Coco-Zen Lip Balm: Chocolate on Your Lips, Not on Your Hips

When you crave chocolate, you’re supposed to eat a banana to satisfy your yen. There’s just one problem — bananas don’t taste like chocolate. (However, they do go great together.) Coco-Zen, an organic, Fair-Trade chocolate company, has come up with a solution for getting the taste of chocolate with none of the calories: Chocolate Lip Balm.

Before you get flashbacks of the fake-tasting Tootsie Roll Lip Smackers of your youth, relax — these balms are actually made with real, organic chocolate. Generally, we’re not fans of chocolate-flavored beauty products, but the taste and smell of cocoa here was subtle and satisfying. It may not be the perfect substitute for a homemade brownie, but it definitely offers a dash of our favorite food group.

Though the balm looks brown to the naked eye, it goes on colorlessly and gives your lips a slight sheen. It also makes them really soft (thanks to organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin coconut cream, and vitamin E).

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