee drinks consumed by a mass population of the world, go after coffee before you try and tackle soda.

    • TCZ

      I would just like to point out one thing, caffeine has a half live of about 4 hrs depending on metabolism, so you eventually get back to a normal level, you don’t get a crash.

    • Some Guy on the Innernets

      Coke should never be consumed straight. You should always dilute it with some bourbon or rum, something like that.

    • ian

      Made me want a coke

    • http://bobbeliveau.com BobB

      Thank you! – a great explanation of the PROCESS that happens in our bodies. In my practice I find so many people are just not AWARE of how phosporic acid DRAINS their bodies of critical minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc from ever reaching their BONE BANKS in their skeletal storage system.
      Once we reach the age of approx. 30-35 (in a very health person – no smoking, drugs, alcholol or stress), our intestinal system is not functioning as optimal, and so goes the ability of much our other systems – including our ability to properly and adequately storehouse vital mineral compounds into our bone matrix / skeletal bone bank.
      – BobB.

    • kadabra

      is it true that coke when you open it and then drop apiece of bone then cover the bottle for some hours you wount find the bone

    • http://onetouchglucometers.com Glucometer

      Wow, next time I am presented with the chance to drink a coke, I will definitely think twice.

    • peter

      good or bad i drink 2 and half liters a day and get bad cheist pains……………….

    • http://na Sam Walker

      i know som1 who drank 24 cans of coke a day!!!! for 11 years!!!! and the thing is he’s a marshal arts expert lol and looks in good shape, he’s a heavy weight tho LOL

    • cameron

      I Drink up to 3 to 7 a day… iv’e been drinking coke for up to 5 years im 13… i get excercise every day.. What will happen?? diabetes runs in my family.

    • Nicci

      I’m allergic to coke. If I drink it, I’ll die. If its spilt on me, I swell up like a blowfish :/

    • robert J.

      I have been a diabetic for 30 yrs. and have always drank coke.I have been on an insulin pump for the last 10 yrs. and just take a few units before drinking or eating.I have not had any problems with drinking coke ever and sometimes it has probably saved my life more than a few times when my sugar has gotten low,so all i can say is that coke is the best of all softdrinks and its got my vote.I dont know how true your infomation is but, There are a lot more things out there , that are much worse to drink than COKE !!!!!

    • Bak

      Purely nonsense. Pls dont post negative effects of coke if you dont have proof of your allegations.

    • http://facebook.com colleen

      coke is the most popular soft drink out there! do you enjoy drinking coke Liz Lewis? why did you write this article… could you not think of anything else to write about? was it assigned? do you happen to hate soda?

    • velvet

      found this website in google.searching this topic because this morning i went to hospital see my boss brother’s which is last stage of cancer. talked to my boss wife’s , my boss brother’s drink a coke daily. is it because of coke ??? -.-

    • http://www.ahmetmaranki.us ahmet maranki

      good or bad i drink 2 and half liters a day and get bad cheist pains

    • http://www.sansoyunlarim.wordpress.com Süper Loto

      s the most popular soft drink out there! do you enjoy drinking coke Liz Lewis? why did you write this article… could you not think of anything else to write about? was it assigned? do you happen to hate soda?

    • Nutristionistsaredumb

      This article is what people who have no knowledge of medicine really believe

    • douglas bury

      Many doctors have assembled data that has been well known for years about the bad things drinking pop (Coke/Pepsi/Sprite etc) can cause, but they have always left out the most important factor that is causing the obesity plaguing the U.S. particularly. CO2 impregnated (carbonated) sodas are often consumed in large amounts when the victim is also consuming large amounts of food. CO2 is a waste product as far as the brain is concerned- elevated levels of CO2 in the bloodstream causes the normal digestive process to fail completely. This failure causes proteins to not be absorbed and when this happens the food’s fat content passes into the bloodstream unchecked and therefore directly into the tissues (obesity). When the body processes protein properly it burns one and one third of it’s own weight in fat naturally! That’s right, when your intenstines are clear, and not full of pork fatty oils, bread paste, enriched pasta paste and the like you will loose weight naturally buy merely consuming protein!

      Fast food purveyors would do the public a great service to discourage consuming any liquids other than small amounts of water when they eat: and do not consume any carbonated drinks for at least 2 hours after they eat. Last, CO2 is the same exact “greenhouse gas” that is responsible climate change! That’s right, the soda pop companies are putting purified car exhaust into a can and selling it to you!

    • http://doctorbase.com Dentist Reviews

      Great post … Really good breakdown. Is coke the worst offender or are there worse drinks? I’m sure red bull has a similar cycle.

    • Elidgh

      Super loto, coke may be the most popular soft drink out there, but it is mostly drank ( in huge amounts) by ignorant peasants that have no idea about healthy eating. I myself enjoy a can 1-2 times a week, however I am fully aware of the teeth rotting, gut rotting, calcium depleting problem this drink can cause if used in over abundance.

    • nottie girl

      hi kid lol dont belive that

    • anon

      As a rule I don’t drink soda, but without credible references this information sounds like a bunch of fearmongering aimed at conspiracy theorists. Show me the study/paper/etc put forth in a respectable publication, and I’ll buy it. Without documented research, this is technically just speculation.

    • mannnoo

      I just look at all the obese people that fill up there 64 OZ thirstbusters full of COKE or any other SODA. No THANKS I will stick with WATER.
      These people wonder why there so FAT and still drink 120 + OZ of SODA per DAY!!
      This lady is right, even if there are no evidence STUDY/PAPER/ETC just look at these people who drink soda.
      Or do you own test, drink a soda for dinner and see how you wake up in the morning, Your probably not going to sleep for an hour or two cause your so sugared up and caffined up.
      Then you will wake up more sluggish than ever.

    • PAM

      You would have to an IDOIT not to know that sodas are bad for you. If you are an adult consuming soda that’s your right, but to see children consuming sodas should be a crime.

      The worse thing I seen is parents putting soda in baby bottles. I’m sure the baby would just be happy with water.

    • Dy

      hav any one die from drinkin coke??

    • jayee

      Has anyone died from drinking Coke? Not immediately
      but it is a slow, slow death. Obesity and health problems from junk (which is
      what coke is) will eventually get you. As Gloria Swanson once
      said about sugar….I won’t have that stuff in my house let alone
      my body!! :)

    • liz

      you know im an 11 year old girl and im doing a powerpoint on bad food for youe body and as soon as i read this i said this is perfect it gives me everything i need.And plus i saw your name and i said even better….lol.thank you for this it hgelps me alot!

    • http://www.azfinetime.com/Union-Glashutte Union Glashutte

      I seriously did not know this about coke. How awful! Why would anyone ever drink Coke.. why isn’t this highly publicized? No more cokes in my house EVER!! This is scary– it seems like coke could cause you to have a heart attack!

    • Jacsta

      I started reading this article as I’m genuinely concerned about the health effects of coke, but was very disappointed in it’s lack of science. To be honest point 2, wehere your body “turns sugar into fat” ended my interest and I haven’t read further as I imagine the rest will be just as badly researched. People get fat from sugar because your body will burn sugar BEFORE fat and therefore leave the fat on your body. Sugar cannot TURN INTO fat. It is physically impossible for one to TURN INTO the other. I think this is a great topic but would prefer to read some actual scientific findings rather than someone’s summary of rumours and old wive’s tales.

    • Mattr

      quit fucking bitching and drink the damn thing, maybe then you’ll stop being such an anal loser. “This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way.” I’ve had two glasses of coke in the last hour and feel no different. Go stick a carrot up your ass

    • http://www.telefoncep.net cep telefonu modelleri

      I strongly agree and have forwarded it to a number of associates who found it very useful, keep up the good work.

    • http://www.blisstree.com Mike

      From reading the posts here I can see that many do NOT want to accept responsibility for their own health!Anyone with half a brain knows soda’s are horrible for you.The problem is people are way too spoiled,ignorant and brainwashed to think constrctivley for themselves.Corperations are evil and its only the most ignorant people out there who do not see that the government doen NOT have your best interests at heart!(Take alook at what the powers that be have done to this society and planet and I wonder how long things are going to last!)
      People have to wake up and stop trusting whatever the government tells you!(Nazi germany will return if people don’t wake up!)

    • Stovepipe

      Er, I know Coke is bad for me… but I really have to disagree with this nonsense. I drink a lot! I am 42 and very lean, maybe 18% body fat. Drinking Coke doesn’t make me want to urinate at all. If I drink water then I want to urinate almost immediately. Oh, and I still haven’t any cavities, or missing teeth. I can drink a coke right before bed and still sleep easily. I don’t feel any strange effects, crashes etc. If I go from 10 cans a day to no coke for 3 days, I don’t feel any different. The only thing that I really worry about is me ingesting Benzene. But it really is impossible to avoid carcinogens in this day and age… our way of living is so far gone that the only way for us to be healthy again would be a catastrophe. One that made us run for the hills and live in caves again…

    • http://sodaisbad.com/ Daniel

      This is really interesting to know. I used to drink coke everyday of my life and when I stopped I noticed that I felt so much better. All I drink is water now and I know my body is thanking me for it.

    • http://www.godgunsgutsglory.com GodGunsGutsGlory

      Oh yeah. Sugar aint so bad.
      It’s the damn high Fructose Corn Syrup POISON that everyone has been using.

      Coke and Pepsi wasn’t causing near the obesity problem until they switched to HFCS almost 20 yrs ago.

      It’s a facking scam.
      Our government taxes the sh*t out of cane sugar entering the USA> Then they give incentives for farmers to devote corn for HFCS.
      They also give incentives to devote tons of corn for Ethanol (e85) which in turn has caused famines in other nations who once received that corn, but that’s another scam in itself.

      The FDA, WHO, etc are one big joke and are not to be trusted.

    • dicktracie

      Life is short. A Coke or Pepsi(which I prefer) once in awhile isn’t going to kill you. All the health food nuts are a bunch of humorless fuddy duddies who take the fun out of life.

    • PAUL

      If you want a soda drink it for crying out loud. Just live your live and be happy. Just try not to make soda your only drink. Also eat a hamburger and fries once in a while before the government takes it from you, Just dont make it your only food. Also have a glass of wine or a beer if you are 21 and want one before they take that away also just dont drink too much. Have a piece of pie or a sugary snack one in a while before they take that too. Just imagine a world without choices. Almost everthing is ok in moderation. Just dont let people tell you you cant have it. Like would not be worth living if you take everthing in it away.

      • neld

        This is scary……soda ………………………………………….no

      • Dan

        Right. And put some salt on those fries & burgers too before even that is illegal and we’re only allowed to eat oatmeal & tofu and wash that down with water.

    • carlos

      there is no real sugar in coke its all high fructose GMO corn syrup, and there is no real cola bean in there either. if you think this is what cola tastes like then you never drank a real cola drink in your life.

    • Avenger

      The article is aimed at informing people of the possible dangers of drinking a soda.

      It isn’t taking the soda out of your chubby, clammy hands.

      If you want to put unhealthy things in your body, you have every right to, just as people who prefer to avoid such foods have a right to do so. When I read the comments from people who get defensive about this, it baffles me. If you don’t care that it isn’t healthy …. just keep drinking it and driving up healthcare costs for the rest of us. Nobody is stopping you. Just pipe down when the rest of the intelligent world attempts to live well.

      You can make fun of health nuts all you want and say they don’t like having “fun” (dude, if soda is your only fun, I’d get out more), but it just sounds like you are trying to defending something because you don’t want to change.

    • i_love_coke

      Avenger – Maybe those of us who drink coke would be less outspoken about our enjoyment of the beverage if people like you wouldn’t be so presumptive. “The article…isn’t taking the soda out of your chubby, clammy hands.” I can’t even fit my fingers into a size 6 ring…and I drink Coke on a regular basis. In fact, I just polished off a Cherry Coke, and damn, it was refreshing.

    • dennymfstevenson

      Coke is it.

    • cmer320

      I’ve had a Coke every day since reading this, and I feel good…..

    • doreen r

      Wow, it’s hot over here! The comments are explosive.
      I don’t drink coke or any soda. It doesn’t make me feel good.
      I get real bloated and it hurts.
      I always giggle when a friend goes to have one…..and say ” Oh, I see you’re having a can of sugar and other stuff.” hee hee

    • JK

      This story is making a big deal about the caffeine in coke when a glass of coke has less than 1/3 the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

    • Silo13

      What happens? You’re supporting a company that kills.

    • Sylvie Strong

      I knew Coke was bad (emails circulating around about how it corrodes car batteries, etc.), but the way that you convey why it is bad is pretty fantabulous. Very nice job!

    • Nico

      Listen people. If you will keep on listening to people speaking about how bad stuff is that you eat or drink, you will not have fun anymore. I saw a 7 worst burgers in the world add on yahoo and was dumbfounded that they published the calories and all that stuff. If you want to buy a burger, you buy it because it tastes good. If you are on a health diet, then dont eat it.

      I want to enjoy my food and drink. You wont be able to eat anything that the doctors have not found something wrong with if you listen to this. I pay for it. I feel that eating and drinking must be pleasurable.
      I am 87kg’s and 33 years old. I am extremely healthy according to my blood sugar, calcium, weight according to height, etc…
      Point been. I am drinking coke daily.

    • mamjamma

      what’s a coke? 395ml, 600ml, 1.25lt, 2lt, 10lt?!! can you please include a reference to the size?

    • Manny

      If coke or any other soda/juice on the market would really be that bad for you, FDA would ban it and take it off the market.
      I am not saying that it’s good for you, but it’s not as bad as this write-up makes it sound like.
      I guarantee you, if you drank a 12oz bottle of water or a 12oz bottle of coke you’d pee just as much, just as quickly.
      The sugar, if you’re healthy doesn’t have a nutritional value, but it only makes your pancreas make a tad more insulin to compensate for the sugar.
      I am not endorsing coke or anything, as a matter of fact I prefer pepsi, so don’t really care, but people have been drinking soda for over 100 years since it was invented and nobody dies from it.
      I could go on and on…

    • Craig

      I sit here reading this drinking a Monster drink. If coke is this bad, I hate to think what the Monster’s doing to my system. But then, running on 3 hours of sleep isn’t healthy anyway, yet I’m forced to for my job. I need something to wake me up, and coffee doesn’t always cut it.

    • rob mcgregor

      the body has no process that converts sugar to fat.

      you’re making things up to exaggerate something that doesn’t need exasperation.

      Plus there are 7 teaspoons of coke in a 330ml can.

      plus your body is made to use and keep good stuff… the final passing comment about losing all the good minerals is garbage too you excrete waste (waste being both bad and excessive stuff)…

      when will the sugar hate end?

      • robert mcgregor

        ok so i meant 7 teaspoons of sugar and exaggeration not exasperation… gah! must be teh caffeine melting my synapses…

    • jack

      Your whole body is inflamable every day we intact deadly gastric material every day there is a chance of death.

      Soda or coke doesnt increase this chance as we need to eat flammable material to live.

    • Luke

      who gives a shit

    • Tony

      Hey Blisstree/Liz Lewis–got any sources for this stuff? Some of it sounds almost hyperbolic, the way it’s described here. And no, I don’t drink a lot of soda. About four a year.

    • udd

      Good article, I need to stop drinking the stuff, this has put me off it a bit.

    • Sloan

      I can definitely tell you that the Cocaine in Coke is NOT redundant, there is nothing in Coke to compare to even a very small amount of Cocaine and the rush of energy you feel. That it was removed likely comes down to either ethical or policy issues faced by the company, not because it is redundant. Trust me on this one.

    • jah

      Drawing comparisons between a soda and heroin is accurate and not deceptive.

    • Matt

      The same thing as heroin? Um… not quite, buddy. Get a grip.

      • Herp Derp

        He didn’t say it was the same thing, they work the same (and YES, THAT’S TRUE) – use your eyes and read, asshole.

    • MannyG

      What about diet coke?

      • Chuck

        I was wondering the same thing, Manny. And how about Coke Zero?

    • Brandice

      So after reading this i looked up phosphoric acid on Wikipedia…scary

      • Mike

        Wow, you’re dense Brandice… Look up Oxygen next… OMG SCARY!!!

    • Rufus

      This post seems like an exaggerated piece of propaganda. Mentioning heroine in such a way as to attempt to associate Coke with heroine was especially low. I’m not saying that Coke or other sodas are particularly good for you, but after ready this article, I feel like next time I go grab a Coke that I should just drink a bottle of bleach instead. From the way this post is written, it doesn’t sound like I could be much worse off.

    • steezy

      don’t be completely fooled these descriptions are highly exaggerated. drinking a coke will not make you feel bad or crash hard, maybe if its the only thing you have consumed or you drink huge amounts.

    • chris

      heroin is stretch, but caffeine is a drug people, and a very addictive one. Did you have your coffee this morning? I know I did.

    • AMOOR

      this article made me want to drink coke

    • Betsi

      Not even then, steezy. I’ve almost single-handedly kept Coca-Cola in business for some 58 years. After my 3 cups of coffee every morning, I can be found with a can of Coke at any time of the day or night–often drinking 6 to 8 cans a day. Even during those weeks or months abroad where Coke was hard to find, I never suffered any withdrawal symptoms other than the usual craving for my beverage of choice. High cholesterol? Nope High Blood Pressure? Nope Last bone density test–bone density of a “young adult”. Am I an anomaly? Mebbe so But then, I believe there are many factors one must take into consideration when evaluating overall health.

      • anon

        if you’re drinking 6-8 cans of soda a day, along with 3 cups of coffee.. something is wrong with you. seriously.

    • Yawn

      This is such trumped up bs lol yea this stuff happens but to the extent the author says..I think not. And as for Dopamine/Heroin comment. Everything that stimulates the reward centers of the brain triggers dopamine, hamburgers, soda, your favorite hobby, and acts such as holding your spouse, kissing them, having sex with them. Same stuff happens with dopamine production when taking care of and spending time with your children, cuddling them and what not. So Herp Derp you need to check your information before take senstionalist crap and taking it as complete fact. As funny as it is when the troll gets trolled it really a waste of everybody’s time, “asshole.” lol

    • lancerfour

      pretty sure this was originally written by Wade Meredith of Healthbolt.net (now offline) a few years back…

    • Teri

      this is exactly how your body reacts to huge amounts of sugar, which is in all pops, not just coke, and other sweets.

    • Mike

      This is all alarmist bullshit… It’s not even factually correct. Nice article though, lol.

      10 teaspoons? You mean 39 grams…. Which is 13% DV not 100%.

      God, what a moron.

      • The Hare

        Actually, 1 teaspoon of sugar weighs 4 grams, so yes, 39 grams is 10 teaspoons worth of sugar. Also, there is no daily recommended value for sugar, because it’s no different than any other simple carbohydrate. However, it’s recommended that you only take in 8% of your total caloric intake in sugar, so if you’re on a 2000 calorie a day diet… get this… that’s 40 grams. Do your research before calling people morons.

      • The Hare

        Also, if 39 grams really was 13% DV, then that would mean 100% of your DV of sugar would be 1200 calories… How did you possibly think that was correct?
        (1 gram of sugar = 4 calories)

      • Jon

        Hey Mike I got a suggestion. Take that 39 grams and find out how much your saying we should be eating…. We’re no longer talking about a little more than an ounce of sugar…. were talking nearly ten times that amount. Keep that up Mike and you have no reason to feel bad about that gut…. you know where it came from… and the dentist bill :)

    • jojo jenkins

      is their any proof of this? i see no footnotes leading to research!

      all i see is hearsay. i know some has some bounds.

      “45 minutes: Your body ups your dopamine production, stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way.” you can get this reaction from many things. not just heroin. you can get this just from gorging on food. you can do this by getting scared. it is a natural reaction.

      also you may want to add this only happens to a certain number of people.

      • Ryan

        They should also probably add that dopamines aren’t just released by heroin, they’re released with THC as well.

      • The Hare

        So, go do the research yourself e_e.
        You’ll find it’s all true.

    • strasser

      ….so, what’s wrong with all of that? you’re still alive are you not? What happens when to your insulin when you eat a peach or an apple or a chicken? there’s nothing to compare this to.

      So Coke is junk food. This is news?! C’mon really? Supersize Me – if you eat junk food your body gets fat and unhealthy, really?

      Is this how stupid America is now? We need to be told obvious stuff? What’s next, cigarettes are bad for you too? HAHAHAHA

    • Steve

      I don’t know of any sodas made with “sugar” anymore. This article would have sounded more credible if it used the word “sweetener”

      • Christine Egan

        Hi Steve. Thanks for reading Blisstree and commenting. Actually, many sodas on the market still contain sugar. For example, a 12-oz can of Coke has 39 grams of sugars, which include high-fructose corn syrup and caramel color. Keep up the comments! Best regards, Christine (Editor-in-Chief of Blisstree)

      • Jon

        glad to see someone actually moderating comments and filling in where people are making mistakes…. I think Steve forgot about his notes in biology.

    • Meeuwsen

      Last I checked, High Fructose Corn Syrup was the big thing in Coke, not sugar…unless you’re talking about those new Throwback sodas they came out with a couple years ago.

      This isn’t really scary. People are so busy these days, they NEED that sugar and caffeine rush. Try telling this stuff to a college kid, and it will make him drink it even more. I can think of many, MANY things out there to eat that are far, far worse than Coke could be.

      • GetHealthy

        Fructose is a type of sugar, stop kidding yourself.

      • Sam


      • Sduey

        Holding a can of coke right now. 42 grams of sugar. That’s a lot for a small beverage. It does have HFCS but that doesn’t mean there’s no sugar.

    • justanotherday

      The article brings to light the clear point. In its current formulation, drinking soda is a bad idea. Someone pointed out the absents of references, however, the response to the coke is reasonably inline with the actual. One has to realize that the goal of the soda companies is to have more and more people drink more and more of their product. There are only so many ways to do it: Offer a product of exceptional quality and quality ingredients. (Not likely here.) Create a situation so that there is no other choice except your product. (Cutting off the water supply is not practical.) Cause your consumers to want it so much that it is they are almost addicted to the product. Not legally but legally. (Bingo!) We drink sodas knowing that it is depleting the calcium in our bones and teeth and yet we drink it anyway and don’t even bother to try to increase our calcium to offset it. (Not very practical to offset but worth mentioning.) Just because it is legal does not make it okay. I would hope we would have learned that by now. Let’s just all admit we are almost legally addicted to soda and we don’t want to stop. It causes a chain of chemical reactions that create an artificial feeling that we like. Heroin does it, Marijuana etc. Sodas, cigarettes and alcohol is legal. Heroin Met etc is not. You would be hard pressed to find someone in Cocacola developing “Vegee Coke: The same taste with nothing but 126 essential vitamins and minerals. One glass and you are satisfied for the month. It is all about selling more soda. Whatever it takes so long as you don’t get caught.

    • hggh

      To the one who said “Also, there is no daily recommended value for sugar, because it’s no different than any other simple carbohydrate.” Fructose is different

      The American Heart Association now recommends that you keep added sugars to less than 5% of your calorie intake. That’s about 25 grams or 6 teaspoons per day for an average-sized adult.


    • Jeff

      Refined sugar is not turned into fat as the article suggests. It simply is used in in lieu of using any other nutrients in the body (like fat) and since the body is busy burning those calories, it stores the fats.

    • james

      so it makes you fat, but boosts your metabolism?

    • Lakawak

      Wow…I know htat blogs have no journalistic integrity and certainly no professionalism…but taking THOROUGHLY debunked bullshit from FW: FW :FW:FW: Coke is EVIL AOL grandma e-mails and repeating them as if they are real? That is a new low even or a blog. No wonder the staff at Blisstree don’t have real jobs and have to spam their shit on other sites to try o stave off food stamps for one more year.

      • thetruth


        a non-coke-drinker

    • DaCheetah

      It has been shown time and time again that the diuretic effect from caffeinated soft drinks is not nearly enough to cause the drink to have a net dehydrating effect. Coke will hydrate you, just not quite as much as plain water, or something intended to replace electrolytes. (Alcohol on the other hand can have a net dehydration effect, although one test showed that in the short term, beer was the most hydrating drink you could get (before the diuretic effect kicks in))
      (Due to laziness, I have not tracked down sources, Google however can)

    • roflsburg

      Seems I’m drinking the wrong coke as the one I have now has sugars in it and I have <5% body fat.

    • matthew

      This makes me really want a Coke right now. YAY SUGAR!

    • ncarreon.com

      Wow! This is really a great stuff! I have to tell friends about the risk of drinking softdrinks everyday. I just wonder why use Coke instead of softdrinks? Are you a coke hater?

    • Jamie Langlois

      GREAT POST! I have put a link to this on my blog.
      I also posted a recipe for a refreshing summer drink that is actually good for you. Click here to check it out!!

    • Brittany

      Can you supplement any scientific evidence of these steps? Nice article, but I need more evidence.

    • crazy

      nice article, but i’m not going to stop drinking coke..in fact i’m drinking a can right now! i exercise daily so i think i have a right to enjoy as much soda as i want..thanks though

    • Robert Erb

      Would love a similar “What Happens When You Drink a Cup of Coffee.”

      • Christine Egan

        Hi Robert. We’re working on it! Thanks and best, Christine (Editor-in-Chief, Blisstree)

    • Suerte

      coke is not made of sugar anymore… not that high fructose syrup is any better.

      • Christine Egan

        Hi Suerte. Thanks for reading and commenting. Just FYI: High fructose corn syrup is in fact a type of processed sugar. Best regards, Christine (Editor-in-Chief, Blisstree)

    • zero lover

      how bout coke zero?

    • CokeDrinker

      Thats aload of crap; i drink like 7-8cans of coke a day sometimes more and i defently am not fat!

    • Synth

      Ha ha, reading through comments made me remember how stupid people are. You tell them the truth and they still deny or mock it. But hey- why don’t you have another can of soda today, tomorrow and so on and so on until your body is a total failure. You may be young now and poison your body any way possible but guess what- being young doesn’t last forever. And someday you’ll end up taking a dozen of pills just because you were too ignorant.
      There is plenty of information around the web about unhealthy foods and drinks and if you are too lazy or stupid not reading it- well, your bad.
      At least watch “Sugger: The Bitter Truth” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBnniua6-oM

    • Ellie White

      Fantastic post! I really enjoyed reading this article. Im definitely addicted, its a problem :)

    • Joanne Unleashed

      Yeah, it’s the ol’ “Don’t bother me with facts. I’ve got my mind made up.”

      Also worth mentioning is how many calories of nutritional food are displaced by the consumption of Coke. People can easily drink 500 calories of Coke a day, and that’s that many less calories of real food they would have consumed.

    • Jill McAlister

      That was very interesting. I”m glad i quit drinking soda. That just grossed me out.

    • perry mosdromos

      Yes Coke is bad for you. An occasional can here and there will not be a detriment. It becomes an unhealthy when it like any other sugary soft drink is consumed numerous times a day. Sugar is abundant in Coke but what do you think 100% fruit juice contains? Moderation. Just like anything else you put in your body

    • Don Bengert

      WWEEEEEEE….just added some rum….Weeeeeeeee

    • Mike

      It is unfair to the general public to present misleading information like this for those trying to find accurate info on a subject. This article is meant to scare people and to embellish the truth. I usually never comment on stuff like this, but it seriously pissed me off. Especially those people commenting on this article thinking everything they read was accurate because it sounded ‘scientific’. Shame on Liz Lewis for this post.

    • Other Mike

      I never comment on stuff like this either except when I do

    • Factchecker McKnowledgepants

      just thought i’d pop in to say that the “sugar crash” you mention is actually just a popular misconception. there’s really no such thing. no, seriously.

      also, caffeinated soda DOES hydrate you, but you’re right to observe that it’s less efficient in terms of hydration than drinking uncaffeinated beverages. still, you have to remember that cola has way more water than caffeine in it. it’s only natural that some of it will be absorbed rather than immediately excreted.

      most importantly, the only reason for any soda to release dopamine is if you happen to like soda. yeah. doing things you like (for example: listening to your favorite song, eating doritos, jazzercising) releases dopamine, which in turn makes you like these things even more. heroin doesn’t even act directly on dopamine production or transmission; it works on opioid receptors.

      i’m just begging you for a little accuracy in what you choose to publish. i know it’s the internet, but C’MON GUYS YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT.

      • Randall McR

        I like you! We have the same little two words in our name! Also you know your dopamine. GOOD INTERNET THING. Have a cyber-treat.

    • sandy

      Have you ever seen what happens when you put a penny in coke?

      • seven

        the penny gets out of the coke totally clean.. i prove it myself, its quite aweosome, and some say it cleans the dirty of your bathroom

    • Mike Berry

      Sugar and caffeine are not in the same league with cocaine!!!! Mike http://www.readytobattle.com

    • PharmD

      Having taken several courses on A&P and Pathophysiology, I just have to question the validity of all these people saying “Stupid people will ignore the truth when you put it in front of them!” What is your degree in, what is this author’s degree in? There are a lot of exaggerated truths in this article. I hate to break it to you, but some of the bodily functions will happen from eating a piece of fruit or a vegetable. It’s not just coke or “sugary” drinks that are “sooooo bad for you”.

      Also, sugar is not better or worse for you than high fructose corn syrup, which is an all natural by product of corn, which is healthy for you. I’m not saying drinking Coke or downing junk food is healthy by any means, but the misconception that sugar/caffeine/hfs is terrible for your body is overplayed in just about every health article you can find. Honestly it’s just best to eat a balanced diet rather than cutting things out entirely.

    • r sarson

      re:coke to body
      ty ty ty.I’ve been saying this for ever.30 yrs ago the Canadian govt ran commercials describing soda-I was floored by the sugar content and essentially gave it up.But the scariest soda is the non sugar sweetened products.Ingesting chlorinated products (like artificial sweeteners)is just a weird alternative.Perhaps a comment on this from the author?

    • Matthew

      What happens when you drink diet coke?

    • a dude

      haha. whiner.

    • demonkid83


    • Frida

      I think you’re way overstating a lot of this. Caffeine being a diuretic is an urban legend. It actually has about as much diuretic effect as water: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/04/health/nutrition/04real.html.

      • Linn Garden

        Look up http://www.dorway.com and read the facts about the poison that soda drinks really are

    • james

      As far as my knowledge is concern this soft drink is very fetal for our health. Due to using chemical and carbon dioxide and other ingredients harm our health and fitness so we should not have this soft drink.

    • Kacie

      Fantastic post! I really enjoyed reading this article. Im definitely addicted, its a problem :)

    • RandallMcR

      I like the bit where they compare it to Herion. makes coke seem a hell of a lot more-ish…

    • stuart venables


    • A Non

      “Your body ups your dopamine production, stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way”
      – Thats the way your body makes you experience pleasure any time your happy, by the way.

    • Dr. Diaz

      Could you provide the primary source of this information? Seems to me a little bit exaggerated.

    • ally

      fantastic! really scared me!

    • gooshIN


      you are a complete moron…high fructose corn syrup is not by any means a natural product…it is an artificial product. Have you ever left coke out for days an end? Or any soda with corn syrup in it…Watch what happens to the fluid… Coca Cola uses a sweetener that is terrible for the human body…It doesn’t even know what to do with it.

    • EllenJ

      Read this and you will never want a coke again:

    • bryan ofracio

      we love coke!! :) lets drink!


      this guy does realise that chocolate also gives you a dopamine boost not just heroin….

    • Jessica

      I stopped to drink coke 3 years ago, I think, it’s harmful as smoking.

    • RedAndr

      “Phosphoric acid without caffeine produced no excess calciuria”: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11522558

      About caffeine, just wonder how much coffee or tea have it, a few times more! Even healthy green tea has about the same amount of caffeine as cola.

      About sugar, apple juice has as much as cola, grape – even more. The same is correct for all juices.

      So, tea, coffee, juices, and almost all other drinks are evil also?

      • Maglet

        With sugar, by the time we get the white kind, it is so interfered with that it’s a very addictive drug. The caffeine in tea reacts differently in our bodies so it’s not as harmful. Fruit juices are high in sugar but i think fruit sugar probably is better for us than white refined sugar. I like the new vitamin waters but i can’t drink artificial sweeteners because they make me dizzy and nauseous.

      • Fit4life

        You would be correct a lot of what is consumed today is bad for you. Including juices and many other drinks high in sugar. WATER is what everyone needs to drink A LOT MORE of. That is what we are supposed to take in. But, over the years craving for sugar has drastically increased. Think about it way back there was no processed sugar like there is now we got our sugar the natural way from fruits. That sugar actually has nutrients in it unlike what most people consume today. So plain and simple people need to get back to the basics and start enjoying food and water the way it is meant to taste without all the additives.

    • Cobra

      ok so its important to realize that this interview points clearly at more gud things then bad? lol…i mean obviously its written in a way that make you scared and not want to drink coke…but it doesnt point to any definite evidence?
      i rlly want to see statistics taken over time of people who drink coke vs ppl who dont…science is observation :)

      • Michele

        Recent (as current as April 2010) observation has told us that 67% of the North American population is either over weight or obese and that diabetes is spreading like wild fire across the nation.

        Complications of diabetes kills the equivalent of 5 jumbo jets filled with people EVERY DAY! The leading dietary cause of obesity is refined sugar. Diabetes is linked conclusively to diet and lifestyle.

        Pop is the number one “food” sold in grocery stores in the US. Eeeek!

        Those are real stats, observed by real science, and suffered through by real people.

        If you really want to see stats, there are TONS out there.

    • ThankfullyHealthy

      I stopped drinking sodas and factory processed drinks several years ago. Processed foods and as much refined sugar as possible also left my diet. While it costs a little more to eat this way, drinking water (I have access to a well tapped from an aquifer), eating fresh produce, and meat that I season and cook myself, has greatly improved my health. I can go all day without feeling sluggish, lost 90 pounds, and still eat about the same amount.
      Stop drinking that trash, as well as all that other garbage. “Convenience” foods are only convenient to your doctor’s wallet.

      • Michele

        well stated… “only convenient to your doctor’s wallet.”

        I would include the processing/manufacturing companies in this as well of course, as would you I’m sure.

        Paying a little more NOW will save LOTS in the future… both in money and in suffering. We owe it to our selves, our families and even countries, to be as healthy as we can.

        Disease costs countries BILLIONS of dollars every year. The preventable illnesses should be prevented. If we aren’t BUILDING we are tearing down.

    • Bullshit

      What the fuck is this bullshit about dopamine? Do you fucking morons know that EVERY single thing in the history of man that feels good and is liked by people causes a ‘dopamine rush’? such as sitting in a hot tub, having sex, falling in love, buying a new car, winning lotteries, witnessing the birth of your first born child, and on and on and on…..

      Don’t fall for the lie, that this moron is trying to spin on you, linking it ‘heroin’, PLEASE! what kind of simpleton moronic crap is this?

      • Littlelemon

        Sweety – do you have a problem with anything or anyone that disagrees with your perception of the world? Time to get some help ’cause you can not be right all the time and things that disagree with your belief system my just be right. Try CBT.

      • sdfkjsdf

        You’re an idiot.

      • Interesting Response…

        Pretty aggressive response to a well described biological process.

        Didn’t seem to me to be sharing moronic crap, but rather a good comparison as to why people say they “feel good” when they drink pop, and why they would continue to do so. The body can simply trick people into THINKING something is good, and the trick is triggered by the dopamine. Basic cause and effect principle.

        I’m confused about what “lie” you would be warning us against. You supported his statement with your comment. You just had many more examples of the same biological process, lol.

        Thanks for the added information :-) but you didn’t need to throw in the aggression as well.

      • fgfdgbfb

        shutup and dont use bad words u ediot

    • honey seara

      Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post. Keep up the good work friend. Glad to be part of your net community. i have replace coke to coconut water it is natural drink.
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    • Andy Z

      Well What an agressive response from Bullshit, Obviousley he is suffering from a sugar Crash,Must be a coke drinker

    • kim

      while i was reading this i was drinking coke..omg guess what pork kills you ..:) thats why i dont eat it

    • Mark

      Please don’t overlook the benefits of Coke – it’s great for removing dried on bugs and tar when you wash your car.

    • Matt

      Furit juice is 10 time better than coke. coke decrease your life time, be aware!

      • Anon

        Yeah, just don’t buy your fruit juice at the store. If it’s not from concentrate (powder + water + suger), then it’s just refined fruit juice (w/o most of the good stuff, because they’re too lazy to find a better way to filter out the bad stuff) + sugar..

      • caz

        really matt? are you a doctor? if not where did you read this???? too funny. coke doesnt descrease your life span. bahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    • Paty

      Thank you very much for your article and I’m gonna help to spread the truth to the world. Congratulations! No one will get rich by destroying my body, never.

    • peter

      My mom’s friend Ginny has been drinking Coke for like years and now shes 92 and going strong still drinking coke evey day…my mom checked out at 71 with her health diet…like whats up?

    • Tyley123

      Great article helped me loads but wont stop me drinking coke. Ive been drinking it for years and i dont have nothing wrong with me. :)

      • DK

        Apart from your spelling that is.

      • DK

        Apart from your wording that is.

    • thomas

      So here’s a question, if the acid in the coke binds all the ca, mg, etc, how does acid in natural fruit juice differ? Citirc acid, ascorbic, just as readliy binds those elements. Also, OJ has close to as much sugar as coke per serving (of course providing vit c which pop lacks). the argument of the acid and sugar does not really differ between the two compounds though I agree soda /pop is bad stuff compared to natural juices. it might not be the villian you proclaim it to be.

    • DJMarz

      In the word’s of the great Keanu Reeve’s..: Whoa.

    • Save

      I wouldn’t abandon my soda drinking even after reading this article. There may be truthful biological evidence of what soda does to you but this article is totally biased. I’m fine drinking soda once a while. Everything in moderation is the key. Avoiding drinking sodas really pulls the ‘fun’ out of my life.

    • Carly

      It’s amazing how many people think drinking soda is normal! Ever wonder why that is? My partner and I just wrote an article questioning why health departments allow coke but many countries have made raw milk illegal… is it any wonder people don’t know how to look after themselves! http://makingsenseofthings.info/2011/01/cocacola-safer-than-raw-milk/

    • Courtney Love

      Hey… I love heroin!

    • Prabhu

      Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world.

      best psychics

    • RK

      The release of dopamine is not how heroin works. Heroin as well as other opiates do not get you high through releasing dopamine(like cocaine and many other drugs do) they actually bond to the opiate receptors that you naturally have in your brain to provide the buzz. Did you research this article at all or are you just making stuff up here?

    • yellow

      Michele that thing about the diabetes is a lie not all americans in north america are getting diabetes and if they are it is because of a slow Metabolism and i am not saying that just because i live their but because it is true not only that we are not faaat!! :(

    • Peterson

      Nobody should not drink soda,only friut juice.

    • Well and well

      The occasional pop is ok. (go for Sprite-no caffeine) Just a little weight gain and a larger gut. Forgot to mention about the beer and the fatty foods. That is from personal experience. 80kg instead of recommended 67kg-70kg. But the recommended daily sugar intake might be high. A little dose wouldn’t hurt.

    • Denise

      The people who are saying fruit juices are so much better than Coke are a bit misguided. They’re not as bad but they’re not good for you at all unless you squeeze or press your own and drink it immediately. Otherwise it’s just a glass full of sugars with no nutrients – they diminish rapidly once the juice is extracted from the fruit so anything store bought only has vitamins in theory, they’re not actually in there. And fruit ‘drinks’ are terrible, you might as well have a Coke.

      I’m trying to kick Coke right now, I’m on my 4th day. (I feel like I’m in AA!) I’m trying to save my teeth first and foremost and wouldn’t mind the benefit of losing a bit of weight. Having read this article I’m really disgusted by what’s happening in my body and I really don’t want to be pissing out the few nutrients I do manage to get in a day! Thanks for the eye-opener, it’s a total turn-off and just what I need to get off it for good!

    • Nath

      The subtle attempt of comparing the affects of caffeine with heroin is comical.

      Lets get everyone to stop drinking coffee too.

    • Diabetes Guide

      Never know coke has such a powerful reaction inside me.

    • Becky White

      I drink diet coke 1 can a day, will it do any damage to my body or system?

    • Random

      My school bans soft drinks, yet the alternative is now flavored milk which contains 3 times the amount of sugar. Personally I’d prefer the coke, plus the caffine gets me through exams.

    • christopher kontoh

      I quit coke many year ago. apart from water there is nothing natural in it. Why should we buy sickness., world health should ban coke from the market. Let us all stop drinking it.

      • Nikki

        i am completely cutting sodas out my diet

    • Nick

      Wait a minute, I’m not an expert but I wasn’t aware that sugar can be turned into fat.

    • ju ju


    • http://facebool.com ana

      Im amaze what does sodas do to your body

    • Jemmy

      Ok so if you drink diet its way worse than regular so ur better off haveing on coke a day but regular and anything u eat now a days is bad so why should this be any different if we all acted like doctors and chose to see what was really in food and what it is doing to our bodys we all would want to just eat leaves lol

    • http://www.tucuerpo.info

      Lo hemos puesto en el blog de nuestra web. Muy interesante.


    • Randy

      Wow, it is amazing how many people buy into everything they read. Do you know anyone who died from drinking coke? Has it ever occurred to anyone how amazing your body is? Listen to your body, stay in tune and feel it. It will tell you what you need and what it doesn’t like, whether it is coke, spinach, or anything else. We don’t want someone making laws to tell us what to consume,( i.e. Carly’s comment).

    • Joshua

      Wow, that is a very scary story, just want to let everyone know little something, I’m 43 years old, and I have been drinking Coke for too many years; I’m healthy, happy, and many times when I have trouble with my stomach, a cold Coke is the answer; please be happy and drink Coke, you’ll love it. One more thing, yesterday I drank a full liter between 1:30 PM and 5:00 PM and today, still going, and going.

    • Brendan

      Whoop-de-doo: more political correctness. F*ck that; I going to have a Coke and a smile.

    • Matthew

      Wade – what is your educational background in regards to nutrition? Please do us all a favor and refrain from sending out information that is not within your realm of expertise.

    • mike

      i am 52, ive been drinking coke for breakfast, lunch and dinner a good 20 or more years. i had a heart attack last week with 100% blockage.
      i dont think it was the coke, but a overall unhealthy diet of french fries and cheese pizza. 1 slice of pizza has your daily fat grams, i was eating the whole pizza many a night and sitting in front of the computer.
      gradually my stomach got bigger and bigger, i felt unhealthier as the months and years passed. i was trapped in my own habits. i couldnt stop, but now i am backed against the wall fighting for my life.
      i think coke is ok……i think it is so tasty, it may go hand in hand with eating too much, and there starts the problems. when you get fat around your waist, it is a very loud danger signal that something it changing for the worse in our body.
      be sensible, and live as they always say with moderation.
      may God bless all of you

    • Science Major

      “Your body ups your dopamine production, stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way”

      sensationalism if there ever was. Your body also produces dopamine when you eat turkey and cottage cheese. I’m not saying that soda is healthy for people. But this article takes advantage of the general population’s ignorance of the normal physiological process in the body.

      use chemical words and terms = scare the pants off anyone who doesn’t understand these are normal processes. i hate when sources misrepresent information.

    • donna

      drink dasani purified water it”s made form coca-cola company!!!.and you will pee more heathyer… try it it’s good for you.. GOD BLESS YOU ALL WHO DRINK TO MUSH COKE… also change is good..

    • mackie

      Soda will destroy your joints. I’ve almost eliminated them from my diet and I’ve dropped close to 40 pounds without any excersise. I’m fighting to get my joint strength back.

      • boogie

        why coke? not pepsi?

    • A Practiciing MD

      This has been going around in a viral email for 10 years. It is not true. As a doctor I can spot numerous fallacies. The endocrine system does not work as portrayed here. Poor journalism to copy and paste a viral email without fact checking.

    • claudette

      I think the artificial sugar is the worst, eating at your insides and increases appetite. Why not a couple drinks of regular soda pop instead of a whole on just enough to satisfy the sugar need !

    • jackie

      My son use to drink lots of soda and ever since he stopped drinking he lost alot of belly fat. If he eats Mcdonald’s he will get his meal with a bottle of water. Water is always a good choice. I drink up to 10 glasses of water per day. It keeps me hydrated so when I go to the gym I don’t get tired .


      Whether anyone believes me or not, I am 64 years old, 170 pounds, and I have NEVER, in my life, finished drinking an entire soda!!!
      As a child I tasted one, hated the carbonation. Water or milk or Bireley’s orange drink was IT !!!!!

      • ZJones

        Glad to hear i am not alone!!! you just described me!! people think im crazy, im only 25 now but have never drank a soda since the first disgusting time i tasted it!

    • Mike

      I drink like 5-8 sodas a day, and I’m 6’2, 170 lbs, skinnier than a rail, and have been for years now….. Soda making you fat I have heard of before, but depending on your metabolism, I find that fact or study to be untrue… Soda causing diabetes and high blood pressure I’m sure of, but life is way too short to worry about that, drink what you want, live how you want, and just enjoy life the way you want to….. You only live once, you never know when your last day will be, and you never know when you go to bed at night if your going to wake up the next day, nobody does, so all you people out there taking life way too seriously, lighten up a little

      • Adam

        Mike, if you’re going to use yourself as an example, can you tell us approximately how old you are?

      • mike

        mike, it sounds like you are still young and healthy. i was just like you in attitude.
        but unfortunately, it does catch up to you as you get older, i never thought it would catch up to me…….but it does, to everyone.
        and when you are ill, and in a hospital bed, you ask yourself, what could i have done different, and it comes down to what we ate and drank throughout our life.
        eat and drink and be happy, thats for the moment….its not long term unfortunately. and when you tell people to not take life serious,……
        i hope you are never laying in a hospital bed, and medicine stuffed down your throat……….you wont be thinking “be happy”. and life is very serious when one is not feeling well.

      • Smile

        Hello Mike,

        I know a friend that has been taking soda drinks regularly. Though is still slim; but she had pile, diabetes and hypertension before age 40. Sincerely life is too short to be a misery


    • joyce

      always knew soda was bad for ya; puts a lot of weight around the middle; however so does all that greasy 5 guys meals or other fast food. but i don,t think 1 a day is gonna kill us. i,m a pepsi fan myself, but coke or pepsi dosen,t taste as good as it used to way back in the 60,s when it was in glass bottles.everything in moderation is the key. no matter what we eat or drink. but i drink mostly water these days only an occasional soda.

    • nimdibbly

      I’m 46, 5’9″, 155 and drink nothing but coke for…. ever since I can remember, If I drink OJ or citris, on a good day I won’t get stomach cramps and loose bowel movements from it, water=boring and seems to do nothing for me so only if I’m really drenched and there’s absolutely no other choices and milk, a sip of milk will almost kill me from the pain I experience after drinking it, then there’s coffee, every morning I have 2 – 3 cups, so basically, coffee and soda is my liquid intake and when I go in for a physical doctors tell me I’m am very very healthy and have nothing to worry about even when I tell them about my cramps from drinking citris or milk so, I don’t know, I feel fine except for how these stupid articles try and tell me how I’m suppose to feel.

      • mike

        you know your body best. i think that most of the people experiencing bad effects from drinking cola, they have health issues aside.
        there are so many variables. you sound healthy, good metabolism, and not an ounce of fat ariound your nelly. so coke isnt a problem. but many people have body fat, sensitive stomachs, different blood types and reactions to sugar and corn sweeteners, caffiene and on and on.
        i drank coke for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past 30 years.
        but, i ate way too much, and ate right before bed every night. i am 52. i watched my stomach fat grow and grow over the years, but didnt know how to change. 6 weeks ago, i finally ended up in the hospital, and very ill, severly ill. i wont blame it on the coke. i blame it on my eating habits. no alcohol, no smoking,…simply ate myself to sickness.
        i sure miss coke. maybe one day i will have some again. ive lost 35 pounds since april 11th, another 25 pounds or so to go.
        be well,

      • Molly Patricia Simkins

        Ever tried flavored water? You definitely sound like you have a caffeine addiction, or at least have built up a massive threshold for it. Lactose intolerance is not rare, at least not in the world as a whole. I don’t know about citrus. Do you have the same reaction if you eat plain oranges or other acidic fruits? If not, it’s probably an additive in the juice you’re drinking that’s the problem.

        I think by “drenched” you mean “parched.” Drenched means you’re saturated with liquid. Like, “she’s 90 pounds soaking wet” is drenched.

      • Erin

        Bad reactions to citrus could be a sulfite allergy or intolerance. You would have bad reactions to wine as well and a few other fruits as well. Sulfite is a natural preservative in many foods. Some have higher concentrations than others so your reactions may be different.

    • Buck

      I know someone that drinks diet coke by the case every week, and has a belly …..a big fat belly….and gets fatter by the week….awful to look at.

    • Johnny

      I have been drinking a can of Coke everyday for the last 3 years. I never experienced anything that was described in this article. None of this so called Caffeine rush and sugar crash that kind of thing.
      I think this article is another one of those Internet trash being forwarded from one to another without checking the fact.

    • Dr. Diaz

      I’m 100% sure that 95% of what this post said is bogus and extremly exaggerated. Believe me, that Wade Meredith do not have a science background, I do.

      • Dimitri

        Agree…..so much miss information in this article

    • Bob

      They make it sound like drinking 1 coke is as bad as eating a whole cake
      I know coke isn’t good for you,but it’s not that bad!!!

    • kaokie

      blah, blah, yadda, yadda, ………….. what is that quote, “you can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people, all of the time”? or something to that effect. Caffeine is bad for you, 5-10 years later, caffeine is good for you, 6 mos. later, some caffeine is good for you. Baby food is bad for babies, 3-5 years later, baby food is good for babies. Would somebody please make up my mind?

      bottom line – living isn’t good for you – you’re going to die. would you rather die healthy or unhealthy? let me know when you’re 60-80 years old, or right before the truck runs over you, ok?

    • Backpain

      What happens… i am hungry when i drink cola

      • http://www.facebook.com/write.zilla Write Zilla

        Because Cola depletes massive amounts of nutrients and water from your body. So when you get hungry after drinking it, body is trying to tell you to put nutrients back into it, not poison like Cola is.

    • factchecker

      The author wisely questions phosphoric acid and additives, but as its core soda is nothing more than carbonated water,flavoring,sugar, in other words no different than ice tea or lemonade, the caffeine is a red heering, should we tell folks not to drink green tea and coffee, is caffeine bad?his
      Your insulin can spike from eating white rice,pasta,bread,flour,etc Even fruit juices that have more sugar when you have enough vitamin,shakes

      Given that soda has been around for 100 years and we have only had an obesity problem for 20-30 years, I question whether this is specific to an agenda or directed at the beverage of cola itself, obviously there is a difference between acid,coloring,additives in cola

      • http://www.facebook.com/write.zilla Write Zilla

        Oh my God, you are so stupid, I can’t believe it. You probably work for the soda industry.

    • healthy information

      too much to drink coke, will reduce the calcium in your body .. trust me!

      • Cerveny

        You might try drinking milk.

      • http://www.facebook.com/write.zilla Write Zilla

        Milk causes osteoporosis, phlegm, mucus, bronchitis

    • Brent

      Seems to be a lot of debate over this drink. But the truth is simple: It doesn’t matter how anyone anywhere justifies this drink. You CANNOT put excess sugers, salts and fats into your body if you wish to live a healthy lifestyle. End of story.

      If you want to live right, don’t consume packaged goods, and reserve dining out to once a month or less.

      • D

        Who says it’s excess sugars? Sugar is carbohydrates, and depending on your diet, they might be fine. There’s also low sodium and salts in soda and no fats. So basically, you said nothing of any value here.

      • http://www.facebook.com/write.zilla Write Zilla

        D, you are retarded. There is no other way to put it.

    • lou

      I find coke to fill a huge void when I drink it. I am not hungry because i drink it and it fills that void along with thirst. I also feel more alive and content. thats the sugar and caffeine I suppose. I ALSO notice it lubricates my skin unlike drinking lemonlime or menonade which dry it out. It lubricates my mouth as well. I used to drink diet coke or any diet for years. i quit a few years ago and tried plain water. I need the soda to keep my metabolism going. Water slows it up and PLUGS me up. I get very blah zay as well, meaning life is a bore when you cant have something to satisfy yourself to keep you going. just keep going!

    • Lauri Meizler

      Great post and a lot of valid points. I like the methodical way you discussed what happens to the body after consuming Coke. Do you have primary sources on this? I didn’t see any listed in your blog. That would be very helpful. All the best, Lauri

    • Brian

      Now tell us what happens when your body eats a carrot. That way there can be comparison.

      • Richard

        That’s your job. Go look it up and post it here. Don’t be a net-potato.

    • Silvia

      i know coke is not the best thing to drink,but it is the only thing I drink..
      ( well I do drink milk & apple juice now & then)
      I have been drinking coke all my life ( I’m 35 going on 36 soon) & I’m not fat (only 130 pounds) & I’m a mother of 3 boys. I do home cooked meals ( some times I do eat out but not alot) & I do very little excersise. The only thing that is wrong with me is my teeth but that is it.. I do not do drugs or smoke & I drink very little only if I go clubing with friends ( I have not been out for 2 years now.. I Need to go out & drink)
      So I’m good drinking only coke everyday ( I have 2 to 3 cans a day)

      • Jesse

        Although this may not be affecting you now, you could develop Diabetes as well as other diseases. Just because you haven’t gained weight does not mean you are healthy. I would watch out if I were you and drink a lot more water than anything else. Good Luck.

    • mark

      Man im 16, Im skinny like 8 stone but near 6ft tall, coke dont put weight on if it does i aint gained nothing ive been drinking coke for years and 2011 probley drinking 3-5cans aday but now i drink about 5-6 because its easier to drink instead of going to get some juice to refill, i know its bad for you but christ it aint that bad i would be dead surely by now, it dont give u diaheur ive never got it the only thing its causes for me is burping lol and if u drink it on an empty stomache dont matter just gives ya bubbles in ya belly causing it to rubble alot i find

      • http://www.facebook.com/write.zilla Write Zilla

        You are not very smart. It will rot your teeth in a heartbeat, causes insulin spikes, compromised concentration and intelligence, depletion of calcium and vitamins, etc..

      • Zhaylin Black

        You’re young. I’m 39 years old. I used to weigh 98 pounds (5 and 1/2 feet tall) 98 pounds was my weight when I got pregnant with each of my 4 kids. Once I hit 30-ish, my metabolism changed. I eat very little but I’m up to 145 pounds.
        I still live on Coke, but I realize it (and inactivity) are the reasons for my weight gain.

      • BlogZilla

        What does being young have to do with it? Bad is bad…And I don’t know what you are talking about, because I’m 10 years older than you

      • Zhaylin Black

        Usually the younger you are, the better your metabolism and ability to more passively burn calories.
        And yeah, bad is bad, but younger folks don’t tend to feel the effects (until they get older lol)

    • mark

      Man im 16, Im skinny like 8 stone but near 6ft tall, coke dont put weight on if it does i aint gained nothing ive been drinking coke for years and 2011 probley drinking 3-5cans aday but now i drink about 5-6 because its easier to drink instead of going to get some juice to refill, i know its bad for you but christ it aint that bad i would be dead surely by now, it dont give u diaheur ive never got it the only thing its causes for me is burping lol and if u drink it on an empty stomache dont matter just gives ya bubbles in ya belly causing it to rubble alot i find.

      • Martel

        Hello Mark I just read your comment about the soda. I’m about to be 42 years old next month. During my teens I drank a lot of water, ice tea and then soda occasionally. During my 20′s I drank a lot of soda and now I reverted back to drink it occasionally. Over the years I have noticed differences in how I felt. It sounds like you are an ectomorph there is a link below. Or it sounds like you have a higher content of brown fat. Another link below. There are a lot of genetics that have to do with. If the person gains weight easily off of high suger things such as soda etc. But even though you might be blessed with a body such as this. Don’t abuse it. There are other chemicals used in sodas. Such as potassium, phosphorous, sodium. Which is ALL bad for you in excess. You may say that I don’t eat or drink these chemicals all the time. YES, you do. it’s in most of the foods at different levels. Especially in processed ,canned types of foods deli meats etc. Example to much postassium will stop your heart. To much phosphorous can make your bones very easy to break. A lot easier than you think. I have had this personally happen to me. I bumped my hand and toe and broke them. Even though I was born with certain health problems that eventually caught up with me. Prior to these problems. I have NEVER broken a bone so easily. When I found out they were broken and how easliy. It made me feel like I was much older than I am. I have to watch for things such as these now. But it can effect anyone over time. WE ALL ARE MADE TO LIVE AND DIE. With keeping that in mind then you can make decsions on what you put into your body. Then with to much sodium this will cause blood pressure problems that will effect your heart eventually. Then effect your kidneys and then further destroy you internally. But like I said earlier that we are all going to die. It’s just how fast do you want to do it? Food and sodas, drinks are much like sex, or (drugs with some people). It’s very attractive and hard to resist.



    • Vanessa

      I was a coke addict for years. As a kid loved grape and orange crush too. Was always skinny. Not a big eater. Just ate until I had enough. In my late thirties got Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Went from 115 to 138 after moving from Illinois to Wisconsin. Never been that big in my LIFE. It was horrible.

      In my 40′s they found a brain tumor on the pituitary gland. It was not big so they were able to shrink it. The neuro specialist said most people have tumors waiting to be activiated by something. That’s what happened to me. Don’t know what did it. In fact he said they don’t know where tumors come from. What! (???)

      Anyway. I had a thirst for nothing but water after taking the medication for ten days. I lost all desire for soda. I dropped two dress sizes in a month with no change in diet whatsoever.

      By the way, I was an artist all my life until that tumor and somehow that native skill just disappeared. Couldn’t draw anything since then.
      I’m learning again now like I never knew how to draw. I thank God for saving my life.

      Since then I don’t use sugar, white flour and other things that help you die early. Youngsters are strong but not wise. Better health is amazing. Fast food is not great, full of sugar and fat. Don’t eat any fast food either after Kentucky Fried Chicken made me feel sluggish every time I ate it.

      Water won’t get rid of the bad fat that is slowly being stored in evry part of your body. One day you will blow up like a balloon and as someone said, laying in a hospital bed being awaken in the middle of the night is not my idea of living. Interesting hospitals don’t recommend coke or fast food during your hospital stay. Lol.

      After dinner that’s it. They make you rest. ‘Maybe’ some crackers. And uh—lots of water. How many people leave the hospital having gained weight unless they have someone sneak food in from outside?

      As far as coke is concerned. A friend once melted the battery acid on my car battery with a 1/4th bottle of warm Coca Cola poured on it. Soda is killing off the natural acid in your stomach that digests food. Give it some time. You’ll see the effects.

    • Lorena

      people: coke has sugar. a lot of it. when you ingest sugar you pancreas releases insulin to put that sugar into the muscles. coke has so much sugar that you pancreas is releasing a lot of insulin. my doctor forbade me to drink coke or any soda, because she said it is like shooting sugar directly into your veins. If I can’t trust my doctor who i am going to trust? a 15 year old kid that drinks a liter of coke a day and says they have not gained any weight :S

    • jacob

      who wants this

    • Sleptical Thinker

      Sugar in excess is bad for your health; that is a widely known fact. Else than that, I find the rest of the claims in this article dubious at best, sometimes contradictory (we are told “Your liver responds to this by turning any sugar it can get its hands on into fat.”, and then “… as a response, your liver dumps more sugar into your bloodstream.”), and some totally ludicrous.

      • http://www.facebook.com/write.zilla Write Zilla

        If it’s sugar or aspartame or high-fructose corn syrup, or Stevia, etc… We need to start differentiating and not lumping them all into one synonym. That’s misleading

    • Angela

      As a health writer who meticulously fact-checks everything I put out in public, I was pulled up short by the glaring error in your very first paragraph. Coke did NOT remove cocaine from the formula because it was redundant. They did it because of public pressure. Cocaine had previously been regarded as a pick-me-up and alternative to alcohol, but in the earlyh 1900s, people started to blame it for a rash of violent crime. A New York newspaper did an article in 1903, revealing that Coke contained cocaine and there was a back-lash so they took it out. They continued to to use coca leaves from which the cocaine had been removed for a few more years for flavor. When you make a mistake like this, it calls into question everything else you write. Please fact check before you publish.

      • Richard

        Nonsense. It was clearly not a mistake, in my opinion. It was artistic license. The author explained his claim in the body of the article by pointing out that Coke is plenty addicting and troublesome without the cocaine. It’s writing like this that makes things interesting and readable. This is not a scientific journal, after all.

        Thanks for your observation, Angela. But this reader thinks you need to lighten up a touch.

      • Matthew Ferguson

        Lighten up you shark of a woman, its an educational article, not a coroners report, take it easy. Pouncing on one line of a great article makes me call into question the deep misery of your life.

      • Katina Bertoch Hughes

        I think the author was being facetious. . . I thought it was cute!! Very funny statement.
        Please fact check before you publish? Please check your sense of humor before you hit “reply”

    • A. Trofka

      “40 minutes: Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils dilate; your blood pressure rises; as a response, your liver dumps more sugar into your bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in your brain are now blocked, preventing drowsiness.”

      This is ridiculous. Coke has 34 mg of caffeine per serving, which is like 10 percent of what you get in a large coffee. You’ll get a slight burst of energy in the short term, but there is no way that your pupils will be dilating, etc 40 minutes after you drink it. That would take at least 2 or 3 coffees.

      Also, the author claims that the only reason “you don’t vomit from the overwhelming sweetness” is because of the phosphoric acid. Do you seriously think any normal person is going to vomit from 10 teaspoons of sugar, or the equivalent in a candy bar or brownie? Do you see people vomiting regularly after eating dessert? Ridiculous.

      • Richard

        It’s all about habituation. If you’re already a caffeine addict then a little more will hardly phase you. Others are more likely to experience the effect suggested.

        Same goes for the sugar overdose.

        Normalized indulgence in poor diet is not a good position to argue health issues from.

        And the body naturally expels things it considers poisonous. That the Coke recipe manages to side-step this important protection is especially troubling.

        Great article!

    • maxsaw

      if you have lots of coke then you will respond to actions more quickly and it also makes your brain go faster than usual

      • action man

        i agree with maxsaw and it does make you more hyper active.

    • http://www.facebook.com/write.zilla Write Zilla

      Moderation? LOL! What do Americans (USA) know about moderation? Oooops, but I’m not supposed to say that. Gotta be politically correct. Pfffft! (shakes head)

    • http://twitter.com/BodyAthletics Body Athletics Blog

      I know this guy who was the fastest swimmer on our college team and he would always drink soda/pop for dinner…like 2 or 3 tall glasses. However I’m still against drinking it if I’m training hard.

      Want to see some of my nutrition articles? –> http://www.bodyathleticsblog.com/category/nutrition-2/

    • http://twitter.com/mm_minty Minty McMint

      Really suspicious of this as you don’t seem to have any evidence. Where are the studies, the peer-reviewed papers? You’re just stating it as if it’s fact without any evidence and we’re supposed to just accept it? I don’t doubt that coke isn’t really the best thing to be drinking, but I do doubt the details of this.

      • Richard

        Do a little research. It will blow your mind.

    • Danny Arbuckle

      My wife and I found a way to reverse disease.
      She had stage 2B lobular breast cancer and I had full blown type 2 diabetes.
      How did we do it? We stopped eating the standard America diet. You know the
      diet that most Americans eat today. So we made a web site and posted our before
      and after pictures along with each of our stories. If you know anyone who has
      heart disease, diabetes or cancer, you should have them check it out. They say
      a picture is worth a thousand words, then our pictures our worth ten thousand.
      Web site: livediseasefree.org

    • IDidn’tEnterMyRealEMail

      This article makes a soda sound like some heroin packed energy steroid. It’s just sugar and carbonated water guys. If you think soda is bad for you, try reading about that pancake, bacon, and egg breakfast you had.

      Don’t live life worrying about what might kill you, live it like something will tomorrow.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Greenleave/100000858605121 Lee Greenleave

      - Poren erweitern
      - gegen Pickel und Mitesser
      - Durchblutung anregen
      - Feuchtigkeit für die Haut
      - Dampfbad gegen Erkältung
      - Zellerneuerung
      - Empfehlung etwas Einhornerkältungsbalsam hinzugeben, eine Wohltat für die Atemwege
      - Immunsystem stärken
      1x Gesichtsdampfer
      1x Gesichtsschutz
      1x Nasenschutz
      1x Glas
      1x Adapter(Euro Standard)
      1x Eng. Anleitung

    • Richard

      People surveying their long histories of consuming Coke need to remember that Coke got a whole lot worse in recent times with the advent of high fructose corn syrup. That sweetener is far worse than the sugars that came before it. It is apparently the primary source of the world’s recent obesity and diabetes epidemics.

    • Rissa Watkins

      The outrageous claims on this article bothered me enough to do my own experiment checking my blood sugar & blood pressure after drinking one can of Coke yesterday. The “facts” are bull. Just to be fair, I also did a test today with an equal amount of 100% orange juice and the effects were about the same as Coke. If anyone wants to see actual numbers you can here…http://www.bubblews.com/news/616493-what-really-happens-to-your-body-when-you-drink-a-coke-myth-debunked

      You really discredit your whole message by posting exaggerated claims. Coke is bad for you for many reasons, you don’t need to post false information about it.

    • Rissa Watkins

      The outrageous claims on this article bothered me enough to do my own experiment checking my blood sugar & blood pressure after drinking one can of Coke yesterday. The “facts” are bull. Just to be fair, I also did a test today with an equal amount of 100% orange juice and the effects were about the same as Coke. If anyone wants to see actual numbers you can here…http://www.bubblews.com/news/616493-what-really-happens-to-your-body-when-you-drink-a-coke-myth-debunked

      You really discredit your whole message by posting exaggerated claims. Coke is bad for you for many reasons, you don’t need to post false information about it.

    • Dimitri

      Your body does’t just simply convert sugar into fat at 20 minutes. Instead it converts it to glucose. The extra glucose is then converted into glycogen and stored in your liver and muscles. Only when those storages are full, then your body converts excess dietary glucose into fat through the process of fatty acid synthesis. I can go on for days how much miss information is out there today. If anything, it is harder to find accurate information. This article is a great example. But over all stay away from soda.

    • Michael Walker

      And…this is why I don’t drink soda!!

    • http://www.symphonyoflove.net/blog BK

      I agree … moderation. It is usually taken in large excessive amount which is doing harm to our bodies. By saying that, I’m not saying that we should be taking anything and everything in moderation; we have a choice to choose what we want to out into our mouths.

    • Blaine Kyle Evans

      How can one trust an article which cites no sources yet makes numerous scientific claims?

    • saltcay

      To all of you that are worried about the effects of Coke on your system, save yourself NOW! Send all of your undrunk Coca Cola directly to me, and I will take care of disposing of it properly!

    • chibbles

      i think il just stick to crystal meth

    • Umut Nakliyat

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    • Cassandra

      if you look at the bottle there are usually more than 1 servings in it. if there are three then 33% times 3 would be close to 100%. i don’t have a bottle of coke or i’d look for you…

    • mark

      8 oz serving of coke has 27gm of carbohydrates (all the carbs in coke are refined sugars)…

      recommended sugar per day is 40gm for a 2000 calorie diet and 2000 calories a day is fairly high for your average inactive office worker.

      a bottle is normally 20oz so thats 2.5 * 27 = 67.5gm of sugar which is much more than needed, a can is 12oz which leads to 40.3gm of sugar

      it doesn’t take a bottle, it takes a can

      “big slams” or 1 liter bottles are downright scary, over 500 calories in the bottle…

    • Lee

      Slow boil a can of coke until all liquid evaporates. What’s left is what stays in your body.

    • fidel

      Ted, if you believe everything the government or FDA says, please don’t. 33% of your daily sugar should take in many factors. Body weight, mass, height etc. Coke just stamped that on there to satisfy certain regulations. Do you really think if they put the true percentage of sugar levels their product would sell. Probably not…..I’m sure you’ve seen what happens when you pour coke in a bowl with a penny. If you haven’t search google for it. And you’re putting that same stuff in your body. These people are making billions each year poisoning and killing the masses and the government just lets it happen.

    • lucia

      Caffeine is also a drug, and Coke still has plenty of that.

    • bob

      caffeine is a diuretic…it inhibits reabsorption of water in the kidneys…making you urinate more, which DE-hydrates you.

    • Karen Eliot

      That is completely wrong. Soda most certainly does NOT hydrate you as effectively as water (or water with electrolytes) and whoever told you so does not know what they are talking about, or is lying through theur rotting teeth.

      Also, if you don’t use fluoride that much sugar really hurts your teeth. No wonder there is fluoride in the water too, huh ;)

    • bob

      you wont think that when you’re 60 yrs old and break your foot standing up to get out of a chair because you have osteoporosis…make sure you drink milk…

    • bob

      cite your sources…science has definitely NOT proven what you say…caffeine is a diuretic…it inhibits reabsorption of water in the kidneys…making you urinate more, which DE-hydrates you.

    • ganj

      physically you may be OK but obviously the Coke has affected your mind. you’re nuts.

    • IS

      your stomach acid (Hydrochloric acid) is at pH 1-2 while the carboxylic acid in coke is around 3.4. Much more basic. Stomach has its own mechanisms of regulating pH and adding 335ml of 3.4pH acid won’t cause any difference.
      The only damage the acidity will cause you is if you swirl it in mouth for a an hour or so and it may dissolve a thin layer of your teeth.
      The dangerous part of the sugar is only the fructose as it is known to lead to type 2 diabetes. Glucose is ok if you use it, and really so is fructose.

    • mark

      chocolate also contains large amounts of sugar and caffeine, should come as no surprise is also has mental effects, just like anything containing those substances.

      it has trace amounts of a cannabinoid as well, but the dose is far too small to have an effect.

    • Lee

      If you really want to feel better, try juicing a fresh glass of carrot juice every morning.

    • http://www.wtf.com XavY

      Yeaaahhh. Just Do It and nevermind the explanations…

    • Mindy Mindburger

      Yeah the crack head downtown tells his peers the same. In fact, I used that expression in high school, every time I was on my back. Fortunately, for my vag!na, I realized the expression was meant to get me through tough situations provided by life and not for my own petty self inflicted desires. There’s others that work better…”Whatever floats your boat!” Just so happens most diabetics will sink it..

      Look I know it’s easy to ignore the harmful effects of a substance that makes you feel good/happy. Especially, when its advertised in your face, and drank/eaten by the majority of fattened America. Sugar is a definite dopamine stimulator; and, if your not getting enough happiness/enjoyment out of your days, coke/pop/candy/chocolate and cheesecake are all waiting for your dollar :)

    • Scott

      chocolate does not contain “LARGE amounts of Caffeine”

    • krista

      This is not a response to you, i just couldnt find the reply to the article itself

      1. all things in moderation. the occasional coke is not going to kill you, make you gain 5 pounds or trigger a diabetic attack (unless of course you are in fact diabetic.. )
      -that said, too much is definitely not good for you, your body, or your teeth
      2. pepsi is no better
      3. coke did not have cocaine in it. this is a myth.

    • jamie

      coke actually did contain cocaine. coke was originally a medical drink and until cocaine was discovered to be bad for the body and made illegal small traces could be found in all coke.

    • http://www.kontaktlinsenvergleich.de Kontaktlinsen Vergleich

      I think this information is wrong. I never heard about a found of cocaine in the coke. Sorry, please send a link about this.

    • krista

      coke wasnt a medical drink. it was created by a pharmacist but not for medical purposes, I believe the documentary said that he did it to get more people into his store. He created a soda fountain. I think it had the highly caffeinated kola nut in it and was originally called cocawine as a nonalcoholic version of the french wine cola. Any real Coca-Cola Company documents and the documentary on john pemberton say the original coke formula did not contain cocaine.

    • T.

      Coke did contain cocaine – I studied psychopharmacology. It contained cocaine when the effects of it were thought to be the same as alcohol is nowadays – a recreational substance that makes you feel good. This was a widespread belief in those days. Once more was uncovered about the effects of cocaine – it was banned: in coke and everywhere else.

    • William

      Coke was first produced by some guy in the time where Cocaine was being explored and tested all around the world (near Freud’s time). The guy then sold the drink, which was later renamed to Coca-Cola and turned into a popular fountain drink. At the time It still contained traces of cocaine. Need I remind you that cocaine was not considered to be a bad drug. In fact, one of Freud’s friend used it as a anesthetic for eye surgery, which revolutionized eye procedures. Don’t doubt facts because of personal opinion as it is often biased. Do a little research and have where to base your sayings.

    • me

      yes, i agree with the IS person. I would rather stick to the new known facts that have been researched(more or likely proven work), than something that has just been said from the top of your mind (also saying; not too proven.)

    • me

      ahaha.. try reading before commenting dude. Mindy was just telling us how stupid it is to be comparing/+defending/+choosing between to things that both anyways NOT good for your body. And here you are saying that there are dozens and one things that Will kill you. :S (pretty sad to be honest)

    • me

      it also helps to shine pennies!! :D
      but your not really convincing that coca cola is good for your body…
      why do you drink it if you know that it is bad for you and that it is proven! unlike it, im reading this page and most of the negative commenters against coca cola aren’t really that educated.

    • B Ryds

      Tara, When you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME.
      “Facts are if you drink coke you are unhealthy and probably fat”
      BULL. I don’t see any FACTS in that sentence. I drink coke and guess what? I’m not unhealthy AND i’m one of the skinniest girls in my class. Your statement makes you sound so ignorant it is unbelievable. “Coke is really bad for you and makes you all fat fats” Really? How old are you? Next time you want to post something, please have some general knowledge on the subject and don’t assume that everyone who drinks coke is fat or unhealthy because you couldn’t be more wrong.

    • slowth
    • Jessica

      What if you are lactose intolerant, Bob? There are other food items that can give you those nutrients.

    • Charles

      Have you done the research on cow’s milk? Just think of the obvious, milk comes from a cow to feed its calf, not humans. A calf is born and weighs 80 lbs, drinks only milk for 1 year than then weighs in at 1,000 lbs. Cow’s milk is not fit for human consumption.

    • Mindy Mindburger

      Very good point. It just so happens I find happiness in clubbing, running, disco golf, and dancing, dancing, dancing. What’s even a bigger bonus to my healthy lifestyle, I get to share it with my family and friends…all of who don’t find happiness in the bottom of their potato chip bag..or coke bottle.

      BUT, your right, if Coke, sugar, and stomach depleting substances alike are the sources of one’s happiness..drink up!

    • Mindy Mindburger

      ..That being said. I’m prescribed 20mg of Ambien CR at bedtime due to my extreme fear of ghosts :|

    • Charles

      Survive but suffer when you get older. It’s not about surviving. It’s about growing old with health and not being confined to a bed taking 10 meds a day just to “survive.”

    • http://passionista.net/ Alpha Lim

      For caffeine-haters, any amount is too much ;).

    • Karen Eliot

      try juicing the sausages with some vegetables!

    • http://sodmg.com Mizz Margarita

      yea, sugar love johnston that is so digustin

    • Jordan

      You are a weird if you do not like the taste of coke, i drink a 2 liter every day at the least and im more than healthy, hell i can swim 2oo yrds in 2 min. All this is, is a bunch of in 40 yrs from now crap and its done, if the y were worried about coke then they would get rid of it it, oh and alcohol and weed and anything else that could kill you 50 yrs faster than coke. Dont get me wrong though.

    • http://sodmg.com Mizz Margarita

      you’re goin to sick from it

    • chelsea

      Hi. I think when you drink coke when your a young kid, when you drink coke, all of your taste buds go NUTZ and give you a sugar-rush

    • Ray

      What a stupid “guilt by association” heroin reference. It destroys any credibility the article may have otherwise had. What’s next? “Hitler also enjoyed a Coke and a smile, by the way.”

    • brass

      Not even eating, just feeling is enough. Dopamine is our bodies’ main neurotransmitter. Anytime we touch something soft or warm, it is sent along neural pathways to receptors in our brains…

    • Haylee

      Type two diabetes, mind you. Sorry, had to throw that out there. :P

    • aderajew mihret


    • andrea

      ahahah, yess!

    • EZ

      Diet sodas are even worse for you. Your tongue takes the artificial sweetener, so your pancrease starts pumping out insulin to process it. And then your body never gets any sugar, so it starts eating away at itself and telling your brain that you are hungry, which will likely lead to you eating more.

      It’s much better to have sugar your body knows how to process than have fake sugar. And the fat your liver turns it into is what your body needs to keep moving. It’s mainly unhealthy when you drink it daily, or with every meal, or have too much so that it effects your sleep schedule.

    • arealdoctor

      The person who wrote this article obviously has no idea of how the metobolic systems in the body work. I would also recommend to the author of this article that the doctor or whatever he actually is that this author contacted think twice before actually seeing him for anything medical. This is yet another factless based article contribed based on nothing at all scientific. Here look 30 seconds after drinking a coke your nero-receptors react with the polyps of your nerve endings giving you the power to fly, 60 seconds later the polyps release the embryonic fluid to the brain stem causing you to gain x-ray vision. That is how absurd this article sounds.

    • Wolfwood

      I agree.

    • Nona

      I’ll leave that to my GF – she’s a vegetarian!

    • Ivan

      10 teaspoons of sugar for every 33cl (12oz) coke.

      Google for references – You’ll find plenty.

    • Ivan

      It is not the caffeine it self that is bad for you. It is the combination of the ingredients, as you also can read in the actual article above. If you pour 10 teaspoons of sugar into your coffee, add some acids etc, then you may see similar problems.

      Also, where did you get your information from? Caffeine content:
      12oz Coke: 34-35 mg
      8oz brewed coffe: 60-135 mg
      1.5-2oz espresso (single shot): 40-100 mg
      Cup of Lipton black tea: 40-55 mg

      References (top-4 on google): caffeinecontent.net http://www.energyfiend.com wilstar.com coffeetea.about.com

    • john boyce

      Jacsta, you are incorrect. The author has explained quite accurately exactly what happens. Your body DOES turn sugar into fat. This is basic metabolism. When one floods the bloodstream with all that sugar, you must either burn it immediately, or the Pancreas will have Insulin try to store in in the Liver and muscles. Chronically elevated sugar, leaves no room to store anymore sugar. In a desperate attempt to get the sugar out of the bloodstream, where it is damaging proteins and lipids in a process called Glycation, the Liver will begin converting the sugar into Triglycerides (FAT). Better not to speak if uninformed.

    • jayee

      I think Mattr has had waaaay too much coke.
      Perhaps he should eat the carrot instead! :)

    • mike

      just a little fyi, matt. just because something works the same way doesn’t mean it has the same outcome.
      i can shoot a gun at the ground and shoot a gun at a person. both will work the same way but sevearly different outcomes. :)

    • http://twitter.com/heliosphan April

      I’d bet money that you are pretty overweight and/or generally unhealthy.

    • http://www.godgunsgutsglory.com GodGunsGutsGlory

      LOL! Your info seemed credible until you spewed complete nonsense about CO2 causing global warming (climate change).
      That is complete bullshit.
      CO2 is necessary for life. And it doesn’t cause warming, warming causing the increase in CO2.
      More CO2 and more temp would actually help our planet thrive.
      But all anyone cares about is inventing a TAX on one of the very life giving gases that can be associated with everything in our daily lives.

      Al Gore and John P Holdren sure did deceive a generation, didn’t they?

    • http://deirdnus.blogspot.com Sundried

      High five April! I had just about the same guess too :-D

    • Haha!

      Haha, GodGunGutsGlory, that last sentence is legendary.

    • mike

      i agree.
      carbinated drinks are the number 1 cause of human obeasity in america.
      not to mention amazingly unhealthy. it’s nothing but sugar, color dye, caffeine and fat.
      i believe this article was made for the brainless who can’t understand such topics. good try however, but you can’t teach a rock how to think.
      well done Liz, i enjoy these types of journal articles. for your next topic, i purpose the so unintelligent, “intelligent design”. i’ve been waiting to see that one slammed.

    • mike

      i fully agree with you on this John. thank you for using your brain, it’s becoming so rare. :)

    • Michael

      I don’t think he’s unhealthy or overweight, but he does sound like a critical thinker ;) and I do agree with him to an extent. Articles like this are made to sound exaggerated, for example, comparing coke to heroin (seriously?) but at least it gets people thinking about bad habits and their diet. Then again what do you think happens when you drink a cup of coffee in the morning? Or consume lots of beer? We have a lot of habits both dietary and otherwise that are unhealthy for us, yet we don’t stop to consider what each one of those is doing to us because it is part of our daily lives, and we have come to ignore their details.