Headache Hassle: Daily Health Quiz

It’s summer, but school is cool. And our Daily Health Quiz will test your know-how. Answer our question, below, and check back tomorrow for the answer and your next pop quiz.

photo: Thinkstock

Today’s Question: Headaches can strike unexpectedly and totally ruin your day. What’s a possible surprising cause of headaches: Brittle food, exercise, hair ties, cheese, or high heels? Choose all that apply.

Answer to Yesterday’s Question: Ear wax — a problem a lot of people have, but few talk about. Many people like to use ear candling as a method of handling ear wax. But is it safe? The theory behind ear candling is that the heat from the cone shaped candle you place inside the ear will create a vacuum and suck out the wax. In fact, ear candling can push ear wax further into the ear canal, get candle wax in your ear, burn your face, ear, or hair, or perforate your eardrum. So, head to the doctor to get your ear flushed rather than trying the candling at home.

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