When No Means Yes: Top 10 Rape Fantasy Scenes on Film and TV

We don’t like rape. Rape sucks. Rape is wrong. Rape is bad. Rape is against the law (in most countries, anyway). Still, a fair number of film and TV characters really seem to ask for it a lot. (Or maybe it’s that most film and TV directors are men. Wait a minute…) Obviously, these disturbing scenes exist for a reason, but what? To provoke thought, to promote dialogue, to teach, to titillate? Are these alleged rape “fantasies” supposed to be the character’s, the director’s – or ours? How the hell should we know? Blisstree didn’t get a Ph.D. in cinema studies. Instead, we present our controversial gallery of the top 10 rape fantasy scenes on film and TV. (Tell us if we missed any – you sickos.) And check out our follow-up gallery post: You Asked For It: 10 More Cringe-Worthy Rape Fantasy Scenes on Film.

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    • Jewels

      Whoa!? None of you have ever seen Irreversible?! Its amazingly traumatizing! Go! Watch! Be disturbed!


      • lucy

        totally i saw this a few years ago good movie horrible scene the movie just gets sadder and sadder — also the movie FAT GIRL at the end poor girl i kept thinking this is fake it’s a dream sequence but nope

      • Rafngard

        Amazingly traumatizing and uncomfortably long. Seriouosly, watching that scene with anyone else in the room just gets awkward.

    • sketchy

      I agree with Jewels. It’s brutal. I saw it at a theater and a few people walked out.

    • Ken

      How could you leave out the “squeal like a pig” hillbilly rape scene from Deliverance? Doesn’t get much more brutal than that.

    • Bill

      Anyone who finds this appealing is a sick mysogonist who desperately neeeds a discussion with a psychiatrist. YOU NEED HELP!

      • ZR

        absolutely – what is this?

      • Diana

        Thanks, Bill. You are right on!

      • Apa

        Um, try again, Bill.

    • WhatAbout

      The Accused?

    • PuPu Face

      Pulp Fiction. Bring out the gimp!

      • CrazyDave

        it would have been way hotter if John Travolta was getting it.

    • That Guy

      What about the shower scene in prison in American History X?

    • Cazza

      I only wish I had walked out during 8mm with Nicholas Cage. 10 years later it still haunts me.

    • erick

      The Last House on the Left is pretty disturbing. That girl can be my daughter!!! >:O

    • Dr. Shawna Murray

      Yea…Rape is such a fantasy…Especially for those who haven’t been raped…Raped three times…that’s not a fantasy…no cops work these crimes up…Well, maybe rape is a fantasy….

      • Vikki

        Shawna Murray….. I’ve seen your name associated with a lot very negative opinions on law enforcement and sex crimes investigations and I’ve formed an opinion of you. You profile out to be a woman who reported being a victim of a sex crime and unjustly accused an innocent man of this crime. Then when police confronted you with your….. testimony, you became uncooperative and now rant and rave how the police don’t do their job and “no cops work these crimes up”. Speaking in absolutes shows how ignorant you are and why you are not taken seriously. SHAME ON YOU. You don’t deserve the title of Doctor.

      • emncaity


        You have no clue what you’re talking about, and you have no right to diagnose somebody like this at a distance. It’s true that false accusations exist and should be taken very seriously–I myself was the victim of false accs in a divorce-and-custody case–but to potentially accuse an actual victim of lying when you know no more than what you know from this post is just vile and disgusting. There is nothing Murray has said here that is off-base. Even her statement that “no cops work these crimes up,” while hyperbolic, still substantially true enough to make a point. That is, it’s not literally true that literally no cops pursue a rape investigation; but it is true that cops generally tell victims that unless there is some evidence of force–not the mere fact of “sexual” activity–prosecution will be very difficult; and even if there is evidence of force, the victim will be put through hell during the investigation and trial. If you don’t know that, that’s your problem, not Dr. Murray’s.

        Nobody takes false accusations more seriously than I do, because of my own experience, but your attack on this poster was completely unwarranted.

    • gingerplum

      I wanted to gouge out my mind’s eye after seeing that brutally violent scene in Leaving Las Vegas where Elisabeth Shue was raped by three men. That was beyond awful. But the most epic rape in cinematic history? C’mon, people! Thirty years later, I still flash back to General Hospital’s Luke & Laura when I hear Herb Alpert’s “Rise.” Plus it’s the only rape scene I can think of that is followed by love, redemption, and, of course, marriage.

      • emncaity

        Yeah, just like in real life, huh?

        That’s exactly the problem–films that depict the idea that “see, she DID really want it after all, and everything turned out just fine.”

    • Adam

      The film “I Spit on Your Grave” is infamous for having the longest gang-rape scene in the history of cinema (over thirty minutes long).

    • Walter

      Cazza: 8mm is one of the few files I will never watch again and think shouldn’t have been made in the first place. Sick.

      Spoiler: I’ve always considered the giant caterpillar attack in “Galaxy of Terror” to be a weird alien rape scene.

    • Mel Franklin

      Hmm! guess I’m just a stick in the mud when it comes to fantasizing about rape, I don’t and in fact I am not much of a movie goer unless it’s an exceptionally good one with many raves. my last movie was Mel Gibson’s “THE PASSION” and I don’t recall any rape scenes, much brutality yes but rape? don’t think so. I fantasize about launching a business that will financially enrich people around the world and do much to end world hunger and I would have had the S.E.C. not shot it down disavowing it to be illegal. Anyway, flicks are not my cup of tea and in my opinion all rapists should be chemically castrated while incarcerated with the exception of child rapist who should be given the death penalty. So much for my comment.

    • Josh

      I thought that the most odd rape scene I’ve ever seen was in A History of Violence when he rapes his wife in the stairwell. She tried to get away, then got passionate during the sex and then totally was upset afterwards. It was the most awkward sex/rape scene, in my opinion.

    • due

      The Duchess (with Keira Knightley) also has a rape scene.

    • M

      Am I the only one bothered by this list, specifically the title? How are these the “top” rape scenes? I’m sure you can’t be implying that rape is something good…maybe “10 most frightening/disturbing/sickening would send a much clearer message than just “top”. Even “famous” would make me less sick to my stomach.

    • Vegetarian Cannibal

      I remember feeling sick to my stomach with “A Clockwork Orange.” My boyfriend insisted I watch it…and the rape scene turned my stomach. In fact…this entire post makes me queasy. “Top 10 rape fantasy scenes?” As if we should condone rape? The title makes me sick.

      • emncaity

        Wow. Some boyfriend.

    • blondie

      I am relieved to read that I am not the only one who wishes they could erase certain movie scenes from their mind. I continue to regret ever seeing the Leaving Las Vegas rape scene, and wish I would NEVER EVER have watched A Time to Kill – w/Matthew McCoughney – what a horrible scene. It is terribly burned into my mind and I saw it over 12 years ago. GROSS! In high school a sexual predator senior sexually assaulted me – he was going to have sex w/me regardless of how I felt about it – and he was going to ‘warm me up’ with oral sex, on me! I remember thinking he might as well be liking my elbow for all the ‘turn on’ it provided. never felt less sexual in all my life. Had to pretend I was into it to get him to loose his MFing grip on me – but I got away – fucker!
      I wouldn’t mind arranging a fantasy w/ my husband etc where we agree that I will fight against him, as I find it a huge turn on to put a lot of physical effort into it, and restraint is fun – but really rape is not sexual at all. just sad and terrible.

      • John

        I love what you have said here. Rape is simply violence where one person inflicts themselves on another – entirely repugnant. There is such a huge difference between consenting sexual play and rape. Thankyou for posting so honestly.

    • Appalled Reader


      Fuck Christine Egan for writing this article.

      Shame on you for perpetuating rape as entertainment.

    • Random

      You’re forgetting the scene in Irreversible and another in History of Violence.

    • Sidra

      With someone WITH a degree in Film and Video production, I can tell you the director doesn’t just wave his hand and tell people what to do, or throw in rape scenes. Those scenes exist in the script, which are written by the writers. Unless the director IS the writer (which, I’ll give you, in a lot of cases they are), the director isn’t always the guilty party.

      • anony

        As someone who’s worked in film and television for over 15 years, I can tell you the director’s creative vision has a big impact on the finished product. There are hired guns to be sure, but directors are normally employed to interpret the material according to their creative vision. They can change the script any way they want, they guide the actors’ performances, etc. They are not small cogs in a big machine. That’s why they call them “directors.” You think Michael Bay has no creative control over the movies he makes? Please.

    • Simon

      “Violent consensual rape sex?” That doesn’t make any sense to me.
      How can rape be consensual? Sadomassochim can and should be consensual, but rape? Never is. That’s what makes it rape. That’s the reason it’s so horrible.
      I agree that the amount of rape imagery in modern media is incredibly offensive. But i also find your suggestion that all violence in sexuality is degenerate, regardless of consent, to be an offensive one. As a submissive massochist, I have to disagree with you on that.

    • Stella

      Kubrick didn’t come up with the storyline of A Clockwork Orange… Anthony Burgess did and it was him that was commenting on society when he wrote the original book.

    • bobby

      HEY BY,

      no one cares if you get it or not, stop using the internet as your own soapbox and spew your non-important opinions elsewhere

    • Cheryl

      “Violent consensual rape sex?” UGGGGH. This is disgusting.

    • Waterlily

      Maybe you’re not into soap opera but I was kind of surprised not to see Luke and Laura from General Hospital on there. That was the classic fantasy rape scene.

    • Not cool

      This article should be pulled. It’s offensive, and I’m not easily offended.

      That being said, why wasn’t “Deliverance” mentioned? I’m sure that is SOMEONE’S sick fantasy.

      • anony

        There’s nothing offensive about this article. It makes a valid and important point that people should be aware of, which is that sometimes in film and television, and probably also I’m guessing bodice ripper romance novels, the implication is that woman actually enjoy being raped. That’s a message that could be interpreted by some potential (and probably actual) rapists, that their victims are “asking for it.”

      • Kelly


      • Boogie

        Are you serious?

        So people who haven’t experienced murder aren’t allowed to be “annoyed” by it?

        What is your point? Because you sure haven’t made it.

    • Hikari

      This post is disturbing, but one rape scene I wish I had never seen was the one in “Born Innocent.” I couldn’t sleep after watching that: it just played over and over in my head.

    • Disgusted

      This is absolutely offensive! I am not one to be easily offended, but I can’t believe this pulpy shit is on a website like yours! I went from “Top 10 Charities to Donate to this Xmas” to this. What a come-down. Whoever approved/wrote this posting should be ashamed of themselves. This is not humorous.

      • anony

        You are a bone head. That’s all I have to say about how stupid you are. Go away.

    • Disgusted

      I’m writing to you today to ask that this posting be removed immediately. I am so utterly offended by this. Imagine if it were an article about the “Top 10 Minority-Whipping Scenes” or “Top 10 Child Abuse Scenes.” Whoever was involved in the production of this posting should seriously reconsider their role in B5Media, which apparently calls itself a “Women’s Network”???

      To clarify this for you, NO I am not a rape victim. I am also not easily offended. I do, however, know when something’s not funny. It doesn’t matter a single bit that you “don’t condone rape.” If I’m into pretending my boyfriend’s a child and that I’m his hairy, abusive uncle, I’m still not going to act like it’s something to revel in when I’m confronted with the fact that this shit is real.

      For the sake of your own integrity, do something about this immediately!

      • bla bla bla

        bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla!!!!! who really cares what you think. keep your stupid comments to yourself. obviously you looked it up, it didnt just magically pop on you computer!!! get a life

      • TealRose

        Perhaps if Hollywood DID portray whipping/spanking/ and paddling scenes of young children [at home AND in schools and colleges] as is legal in the USA – the rest of the World would be up in arms about the unbelievable cruelty allowed to be inflicted on children in the USA. Instead – we never see it – and so are kept from knowing the truth. It’s a well hidden and disgusting secret.

        I AM a rape victim – and as much as I don’t like watching a rape scene on film – it depends why it’s there. If it’s just for ‘titillation’ then for sure it shouldn’t be allowed – but if it’s showing part of the story, or perhaps is a historical piece then yes… it does belong there as long as it isn’t …’glossy’.

    • Chill Out

      Everyone has the right to write and report trends that they see in their society. This simply demonstrates an alternative sexuality that is okay as long as it remains in the realm of fantasy and not reality. If anything, if you are offended, promote sexual equality for women, because with out that, women cannot be completely equal.

    • Shocked

      Are we so numb to violence and acts of hate that rape is cataloged and written about as if it was a top 10 celebrity list? With the shooting in AZ and the suicide of Bill Zeller, I would think that the editors on this site would have enough intellect to toss this piece in the trash.

      • hahaheheha

        Yep, it’s goooooooood, the best top ten ever!!!!!!

    • Trish

      Wow, I like BlissTree but this article is really offensive.

    • o e

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      • mohit

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    • boo

      In the movie, “The Hills Have Eyes” (the first one). It has the most disturbing rape scene I’ve ever seen. Truly SICK.

    • pukka

      What a lot of sensitive flowers we have posting here who, from the sounds of it can’t even read the word “rape” without going “BWAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW I’m SO offended!” (Actually, I think some of the outrage here is rather phony and put on, but whatever). Only a moron would think that to simply write about something is to endorse it.

      • 773

        I think it’s actually the words “rape fantasy” that get us upset. And if you are calling us “sensitive flowers” then you have never been held down by someone more powerful than you and violated in every way. It is DISGUSTING to promote this like it is titillating. If you are having fantasies about ruining someone’s life, then you are seriously demented.

      • emncaity

        You’re the moron, moron. It’s the way it’s written about that matters. And the word “rape” means something, or should, no matter what you think about it. Maybe you just don’t have the capacity to understand what an actual victim goes through, or how depictions of rape in film and popular culture affect that. For one thing, because “rape” in movies tends to be a matter of a guy pushing himself on a woman, and then the woman decides to yield, after which she is overcome by passion–so what started in force and coercion ends in bliss and happiness. There is an entire subculture of men (as opposed to all men) who, because of being socialized this way, because of getting their ideas about right sexual behavior from mass culture, actually believe it is their role to force or coerce women into having sex with them, because once they do, these women will know how much they like it.

        If you were a survivor of rape, or if you had a relative or friend who was, you would know why what you posted here is as stupid as it actually is.

      • Bo

        I’m just glad I don’t know you.

    • Jay

      Disturbing. I get the whole “It’s rape but you actually enjoy it” fantasy where the guy/girl dominates you and you “fight” against them, but this is pure rape, painful and unwilling sexual intercourse. If it can even be called sex at all, it is more of a display of power. Movies like this are disgusting.

    • Aurora

      It’s bizarre that the same site that offers material such as “Sexual Assault Awareness Isn’t Just For Women” then turns around and puts up this garbage. Rape is not sex–period.

      • emncaity

        “Rape is not sex”…

        While it’s true that much recent research shows that it is “sex” of a kind to the rapist, in that the rapist’s motivation usually comes from sex and not a “desire for power,” as the previous model has it, this does not change the fact that the victim certainly does not experience it as “sex” and does experience it as being dominated or subjugated, an exercise in violent, degrading power. (The newer research does, however, have the promise of allowing for more accurate assessment and prevention of the crime.)

        At any rate, the “rape is not sex” maxim is all some victims have to hold on to. That’s certainly true for one of my closest female relatives, who essentially lost her life for a decade and a half due to a string of events caused by a rape, with the fallout still going on. Anybody could ask her whether what happened to her was “sex.” But this slideshow seems to think rape can be kind of rape and kind of not, a little bit exciting, a little bit funny, whatever. Sick.

    • Kelly

      by posting this on your site, you are encouraging rape. And it doesn’t matter how much you say it is wrong or illegal, you are still promoting it. Someone out there who needs help will find this and get excited and get ideas into their head and then watch the movies and rape will result. It WILL happen. It happend to me!
      Signed, a rape victim

    • Kelly

      by posting this, you are encouraging rape. Someone out there who needs help will find this, will watch it, will wtch the movies and get off. He will enojoy the control and making someone suffer in the most humiliating violent way possible. And it is all because of this article. I was raped and you have NO idea how it has affected me. You are the very definition of a horrible person!

      • Mary

        It IS sick (not to mention distasteful & offensive) to post stuff like this.

        However, the sickest thing is the fact that there is a market out there for films like this.

    • Andie

      “Top Ten” most what? Disturbing? Sexy? Rapy? This makes no sense, and I’m pretty sure it’s wildly offensive.

    • emncaity

      Wow. So you think rape is kinda funny, can be partly “consensual” (as in “consensual rape,” your words), coercion makes for good drama, it’s all something to be treated with a lighthearted touch…what? All of the above? Seems so.

      One of my closest female relatives got her entire life derailed by a rape that caused a string of events that lasted 15 years, and in fact the fallout still isn’t over. And yet, the guy who did it still isn’t sure what was wrong with what he did; as far as he’s concerned, it was just a guy being a guy, just a little forceful, is all. What he did would’ve been approximately what occurs in several of the scenes you depict–and describe in a smirking tone, as if rape can be kind of rape and kind of not at the same time. Maybe even a little exciting, or sexy.

      Sick. You ought to publish a retraction and apology. There is no excuse for what you did here.

    • tom

      How do you even have a job publishing CRAP like this? You should be fired and potentially brought up on charges. It’s IDIOT like you that promote this type of activity.

      • tom

        BTW, getting attacked by a shark, naked or not, doesn’t depict sex, rape or anything even remotely similar.

    • Abigail

      Totally and completely offensive. Why would you post something like this?

    • dari mohamed


    • DURRRR

      violent sex isnt rape… idiot

      and im pretty sure getting eaten by a shark isnt rape either

      way to take a real sensitive topic and be morons about it

    • Tim Gard

      It is a serious issue to be discussed, but perhaps in not-such-a-cheeky tone (you sickos).

    • Kevin O’Keeffe

      No, in point of fact, I see no connection between a (nude) woman being eaten by a shark at the beginning of the film “Jaw,” and rape. Perhaps you guys don’t know this, but “rape” doesn’t simply mean “when something bad happens to a woman.” Its a very specific act, and being eaten by a shark simply does not qualify.

      I’m skipping the rest of this gallery, because of the inanity apparently innate to its creation.

    • Blah

      I’m offended….by just how simple minded some commenters can be. I’m pretty sure the title of this article wasn’t “I LOVE RAPE!” Nor did the author of this article create any of these tv/movie scenes. The author is simply pointing out, in a slightly humorous way, that there have been so many instances of rapeyness that were portrayed as kind of okay in film/television. If you find it encouraging or delightful, that’s probably something you should have a little inner dialogue about.