5 Reasons We Still Love Not-So-Manly Men

photo via New York Times

Boyish men are having a tough time lately. First, it turns out that our ovaries hate them. The New York Times declared that manly, lumberjack men are hot, and, as Lemondrop put it, “chicken-chested man-boys”  are not. But that doesn’t mean you have to start force-feeding your partner protein shakes to transform him from a Michael Cera to a Jon Hamm. To prove it, we’ve got five reasons why we still love our pansy partners.

1. They won’t borrow your razor. Sure, the ability to grow a mountain-man beard is nice, but do you know what else is nice? Having to shave once every two weeks.

2. You can hold hands comfortably. Chopping wood and playing football can lead to hands so calloused that it hurts to clasp them. Luckily, turning the pages of a Victorian novel doesn’t stress your man-boy’s hands at all.

3. You’ll stay in shape. After all, someone has to open the pickle jar. If you start dating a swarthy woodsman, your arms will become emaciated.

4. You have your pick of couples’ Halloween costumes. Good luck getting a Javier Bardem into a Ron Weasley costume.

5. He’s just as unwilling to pee outdoors as you are. With a hairy-chested adonis, the possibility of an impromptu camping trip is high. But with your delicate mate, any foray into the outdoors will involve an air mattresses, a microwave, and a fully-functional bathroom.

via Lemondrop

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    • Sivan

      Excellent points! I love not-so-manly-men myself. Bring on the thin, the youthful, the androgynous! The rest of the women can have their lumberjacks, I’ll take a boy, thank you!

    • drea

      I definately find effeminate, androgynous or even gender ambiguous men more attractive than the stereo-typical “manly man.”
      Due in no small part to the fact that men who aren’t all caught up in being butch tend to be more open minded, creative and often times just plain nicer and more considerate than butch guys.
      Plus, whoever decided that good grroming wasn’t a “guy thing”, I will find you, and destroy you.