10 Overweight Celebrities We Don’t Want to Look Like

Sure, the tabloids love pointing out celebs’ weight issues (net gains and losses), but they usually only focus on the health issues of skinny stars. Rarely do you see a magazine mention Jonah Hill’s possible diabetes risk – instead it’s whether or not Megan Fox is anorexic. That’s why we’re here with yet another gallery of 10 celebrities we don’t want to look like. But this time, it’s not because of their Franken-faces. It’s because of the many health risks posed by their being overweight — including diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and early death.

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    • teressa glazer

      Ewww…I would have hated to go to grade school with you ladies. I’ll bet you were all the Mean Girls/ Fashion Police in your respective private academies. The snarky comments creep me out- they’re the 20s/30s version of schoolyard bullying. Grow up.

      • Susan

        We call them “Heathers”…remember the movie? They wind up looking like the hag at the end of the “Stupid Girls” video by Pink. Caroline Sloan, the writer of the abhorrent article, should choke on a celery stick ’til dead.

    • Mark Graham

      This is pretty reprehensible.

    • Pamela Maxfield

      Really, is the snotty attitude really necessary? It totally undermines any good that might come from this mean spirited article. Very juvenile, makes me want to skip this website.

    • Patrice


    • Jessica Jernigan

      Your concern for the wellness of celebrities is quite laudable — noble, even. I can’t think of a better goad to healthful lifestyle changes than bitchy commentary encased in a thinly-veiled attempt to capitalize on a pathological fascination with the bodies of the famous. Truly, this is service journalism at its loftiest.

    • You are an asshole

      They may not like the way the look either. Thanks for joining in on all the fun!

    • RMJ

      This is really, really fucking gross. I’m seriously fucking disgusted. I’ll come back to blisstree/gloss ONLY for Allie Brosh updates, cause yall have proven yourselves to be bigots.

    • RJ

      Fat people are not INHERENTLY unhealthy. Thin people are not INHERENTLY healthy! Slamming people who are comfortable with their bodies is not helpful or even remotely “health-conscious”. It’s just an excuse to be mean.

    • Mad

      What they all said.

    • umi

      I’m off this site forever.

    • Mike

      You’re right, the title might not have been the best choice, but a lot of the celebs DO have health problems related to their weight. And if you are overweight (even if you exercise) you still have a higher risk of heart disease. So hopefully this can be seen as an eye-opener, rather than a slam.

    • sds

      don’t see all the fuss. everyone’s trying to be healthy for a number of reason and it’s somewhat disheartening when a person has all the advantages that these “celebs” do and doesn’t take advantage of them to live the healthiest life they can.
      that’s my two cents.

    • sds

      don’t see what all the fuss is. we all want to lead healthier lives so it’s kind of disheartening to see these “celebs” with all the advantages they have still choose to lead unhealthy lives. just my take.

    • Cass

      Well, I just unsubscribed from this site.

      Just because you are skinny does not mean healthy. Halle Berry is skinny but has Type Two Diabetes. Jennifer Aniston chained smoked cigarettes for years to stay skinny. Yeah, she quit but damage has been done to her lungs and body. You guys are idiots and I hope this website goes under!!

      Jessica Jernigan and teressa glazer, you two are my heroes. I hope that I run into you both on a site that is worthy of your intellect and insight.

    • sassfactory

      Wow, what a mean-spirited, douchey article.

    • el ranchero


    • Lisa

      Ah yes, I’m sure your article will be just the eye-opener these poor fat celebs needed. Because we all know how kind people are to the overweight.. I’m sure they’ve NEVER before been harassed about their weight, or heard that “we don’t want to look like” them. How nice of you to tell them. I can definitely feel your quite genuine “concern,” and we all know that “concern” for fat people has never been a thinly veiled excuse to condemn their lifestyle or looks. Or a means of being self-congratulatory about our own better self-control. I’m sure being told that no one wants to look like them is exactly what they needed to put down the burgers and fries and head to the gym, because they will now realize that their lifestyle is socially unacceptable even though it hurts nobody. Good work.

      You’re disgusting.

    • Jamaal

      I didn’t realize writing for a third-rate blog also qualified you as a doctor.

    • Patricia

      It’s natural to be concerned for someone who appears unhealthy. But I happen to know many thin people who are extremely unhealthy as well. Your sly comments come off as poking fun at these people instead of voicing genuine concern.

      Also, many of these people shown here look much happier and comfortable in their bodies than a lot of other celebrities. Have some respect.

    • cph

      what an anti-feminist judgmental awfully-written load of garbage. Do you have any idea HOW DIFFICULT IT IS to become a celebrity when you don’t fit into sample sizes and there are millions of sizeist dickheads waiting to take bad photos of your cellulite and won’t cast you in leading roles?

      “But if she actually kept the pounds off, eventually she could star in a reality series called: “Kirstie Alley’s Longer Life Than It Otherwise Would’ve Been.” That is none of your business!

      I would like to see a photo of the writer of this article in a bikini with her family (if such a superficial jerk has one) so we could pin point all the things about HER that we dont want to look like.

      You know, because apparently personality doesn’t have anything to do with it (and she’d be failing to impress us with that too).

    • cph
    • Caroline

      I think even if this post was well-intentioned, and not just an attempt to score some pageviews, your captions were mean and lazy.

    • Ngaio

      What a badly-written, pathetic article. Seriously, go find the tallest thing in your house and jump off of it on to something sharp. World’s smallest violin will play at your funeral.

      • ahhh

        Ngaio, at least you aren’t mean or rude.

    • prettywithapistol

      “While actress Nikki Blonsky is rallying for social acceptance of overweight people on her TV show Huge (which we’re all for)” Really?? That’s not what this ENTIRE ARTICLE looks like to me. Such hypocrisy.

    • k

      what a cruel, vapid, mean-spirited article. there are noteworthy things happening in the world, and people are getting paid to write things like this?! my faith in the human race is diminishing slowly, day by day, and attitudes like these most definitely contribute to that.

    • D Moss

      Wow. Anything to get people looking at your relatively-unknown site. Any publicity is good publicity?

    • Sinthe

      Wow, nice fat shaming you got goin’ on here. I don’t care how you try to justify it, this article is nasty and mean-spirited. Bawwwww, poor Megan Fox!

    • Claire Pierson

      I don’t get the point of this article. You say its about ‘health’ but then you call it ‘ten overweight celebrities we don’t want to look like’ thus its about appearance. This also appears in the sarcastic nature of the comments below the pictures (which frankly aren’t that funny). Then there is an article today on your website about five celebrities who supposedly died from being overweight. I’m Irish so I don’t know all these celebrities but I’m sure at least one of them was a drug/alcohol addict thus weight would have only been one factor in their death. Why not just write a well-informed article about why being over-weight is unhealthy perhaps using examples of famous people who have health issues from being overweight?

    • Kelly

      While there are a lot of great comments on this article I think sassfactory above said it best (and most succinctly) above with: “Wow, what a mean-spirited douchey article”

      Dead on accurate.

      I won’t be back.

    • Angie

      What a horrible use of media? This is awful!!

    • McLane

      Get over it. If this article was about “too skinny celebs” no one would be writing anything negative about it.

    • Kimberley O.

      Here’s the thing – you know nothing about these people beyond their size. You don’t know what they eat, you don’t know how much or how little exercise they get, you don’t know what sort of genes they inherited, you don’t really know anything about these people (except for Kirstie Alley, if you watched her show).
      And yet, you judge.
      You don’t know your readership, do you?
      Some of us are fat. (yes, even with exercise and eating right)
      Some of us love fat people.
      We don’t respond well to fat-shaming – even fat-shaming disguised as ‘concern’.
      You should be ashamed. This was an education in just how mean some people can be behind their ‘concerned’ facades.

    • Kelly

      The ones I worry about are Aretha Franklin, Gabourey Sidibe and André Leon Talley.

      Aretha smokes. :(

      John Goodman recently saved his own life.

      A while back, my sister sat next to Jeff Garlin on a plane and said that he was a prime candidate for a heart attack. He recently lost a lot of weight – again, saving his own life.

    • HeatherFeather

      Whatever, when the great famine comes fat people will take over the world ’cause you skinny folk will be dead!

    • jordanpattern

      This is an absolutely abhorrent post.

      Blisstree now tops my top ten “craptacular blogs I’m glad I don’t write for” list.

    • BEth

      This article is entirely unnecessary. I will not be coming back to your site, and I will be spreading the word.

    • Lindsay

      Shame on you for this article. Particularly for posting it under the guise of “It’s for their health!”

      That is the lamest excuse for fat shaming I have ever seen. If you were concerned for their health, you wouldn’t have put those snarky comments in and you would only have commented on KNOWN habits of theirs.

      You don’t know how these celebs live their lives. Even if their weight is not top priority, you shouldn’t shame them for having other interests other than being skinny.

    • Maggie

      “We’re totally into fat acceptance, but that doesn’t mean we won’t tease you for being fat.”

    • K

      WTF. I used to like this site. I’m done. And I’m gonna FB to everyone (fat and skinny) to back away. I hope your sponsers bail. If you would have offered tips instead of judgement, you would have done far better.

    • Nicky

      Is this article for real??? I really hope the ‘journalist’ responsible for writing this has kept the receipt for their university education, ’cause if this is the best they can do, they deserve a full refund…. Poor work..

    • lostperpetually

      this is horrible. it is basically bashing these people under the guise of being concerned for their health. please. get a life.

    • Allura

      Nasty and snarky. I’ll never visit this site again.

    • ridiculous

      you should apologize to your readers for putting this on your website (which i never heard of until today,a nd which i will never be visiting again.)

    • llama

      So. When will you be posting the sister article, 10 Overweight Celebrities We DO want to look like?

    • Missy Fussy

      Some of the people you mentioned are known for dieting and losing weight and gaining it back again. Don’t you think some of them are trying? It’s a lifelong thing and most overweight people wake up every day thinking and hoping that they will be able to stick to their diets that day. They know they need to lose weight, they know they could be setting themselves up for health problems later but it’s a constant battle. and before you say that fat people should show some restraint–tell that to skinny Paris Hilton who got caught with drugs….again. and Lyndsay Lohan. skinny but no restraint. It’s not just fat people who can’t control themselves. And please. while some of these people aren’t thin, they certainly aren’t at an unhealthy weight. I’m sure they appreciate your “concern” though.

    • terrible

      News flash: Just because someone is fat doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy.

      • Phil

        You are in denial. The human body isn’t meant to lug around an extra 50 or 100 pounds of fat.

    • Melissa

      Ah yes, the old standby – let’s pick on the fat kids, because they’re subhuman and won’t ever fight back because they’re so worthless that they don’t deserve to be treated equally.

      Blisstree – such an ironic name for a site that really is just a bunch of writers still stuck in high school cliques, needing to pick on others who don’t fit their ideals.

      I’d much rather be fat and happy than thin and miserable and in need of picking on people like your writers are.

    • Vegetarian Cannibal

      Yeah…after the rape post and now this…I’m not visiting your site anymore. You guys should really be ashamed of yourselves.

    • VLK

      I spend hours every week counseling girls with eating disorders. Thank you for contributing to the continuous stream of girls who have been sent mixed messages and don’t know how to deal. Assholes. Right next to a link to an article about rape fantasies. Classy. Never coming back. And I’m actually your target audience! I do yoga and have sex! Consider me alienated.

      • Phil

        Obesity is also an eating disorder.

    • marie

      1) I was redirected to this article and well, I realize just how horrible this site is and will never be revisiting.
      2) Seriously, what is wrong with you?? Are you just bored and have nothing intelligent to write about so you just pick 10 celebrities and bash them?
      3) Why not have a top “10 starving celebrities we don’t want to look like”. Actually, make that 100 or 200 because the majority of Hollowood stars are just as unhealthy, simply at another extreme.
      4) You know, Caroline (the author of this piece of shit), how would you like being ridiculed in some stupid top 10 list because of the way you look.
      5) If you have kids, make sure you start teaching them to be as judgmental as you asap.

    • S

      This is just absolutely terrible. You should be ashamed of yourself. These people may be overweight but you have no right to be so snarky and mean. I would rather look like anyone of these people than to be like you. They can change, you will always be a mean-spirted ugly person. I will not be visiting this site again.

    • Jess

      This is the most disgusting article I have ever seen. I have never visited this site until today, and I will never be back.

    • Emily Wiblen

      alright this is just mean… im not over weight i only weigh 95 pounds but my mom my step dad my uncle my grandma my grandpa and my sister r over weight!! it does NOT change their personality at ALL!! (and p.s. fat people are awesome they always have a few twinkies left “D)

    • stupid

      There’s only 1 person who really belongs on this list, who may be unhealthy and not just a little big/overweight. While you claim this is about health, you don’t post any positive comments or information. Rather you just bash these people who may be struggling with their weight. The majority of them, while overweight yes, are not so far out there that they look gross or anything. And I’m not saying this because I’m big either, I wear a size 2, though I know that the majority of people do not, and it’s OK. People come in different sizes, to a point. I agree that for many losing weight to be in a healthy range is important, but they don’t have to be super tiny either.

    • stupid

      There’s only 1 person who really belongs on this list, who may be unhealthy and not just a little big/overweight. While you claim this is about health, you don’t post any positive comments or information. Rather you just bash these people who may be struggling with their weight. The majority of them, while overweight yes, are not so far out there that they look gross or anything. And I’m not saying this because I’m big either, I wear a size 2, though I know that the majority of people do not, and it’s OK. People come in different sizes, to a point. I agree that for many losing weight to be in a healthy range is important, but they don’t have to be super tiny either.

    • Bri

      “While actress Nikki Blonsky is rallying for social acceptance of overweight people on her TV show Huge (which we’re all for), we wish she’d push for being health-conscious, too.”

      What a great article to showcase your support for the social acceptance of overweight people. Especially with the title. FYI– Nikki Blonsky (and everyone else on this list) is BEAUTIFUL. You’re an ass who doesn’t do her research.

      I won’t be coming back here.

    • Not Blisstree ( Luckily )

      AHAHAHAHA! You have to be kidding me! That is absaloutly ridiculous! I know you posted a sister article “Top Ten Skiniest Celebrities We Don’t Want To Look Like” but both of these articles are horrible. I just viseted this website for my first time and I can PROMISE YOU WITH MY LIFE, that I will never come back to this website. You can’t just bash people, for something that isn’t their fault, maybe in the begining it was but does that make it their fault the rest of the time? NO! It’s serious problem and it’s not funny, and it does’nt make you cool or chic to post this stuff, and I highly suggest you take it off. And I’m not gonna comment wether or not I’m overweight, because that doesn’t matter. You found out what I was like without needing to see wether or not I was beatiful, or overweight, or skinny, or blonde. So Ha! You must be mad that you can’t bash me for it.

    • Andi

      I’m disgusted by the articles Ive seen on your website. If you want to preach bliss and health to people, dont turn around and create bad energy by making fun of people.
      These celebrities you’re bashing on are PEOPLE- they have feelings.
      Keep your bitchiness to yourself and stop searching for flaws.
      I will never come back to this site again.

    • CC

      How do you even know if they’re overweight and not just born big? who are you to say they are unhealthier? have you ever read health journals? findings say fat people have some benefits thin ones don’t have!!!

      You’re just making people feel bad about themselves which must mean you’re an insecure people who thinks poking fun at others will make you feel better about yourself

    • CC


    • this site is dumb

      this site is retarded, you actually managed to make perez hilton seem endearing with this tripe. fat hate, the new racism. welcome to 2010 folks.

    • idadevine

      i want to see the authors of this article post bathing suit photos of themselves. maybe none of us would ever want to look like YOU

      • zyn

        i agree with Idadevine here..actually i always thought it would great if someone followed the “paparazzi” around and took random photos of them and posted them for all the world to see.

    • Gen

      Okay, I’m fat. I’ll admit it. I’m very overweight. But I still wouldn’t want to look like any of these people. You guys leaving these comments are so f*cking overly sensitive. I wanna post all your comments on my own website and title it “500 Whiny Douches Who Should Shut the F*ck Up and Stop F*cking Bitching!” My god people. Its the internet. And celebrities get made fun of ALL THE GOD DAMNED TIME. They’re public figures, they’re used to it. They don’t need you to stick up for them. Jesus. You’re all a bunch of crybaby ‘tards. And before you bash me for saying ‘tard…. Its cool… I’m bringin it back. My aunt is a ‘tard and she calls herself that all the time and laughs hysterically… you hear that? A woman w/ Down Syndrome makes fun of HERSELF!!! Because she has a f*cking sense of humor. My best friend w/ Spina Bifida… who is on crutches half his life, and in a wheelchair the other half… constantly refers to himself as “Cripple Kid” because if you can’t laugh at yourself….. then you’re f*cking stupid and need to get a life!

    • zyn

      not everyone is going to be ‘thin’…god..they’re actors…how boring would this world be if everyone was perfect…then what would you have to bitch about?

    • zyn

      oh thats right..you’d bitch about “who’s too thin” who’s breast are fake” who’s aging horiibly” “who’s ugly” “who’s too pretty”
      i would like to DARE you to publish your photo..right here on your own website..nice full body shot please…and let’s go from there…

      • making your money grow

        Hi dude! I quite agree with your thoughts. Many thanks for blogging.

    • Phil

      It makes no sense to demand that people posting here put up their own photos. It’s not like they’re claiming to be beautiful.

    • Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

      Really? Did you just insult my wife? Because that’s wrong. And that will get you a beatin’ — directly; until you learn some manners. Courtesy of Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, USMC; who, for the record is: 6’4″ and 230 lbs. Heavyweight deal. Watch out for the BIG right hand — it’s a real punisher. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration