Gamble For Weight Loss: Would You Bet On Your Belly?

We fork over all kinds of cash to lose weight, but studies show that if we actually gambled on our own weight loss, we’d be more likely to shed pounds. According to CBS MoneyWatch, a recent study showed that subjects who stood to lose money if they didn’t reach their weight loss goals were actually more likely to lose weight than those who didn’t have a financial incentive.

Locking in your diet goals with financial penalties for error sounds like a good plan, but we’d bet (pun intended) that you don’t have a friend or family member willing to bet that you’re going to fail. But where there’s someone ready to gamble, there’s usually a company willing to gamble with them, and this is where sites like come in. The site facilitates group weight loss betting, so everyone sets a goal and wager, and tracks their progress through the site, paying their dues or reaping their rewards when they reach the end of their timeframe.

So what do you think, Blisstree users, would you place a fatbet? Do you think this would be helpful, or just embarassing?

via CBS MoneyWatch

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