10 Vegetable Stews That Meat-Lovers Will Eat: Meatless Monday Recipe Round-Up

Many people seem to think that vegetarian meals can’t really fill you up. This week we’ve got 10 recipes that beg to differ. These meals will make you feel like you just had a 10-course steak dinner — but we’ve got a feeling you’ll have room for seconds.

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    • MB

      I love your topics. I don’t love your site design. I would prefer not to click through a slide show and then press yet another link to find recipes. Please, put the list up front and then let me follow a link from the list to each recipe. Or put the recipe with each slide. To get through this article, I have to click through 10 slides. If I decide one is interesting, I have to click to the recipe to see if it is still interesting and then back up to get back to the list.