Study: Fake Acupuncture Just as Effective as Real Acupuncture

photo: Thinkstock

It turns out that it doesn’t matter if you get legitimate acupuncture or a sham procedure to help with arthritis — both will ease your pain. A new study suggests that a placebo effect may be at work when patients gauge the effectiveness of their treatments. 455 patients were either given real acupuncture using traditional Chinese techniques, fake acupuncture, or no treatment. Both groups who received some form of acupuncture said they had significantly less pain than before the treatment.

Have you ever gotten acupuncture? Did it work?

via New York Times Well Blog

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    • Esther

      I have had acupuncture for pain and emotional disorders. Then I went on to become one. The medicine is wholistic, the points are real. Therefore even if you not sticking a needle in, just touching it (like some sham acupuncture) the point is activated and affected.
      And even if the effect is placebo it gets results. which proves that the body and mind are linked beyond doubt. if acupuncture can ease the mind then it is very valuable.