Should Your Texts at Work Be Private?

So your company provides a pager, phone, or BlackBerry – score! Saving money on phone bills every month is a major job perk, but what if the texts you send could get you fired? Not so perky. In City of Ontario v. Quon, Jeff Quon, a California police sergeant, claimed that the city had violated his privacy when they audited the texts sent through his company phone.

Though the lower courts said that he had a right to privacy in this case, the Supreme Court ruled that police officer’s texts weren’t private. The court made it clear that this ruling doesn’t extend to all cases, but the ruling indicates that companies are likely to have protection of the law when auditing employee communications. In Quon’s case, the city found that out of 456 texts sent on his work phone in August 2002, only 57 were work-related – not a great stat to be added to an employee file.

Do you think your company texts, calls, and emails should be subject to an audit? And if you knew your company was watching your communications, would you change your habits?

via The Work Buzz

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