Teri Hatcher: A Celebrity Over 40 We Wouldn’t Mind Looking Like

photo via TheGloss

Teri Hatcher does not use Botox. And she wants you to know it. According to our sister site, TheGloss, Teri Hatcher posted some very honest photos of her wrinkled forehead on her Facebook page. Teri proved she can express several different emotions through her agile forehead and eyebrows — unlike many actresses in Hollywood today.

You may remember a few recent photo galleries we did that focused on celebrities over 40 we really, really don’t want to look like. But Teri tops the list of stars we wouldn’t mind resembling — she’s got a real face that hasn’t been altered by medical science with any horrifying results. Teri also currently tops the list of celebs with whom we’d like to be Facebook friends. Maybe if she reads this, she’ll friend us back.

via TheGloss

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