Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza? Thank Domino’s (and Dayton)

Check out this post by Julieanne Smolinski on Lemondrop:

Dayton! City of mystery! Of Enchantment! Of the only available Domino’s breakfast pizza!

You may have heard the news that the chain is testing out a cheese-and-egg topped pie, but it’s mysteriously only available in Ohio at a 24-hour store. (Although Dayton is actually sort of famous as a pizza town, having a weird iteration that involves square cuts and a salted crust. So, there’s that.) The pizza looks like it could go either way – you can add things to it like bacon and mushrooms, which sounds sort of good but sort of … why?

The product is just one of many we wish we never knew about because we can’t have it. Also on the list: Burger King’s Nacho Whopper (only available in the Netherlands), McDonald’s Big Texas (a burger with bacon, spicy cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce – in Germany) and Carl’s Jr.’s Footlong Cheeseburger (only available in California).

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