Top 10 Posts on TheGloss Last Week

Did you know that there’s a store in China where you can go vent your anger (just you, an old TV, and a baseball bat)? Or that hooking up with your ex may not be your fault? Well, now you do. And you have our sister site, TheGloss, to thank.

1. There Is a Frustration Venting Store For Women in China

2. Study Says Ex-Sex Is Totally Not Your Fault

3. Do Recent Chick-Flick Movies All Just Suck?

4. A Very Important New Anti-Photoshopping Campaign

5. What’s On Your Anti-Bucket List?

6. 3 Reasons ‘Toy Story 3′ Does Not Need a High-End T-Shirt Line

7. Fashion 101: 9 Reasons Why Belts Are the Best Accessory Ever Invented

8. Dr. Oz Is Apparently a Beauty Expert Now

9. A Dating Site For People Who Don’t Even Know They’re On A Dating Site

10. 10 Male Fashion Designers More Dateable Than Vampires

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