She Essential Beauty: Skin Care to Balance Your Qi (and Acne)

Acupuncture has become far more mainstream in the past few years, but the ancient Chinese practice of using needles, cupping, and herbs to balance your chi, clear your energy pathways, and cure your ailments still intimidates many of us (along with the pricey treatments that are rarely covered by insurance). That’s why I’m a big fan of She Essential Beauty, a line of organic skincare products based on ancient Chinese medicine and are far from intimidating and pretty affordable.

The line was developed by two New York-based acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists who began questioning the safety of their skincare products when they had kids — long, chemical-laden ingredient lists didn’t impress them, so they went to their kitchens armed with herbs and essential oils to create products they felt safe using on themselves and their children. The result is a line of organic beauty products for the face, body, and home that contain pure, organic ingredients.

Not convinced that your face wash can balance your chi? We won’t tell you to replace your yoga routine with a beauty routine, but we do think they’re onto something with the concept of products that bring mental calm and clarity along with their superficial benefits. Their serums (pictured at right) contain essential oils like Frankincense, Rose Hip, Lavender, and Sandalwood to stimulate and calm the mind and body, in addition to ingredients like Jojoba oil, carrot oil, and pearl powder, which stimulate production of healthy skin cells and repair damaged skin.

She Essential Beauty help you reap the benefits of Chinese Herbs like these without the confusion.

Their products are made of 100% natural and mostly organic ingredients, and they are far easier to navigate than the jars of powders and herbs in a Chinese apothecary. They’re also extremely reasonable in price: Their facial products cost between $30 and $60, and the concentrated oils and ingredients go a long way, so the small bottles actually last far longer than many traditional lotions and cleansers.

We tried out their washing grains, toner, and facial serum, and were impressed with the results: They left our skin calm and even the oily serum absorbed easily onto our skin. And while we’ve been taught to fear the use of oil anywhere near a breakout, their serum actually cleared up our skin, rather than irritating it.

Buy at; products range from $15 – 60.

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