5 Soothing Voices That Can Make You Comatose (In a Good Way)

This may seem like kind of a weird fetish, but does anyone else like to listen to soothing, mellifluous voices (via radio, TV, Internet, in person, whatevs) as a cheap method of relaxation? For me it’s almost like meditation: Find a quiet spot, lie on the couch/floor/bed/yoga mat, dim the lights, and listen to the voice that calms you down you the most, for 30-60 minutes (with or without headphones). I’ve been participating in this idiosyncratic self-help behavior off-and-on since I was a kid. (Back then I favored a D.C.-area jazz/chilled-out talk radio station on the boom box in my bedroom. I believe it aired weeknights 6:30-7 p.m.) See, I told you it was a weird fetish.

But frankly, I’ve found that this odd, relaxing practice is kind of like getting a spa treatment or massage or meditation session or restorative yoga class – for free. Plus, I never would’ve learned to paint “happy little clouds” had it not been for the late great Bob Ross, master hippie painter extraordinaire (with a purring whisper that still sends me into a pleasant half-hour coma). Bob used to come on our local PBS affiliate at 2 p.m. during the week. My only question: Why wasn’t I in school?

Here are five velvety voices that have put me to sleep in the best possible way over the years. So listen up, relax for a bit, and then add your own picks. (Note: I’m not proud of all of these choices. Delilah in particular is a very guilty pleasure.)

1. Bob Ross, painter

2. Nigella Lawson, chef, cookbook author, Food Network host

3. Delilah, radio host

4. Most NPR broadcasters. Melissa Block is a fave.

5. Gary Null, nutrition and health sciences expert; Internet radio show host

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    • topazbean

      Errrm, YES I DO. In fact, I have an entire blog dedicated to the subject http://peoplewithsoothingvoices.wordpress.com/

      Not sure about Nigella, but I’m with you on Bob Ross. Us Brits had someone who did a similar thing, called Tony Hart.

    • malnormalish

      I have this sort of “fetish”. I love when people stress certain letters like S, T, P, B, etc. I also like deep smooth voices and I also go into a comatose-like state!! Sometimes when I can’t go to bed I switch on infomercials or the home-shopping network because they lull me to sleep haha. Thought I was a weirdo! Your choices were great by the way :)

      • Tim

        Totally agree with you! Thought I was the only one. There’s something about the letter S that when it is accentuated totally soothes me, especially when it is the last syllable in a sentence. As a kid during reading time we used to play the game ‘popcorn’ where after you read you called on another classmate to read. When it was my turn I always called on the girl who stressed her S’s, and then fell asleep while she read. She probably thought I had a crush on her when really I just had a crush on her voice. But anyone who stresses those letters you listed is very soothing to me. I thoroughly enjoy the voice of Daniel Tammet. Youtube his video ‘Embracing the Wide Sky’ Not to mention he’s an amazing/great guy. Glad I’m not alone!

    • janel

      I completely agree.. I find myself watching book tv even if I’m not interested on the topic just to hear a persons soft voice. I think it started when I was read to during my lunch hour as a kid and I would get really relaxed and sleepy. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who loves a soothing voice. But I stumbled across a video of an artist that I must have watched 15 times because her voice is so amazing here’s the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTEzliB-7do

    • Rebecca

      I tend to listen to books on tape to fall asleep. Jim Dale’s Harry Potter is my fallback, but I stumbled accross a youtube channel of a woman named Sara Adams. She teaches you how to fold different design of Origami, and I absolutly fell in lvoe with her and her voice. http://www.youtube.com/user/AdamsSara

    • http://www.soothetube.com Soothing voices

      Check out my site http://www.soothetube.com for relaxing videos and full bob Ross episodes!

    • Hugo

      Here in Spain there is another weirdo who loves deep and smooth voices to fall in comma. Just at this moment I was searching for new soothing material and -thanks gods- I’ve found this wonderful post hahaha. I agree: Daniel Tammet and Rob Ross’ voices are gllgggllggzzzzzz… Thanks for the links.

    • jackie

      soothing voice + soothing mannerisms = victoria sprigg. i watch her anytime i need to wind down or am struggling to fall asleep. i am always on the hunt for the next great voice, though. i was so excited to find this!

    • RJ

      Here is one video from a set of videos uploaded to YouTube by Twinessence from New Zealand where she describes how to sculpt a doll’s head in clay. If you ever want to relax and unwind at the end of the day, check these out. The background music also adds to the soothing feeling.


      • RJ

        She is Australian. Sorry about that. My bad.

    • A

      I like to listen to Yiyun Li, either reading her stories or talking in interviews. There are around a dozen free podcasts on itunes of her voice.

    • Deanna

      Oh my goodness.I’m so excited to see this posting.I’m 23 years old and I’ve never told anyone this, not even my husband because I thought it was weird too. LOL I listen to Delilah,bob ross, NPR, midday connection (radio talk show), and June Hunt (radio talk show) Nancy Lee DeMoss too. and here’s a good one; Dawson McCalister has a talk radio show from 9pm to 12am est in the USA. He’s relaxing too! I even go so far as to download them to my computer so I can go to sleep. I have to tell my husband now because I know im normal yay!LOL

    • Erinn

      WOW! This is why I love the web. I am not the only silly person with this quiet obsession. Thank you! Now off to Bob Ross land!

    • Elizabeth

      Yes! I thought I was the only one with this obsession!!

    • LeelooD

      Hi people, this site is like hitting the jackpot. Not only do I watch soothing-voiced vids every night to ensure I have a long solid sleep, but the last time I watched a few Bob Ross vids I slept for 14 hours straight. You MUST MUST MUST check out Lita on youtube. She’s a massage therapist and her voice is insane. Insane!! Just search soothing voice Lita. You’re welcome in advance :)

    • salina

      Oh my gosh I thought I was the only weirdo who had this guilty pleas

      ure, I always have a hard tine explaining to ppl what I mean when I say I love listening to soft voices and bob Ross just so happens to be one of my favorites too!!

    • hedda