Lily Organic Home Spa Kit: We Relaxed, Shouldn’t You?

Most of us don’t have the time or money to head to the spa as often as we’d like; you can give yourself a spa experience at home, but that often involves running around to at least a couple of shops to round up the supplies. That’s where Lily Organic comes in. With their home spa kit, you can give yourself a mini-break from your daily annoyances. The kit comes with literally everything you might need for a 2 hour spa session: Moisturizers, tea, a candle, lotions, incense — the works. Thankfully, it also comes with detailed instructions telling you what to do with all of the products you’re given, and what order to use them in.

Everything in the kit smells seriously good — not overpowering or artificial at all. And, though you need a good two hour block to get through the kit, I was glad I’d set aside the time while I was sipping my final cup of tea at the end of my spa session.

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