Our 10 Fave Crushable Posts From Last Week

1. Illustrious Illustrations: Best of “Mad Men” DeviantART

2. 5 Jobs We Think Joaquin Phoenix Should Take

3. Daily Cat Video: Cat Walks on 2 Legs

4. An Open Letter to Betty White Fans, and Also to People Who Are Over the Whole Betty White Thing

5. Celebrity Look-Alike Gallery: VMA Dresses and Inanimate Objects

6. The 10 Most Ridiculous Dating Sites on the Internet

7. Party Report: We Accidentally Talk to Jay-Z, Make Fun of His “Super-Sonic Dog Hearing”

8. Sweet Repeat: Celebrities Looking Miserable In Front Row of Fashion Week

9. Memoir: I’m a Walking Anxiety Disorder

10. Daily Cat Video: Stuck In a Pot

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