Email Signatures: Unprofessional?

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Yes, we know that some people have awesome smartphones that put our basic flip-phones to shame, but are email signatures indicating the $300+ device they were sent on really necessary? We’ve all seen them: “Sent from my Verizon Wireless Blackberry”, or “Sent from my iPhone”. It seems like just blatant marketing on the part of the phone manufacturer or service provider, but in the business world it’s come to be seen as an excuse for a sloppy or short email. It’s even worse if the signature has this tacked onto it: “Sent from my iPhone sorry for typos.”

Proofread, people. Make sure there aren’t any typos, even if you need to stop walking, eating, or talking to do it. Lifehacker suggests including the reason for your brevity in your message and indicating that you’ll follow up with a longer email once you’re at a computer when you’re emailing on-the-go. You’d hate for your boss to think you didn’t care about sending a quality response to her emails just because you’re multitasking; when it comes to mobile emailing is “Think first, then send.”

via Lifehacker

via Lifehacker

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