Anthony Hopkins Dropped 75 Pounds In 2 Years, But Was His Weight Loss Healthy?

Anthony Hopkins, post-weight loss at the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2009; at a Greenpeace Anniversary event in 2006. (Photos:

Anthony Hopkins is looking a lot more svelte these days — 75 p0unds more svelte, according to an interview he gave with the New York Post. The actor told reporter Cindy Adams that he’d lost the weight over a two-year period, and that he did so by giving up some of his favorite foods like bread, cookies, and pasta. Seems healthy enough, but when we found out that he stuck to a diet of 800 calories a day (while visiting the gym 6 days a week), we got a little worried. By most nutritionists’ standards, that’s too few calories for a sedentary woman, let alone an active adult male. He admits that it might have been too extreme, telling the Post, “I lost too much [...] but I gained a little back in Europe.”

He looks great, but we don’t recommend that anyone stick to 800 calories a day for any amount of time. Have you ever gone on extreme diets or fitness regimes like his? Tell us whether you think this is health in the comment section, below:

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    • Lynne Hummel

      The 800 calories a day was a misprint, he’s on an 1800 calories a day according to the British press. You can also go to the Anthony Hopkins Fan Forum and they have links posted there to interviews that verify it’s 1800.. Cindy either misheard him or it was a typo and that’s where the mixup started.

    • Jon R. Patrick

      800 CALORIES? That’s a good lunch for most Americans..
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