• Mon, Oct 4 2010

Lose Your Lunch: These Are What Raw Chicken Nuggets Look Like

photo via The Frisky

Looks like chicken, right? Not so much. This delightful paste is called MSC — mechanically separated chicken. It’s a puree of the whole chicken (yes, that includes eyeballs and bones), mixed with ammonia to kill the germs, then dyed this charming shade of pink. They also add artificial flavors to make it taste more like real food.

Anyone up for McDonald’s for lunch? We’re not lovin’ it.

via The Frisky

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  • Suenestnature

    How come there is no link to the source of information? Why do we ONLY ever get pictures and horrid descriptions, but no original sources?

  • anon

    Shut up and click our advertisements.

  • Momoceros_Ra

    Not sure about the picture, but the description is a hoax. http://www.snopes.com/food/prepare/msm.asp