Catty Catch-Up: 10 Best Posts on TheGloss Last Week

Computer trouble last week? Here’s a quick catch-up of what our gal pals over at our sister site TheGloss were up to while you were offline:

1. Who Was Your First Childhood Crush?

2. 10 Celebrity Chicks Who Look Hot In Glasses

3. Gallery: Inappropriate Birthday Cakes

4. Poll: When Are You Too Old to Make a Fuss About Your Birthday?

5. Allie Brosh Presents: Five Breakup-Prevention Strategies

6. Beautiful Today, Leather Tomorrow: The Debate Over Targeting Wrinkle Products to Twenty-Somethings

7. Your Guide to Reality TV Stars Who Did Porn

8. Video: Is Being Called ‘Hot’ By Your Boss Offensive?

9. Gisele on Track to Become as Irritating as Gwyneth

10. A Whole New Kind of Target Store

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