“Professional Flirting” – OK, or Not OK?

Melanie Griffiths makes some "unconventional" career moves in Working Girl. Are you down with that?

We fancy ourselves to be some smart, career-savvy ladies, but we were shocked to find the headline “Flirting Your Way To The Corner Office” among the highlighted stories on ForbesWoman this morning. The subtitle, “Are you ignoring one of your greatest career assets? A guide to professional flirtation” has us even more uncomfortable. This is so not politically correct.

The article quotes Nicole Williams, author of Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success, who pushes for women to wise up about using flirting as a tool for professional success. She thinks it’s naive to do otherwise, but recognizes that not everyone’s a big fan of her methods. For starters, many people believe that women (like men) can use their intelligence and skills to win points in the boardroom, and then there’s the small issue of legality: “Flirting” is another word for “sexual harassment suit waiting to happen”.

What do you think – is flirting an appropriate way to boost your career? Have you ever worn a sexy outfit or flattered a boss (just a little) to give yourself an edge at work? Take our poll…

via ForbesWoman

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