Food Dyes: Colorful Carcinogens

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We’re guessing if we saw Skittles nakedwithout their coloring, we probably wouldn’t want to eat them as much. Same goes for a lot of food – if it were brown, or, even worse, grey, it definitely wouldn’t be as appetizing. This is where food dyes come in. While we can thank dyes for making our food more attractive, there are also some hefty health risks that dyes create.

The most widely used dyes – Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 – are contaminated with cancer-causing substances, according to The Center for Science in the Public Interest. Red 3 is classified by the FDA as a carcinogen, but it’s still widely used in foods. Besides cancer, the dyes can also cause hyperactivity and children, as well as allergic reactions.

This isn’t just a radical nonprofit that’s trying to eliminate dye usage. The British government asked manufacturers to stop using food dyes last year, and the European Union is putting a warning notice on foods containing dyes starting in July. If the same type of system is implemented in the U.S., we’re assuming some companies will try to find a new way to color our food. We have a suggestion: natural ingredients. Last we checked, fruits come in all colors of the rainbow.

via CBS News

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    • carly

      this is very eye opening. no more dyes for me