Fresh Out of Formaldehyde: 10 Natural and Organic Hair-Smoothers (That Aren’t a Brazilian Blowout)

If your hair isn’t as naturally smooth as your favorite book publicist/author’s, then you might have been tempted to head to the salon for a Brazilian Blowout — the hair treatment that promised frizz-free hair without any damage or use of formaldehyde, a carcinogen commonly used in hair treatments. Unfortunately, what sounded too good to be true actually was: After salon workers reported bloody noses, difficulty breathing, and irritated eyes while using the product on customers, researchers inspected the stuff in labs. Low and behold, the Oregon Health and Science University’s Center for Research on Occupational Environmental Toxicology found astonishingly high (and unsafe) amounts of formaldehyde in the creams. (They found up to 4.85% formaldehyde in the products; the Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel says that products shouldn’t contain over .02%.)

So instead of shelling out and risking your health for a toxic salon treatment, we suggest you try some at-home styling. We found 10 natural and organic products that will help straighten, de-frizz, smooth, gloss, and steel your hair against the elements without the use of scary chemicals:

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