Gallery: 10 Surprising Celebrity Secret Smokers

Hollywood celebrities enjoy resources and access that most of us just don’t: Money, power, fame, free swag, high-priced personal trainers, private chefs, couture clothing, multiple addresses, stints in fancy rehab facilities, and entourages, to name a few. So shouldn’t they be able to harness all those advantages and quit smoking in a snap if need be? Maybe, but still some stars just can’t seem to kick the habit — and the identities of a few of them may surprise you. Check out our gallery of ten unlikely celeb smokers, and be glad you’ve got one up on Kate Hudson — if you’re not addicted to the cancer sticks, that is.



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    • Ellen W.

      Eeek! Milla Jovavich’s costume looks super flammable!

    • Valerie

      Really bummed to see that Harry Po…erm, Dan Radcliffe is a smoker. He’s of the generation that has absolutely no excuse.

    • B. Lerner

      Why do you say they are “secret” smokers? They seem pretty out in the open!

    • Mari

      Gotta love that the writer pulled out all the stops with the first nine pictures–careful to point out that the cigs will cause cancer, death, wrinkles, etc., to make smoking (rightfully) seem like a truly idiotic choice. And then with Obama, our president, who you’d think would be held to a higher standard than anyone, it’s, Eh, who wouldn’t take a drag?? Um, what?

    • Sam A

      ha I love it when newspapers with grudges against successful people have a go at the slightest error news of the world…………….. what a bunch of loosers

    • joey pitts

      AAAAARRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Nicotine gum gross!!!!!!!! but my dopamine receptors felt it instantly. Quittingf smoking is soooooooooo hard for me!! sooo hard. ended up in lunatic bin last time. Almost past day three.

    • Caroline

      Wow…so everyone else who smokes is idiotic, makes bad choices, etc….but when Obama smokes suddenly it’s understandable? I think he of everyone should know better and care more about the influance he has on others. Always funny to see obvious political bias in articles like this :rolleyes:

      And as someone else said…it doesn’t appear as if these people are “secret” smokers. They are out in front on a lot of people while smoking. What’s so secret about that This whole article is silly, lol

    • mary smith

      Just to note that at least Obama has admitted that it is a problem for him and he is trying to stop. No politics in this comment and mostly likely none intended in the lisitng. I personally do not understand how anyone can smoke knowing how damaging it is. Just ask Michael Douglas. Hopefully his plea will make a difference for someone. Until then -, may be all be blessed, with good health and wisdom and a heart full of compassion.

    • Joe

      who ever writes the comments on this your such a stupid ass clown I wish i could punch you right in the fucking face

    • selena

      i especially hate it on obama.
      going all crazy against the fatties, but not being able to live healthy himself. it’s the same hypocrisy fat people have been subjected to for decades, but obama has made it official government policy.

    • Margaret

      Didn’t the First Lady, Michele Obama, announce not too long ago that our President, Had kicked the habit and was smoke free for a year now? I’m sure that I heard that on the news recently.
      Does anyone one else read the papers or listen to the news on TV or on their computer. anymore?
      No wonder we get comments that are so ignorant.

    • Vinicius

      I’m so sad to know that Milla Jovovich smokes a lot!!!!I thought she was an intelligent woman…

    • Will Stockdale

      Hey Ben maybe you’ll get to like the Air Force. Zooming all over the sky and shouting ROGER and WILCO and everything. Maybe it won’t be so bad.