Post Roundup: Top Ten Posts From TheGloss

We could spend hours reading the musings of our colleagues at TheGloss. Sometimes we do. You should too. Here are our 10 favorite posts from TheGloss this week to start you out:

1. Gallery: The 10 Worst Beauty Ads Of All Time

2. Allie Brosh Presents: 6 Ways To Establish Workplace Dominance

3. Gallery: The 10 Best Dressed Characters On TV Right Now

4. I Am Not the World’s Best Mom, and I Am OK With That

5. What’s the Etiquette for Learning About A Friend’s Tragedy Via Facebook?

6. Introducing Grrr Friend: A New Comic by Ben Schwartz

7. The Misanthropologist: The Appeal Of The Hot-Crazy-Girl

8. Gallery: World’s Worst Workout Wear

9. Gallery: 10 Fashion Lessons I Learned from ‘Saved By the Bell’

10. Why Is It So Much Fun To Hate ‘Eat, Pray, Love’?

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