S#*! My Tea Says: Are These “Inspirational Quotes” Really That Inspiring?

I like products that make me feel good: Green tea, for instance. It’s full of antioxidants that do my body good, and the caffeine doesn’t hurt, either. But every once in a while I catch myself staring blankly at a fortune cookie-esque quote on my tea bag or under the lid of my kombucha, and wondering: “What the hell?” Most products don’t feel the need to provide my daily affirmations, so why do certain foods and drinks take it upon themselves to remind me to be compassionate and virtuous?

Here are a few things my tea has talked to me about lately…Do you find these messages inspiring or annoying? Tell us in the comments section, below:

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    • Alana

      If they’re not going to be inspiring, and having decided that “deep” and “meaningful” quotations are the way to go, at least give us some lucky numbers so we can have a little hope in striking it rich.

    • Crystal

      haha funny..although i do know that you can put tea bags on crows feet..very good antioxidant for skin too :)

    • Carole

      Pop philosophy is as bad as pop psychology. I hate it on teabag tags, and I really hate it on Philosophy cosmetic products. I quit a yoga class because I didn’t like the nonsense philosophy expounded at the end of the class. Sometimes a cup of tea is just a cup of tea.