Michelle Obama Says Pass the Child Nutrition Bill

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We read about the success one school district had when it banned junk food to try to cut down on student crime, and now First Lady Michelle Obama wants to take junk-food-banning all the way to the Agriculture Department. If the Child Nutrition Bill passes, it will allocate $4.5 billion over a decade to support school cafeterias and introduce new standards for food sold in schools, including vending machines.

Mrs. Obama wrote a piece in today’s Washington Post, saying that it isn’t fair for children to not reach their potential because they’re not getting the nutrition they need at school. As an example, after principal LuAnn Coenen banned junk food in her high school, students became much more attentive and, presumably, learned more.

What about kids who bring their lunch to school? School officials can’t ban parents from packing chips and cookies – or can they? What kind of measures should school districts take to encourage healthy lunches from home?

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